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Belly Button Piercing Care & Healing Guide

Belly Button Piercing Care & Healing Guide

You’ve finally taken the plunge and have gotten your dream piercing. However, the belly button piercing care instructions you received as you headed out the door slipped your mind because you were still dazed and confused by what had just happened.

What are you supposed to do now? You don’t want to chance an infection by screwing things up.

The good news is that the majority of belly button piercings heal very well with no complications as long as you take care of your new bling.

The first few days, in particular, will require a little work on your part. But before long your belly button piercing will be completely healed and you’ll be showing it off proudly.

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Double Belly Button Piercings – Images & Guide

Double Belly Button Piercings - Everything You Need To Know

You want to stand out in the crowd and let’s face it, these days a lot of people have their navels pierced. It’s hard to get noticed. If you’re looking to attract some attention and sport some serious bling on your belly, you might want to opt for a double belly button piercing.

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Belly Button Piercing Cost & Price Guide

How Much Do Belly Button Piercings Cost? - Price Guide

You really want a belly button piercing, but you aren’t sure how budget-friendly it will be. While the actual price can vary greatly, there are some are deciding factors that weigh in on how high or low a final belly button piercing cost might be.

If you haven’t thought that far ahead, don’t worry. We’ll give you the 411 on everything you’ll need to know about the cost of belly button piercings. This article will highlight some of the factors that can drive the price up. It will also help you see why going for the cheapest piercer isn’t always the best choice.

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Infected Belly Button Piercings – Symptoms & Treatments

Infected Belly Button Piercings – Symptoms & Treatments

You were counting down the days until you got your belly button pierced and now that it has happened, you’re starting to worry something is going wrong. You aren’t sure your piercing should look like this, and you’re wondering how you can tell whether it's an infected belly button piercing.

Belly button piercing infections are unfortunately an unwanted side effect for some people, so you’re smart to be on the lookout for any signs that an infection is setting in.

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How To Clean A Belly Button Piercing – Ultimate Guide

How To Clean A Belly Button Piercing

Making sure you know how to clean your new belly button piercing is a big deal. That’s how you’ll prevent common complications from ruining your new piercing.

Although, knowing what to do isn’t enough. You have to commit to spending the time to actually do it. Cleaning your belly button piercing regularly has to become one of your top priorities for the first few weeks after you get your piercing.

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How Much Do Belly Button Piercings Hurt? – Pain Guide

How Much Do Belly Button Piercings Hurt? - Pain Guide

The belly button piercing scene has been growing in popularity in the past few years. It seems whether you’re a celebrity, a young college student, or just a person who thinks they’d look cool with some navel bling, belly button piercings are the current thing to do.

Although, underneath that excitement people have about getting their new navel jewelry, there also seems to be a lot of worry about how much belly button piercings hurt. Let’s look at how tough you have to be to get your belly button pierced.

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Rejected Belly Button Piercings – Complete Guide

Rejected Belly Button Piercings – What You Need To Know

Most people encounter a lot of rejection in their lives – romantically, socially or when trying to land a job. You never think you’ll have to add your rejected belly button piercing to that list, but it can happen.

Belly button piercing rejections aren’t always that easy to spot though. How do you know when your dream of a cool belly button piercing is about to go up in smoke? Furthermore, does that mean you’re destined to have a bling-less belly for the rest of your life?

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Belly Button Piercings – Ultimate Guide With Images

Belly Button Piercing Guide

When the sun is out and the bikinis are on, few things make you look hotter than a toned stomach highlighted by a belly button piercing. This is the kind of look you can sport all year long.

Plus, sexy belly button piercings aren’t going to go away anytime soon. If you want to learn all you can about this trend, our article will give you all the information you’ve ever wanted to know about belly button piercings.

You can even learn if you’re a good candidate for a belly button piercing or if you should consider another type of piercing instead, and if you’re a worrywart who is always concerned about complications, we’ve got the know-how on everything that can go wrong.

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Belly Button Piercing Scars – Treatment Guide

Belly Button Piercing Scars – Everything You Need To Know

Summer’s coming, and this year you might be thinking that a belly button piercing would really compliment your look when you finally get to hit the beach or lounge by the poolside.

Yet, you’re hesitant. You’re not sure a belly button ring is something you’ll want for life, and you don’t want it to leave some kind of permanent blemish or damage.

If you remove your belly button ring, will your navel go back to looking like its old self, or will you be left with a scar long after you stopped wearing the jewelry?

We’ve got all the answers in this post. Whether you’re trying to decide if you should get a belly button piercing or you already have one and want to know how to avoid or treat scarring, keep reading to get the info you need.

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How To Change A Belly Button Ring

How To Change A Belly Button Piercing

Changing a belly button piercing is a simple procedure but doing it wrong can cause some damage to your skin, compromise the healing process, or result in an unpleasant or painful infection.

You might have heard horror stories about navel piercings getting infected and inflamed or the skin tearing when someone tried to change their jewelry for the first time. Thankfully, those kinds of complications are easy to avoid. We have put together this easy to follow step-by-step guide to changing your belly button ring, so you can swap out your original jewelry safely and with confidence.

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