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How Long After Getting A Tattoo Can You Tan In The Sun

Tattoos In The Sun – What NOT To Do When Tanning

No-matter how new or old your tattoo is, the sun will always be your tattoo’s worst enemy. How long after getting a new tattoo before you can tan in the sun is dependant on a few factors, but what you must understand is that your tattoo is always going to look much better throughout its life if you keep it shielded from the sun as best as possible.

We will show you how you can have fun in the summer sun while keeping your tattoo in top condition.

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Can You Drink Alcohol Before Or After Getting A Tattoo?

Why You Shouldn't Drink Alcohol Before Or After Getting A Tattoo

Most people love an alcoholic beverage, and some do more that others. Generally though, it’s not a very good idea to drink alcohol before or after getting a tattoo for several reasons. This article explains why.

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How Long After Getting A Tattoo Can You Go Swimming?

How Long After Getting A New Tattoo Can You Swim?

After getting a brand new tattoo done at the studio you will want to make sure that you look after it as best as you can, especially during the healing period. Swimming after getting a tattoo isn't very good for your newest piece of ink and this article explains why.

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Tattoo Pain – How Bad Do Tattoos Hurt?

Tattoo Pain - How Much Does Getting A Tattoo Hurt?

Ah, this old discussion. The question with no real answer, honestly. Do tattoos hurt? Yes, they definitely do - but how much getting a tattoo actually hurts for each individual person depends on an extraordinary amount of factors, and there cannot be a single correct answer to this question.

This large, detailed article should hopefully give you some insight into what factors should be taken into consideration when it comes to deciding how painful a tattoo can be.


Tattoo Prices Guide – How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

Tattoo Prices & Deciding How Much A Tattoo Should Cost

How much will your tattoo cost you? Questions surrounding tattoo prices are extremely tough to answer, and ones that can never be answered accurately by anyone besides an actual artist who knows exactly what you want as your tattoo - and even then it may still be impossible to give you an exact answer until your tattoo is completely finished.

However - we can definitely help to shed some light on the many factors involved in deciding how much money any particular tattoo is likely to cost. Hopefully this detailed article can give you some insight as to why some tattoo prices add up to mere dollars, while other tattoos cost many thousands.

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Best Tattoo Numbing Creams & Sprays 2019

The Best Numbing Cream For Tattoos, To Help You Through The Pain

It’s true - tattoos are painful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a 6ft 5in 300lb heavyweight boxer, all tattoos hurt! This is where tattoo numbing creams come in.

BUT be aware, not all numbing products should be used on tattoos, and some could actually end up ruining your ink! Not to worry though, we’ve searched everywhere to find and review the best numbing creams around, solely for your benefit.

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7 Amazing Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Your New Tattoo

7 Amazing Benefits Of Using Natural Coconut Oil On Your New Tattoo

For the health-conscious and natural/organic product lovers amongst you, we've put together an infographic showing you all of the reasons why coconut oil could turn out to be your perfect tattoo aftercare balm.

Over the years, many people have written about the near-endless uses for coconut oil; from using it as a coffee creamer to combing it through hair to improve scalp health. However, one often-missed use for this versatile oil is incorporating it into your tattoo aftercare routine as a soothing lotion with great healing properties.

Take a look below to see why 100% natural, organic and vegan-friendly coconut oil could be the best tattoo healing product for you and your new ink.

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Tattoo Bleeding – What To Do If Your New Tattoo Bleeds A Lot

Tattoo Bleeding - What To Do If Your New Tattoo Bleeds A Lot

So nobody particularly enjoys the site of their own blood, but sometimes it cannot be helped - and the process of tattooing is one of these times unfortunately - bleeding tattoos cannot be helped. It is also true that some tattoos can bleed much more that others.

Read on to discover the truths of tattoo bleeding and what to do if you bleed more than the average person while getting inked.

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What Is Tattoo Blowout & Can You Fix It?

Tattoo Blowout - What Are The Causes & Can You Fix It?

Have you ever seen a tattoo where the lines are blurry or where there are various colors of ink which have unintentionally bled into each other making the area look like a blotchy mess? Tattoo Blowout doesn’t look very nice and can potentially spoil the look of a whole tattoo if you’re really unlucky.

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Can You Get A Tattoo While Taking Blood Thinners Or Aspirin?

Can You Get A Tattoo While Taking Aspirin Or Blood Thinning Medication?

Whilst all tattoos bleed at least a small amount when being created, the amount of blood that is normally produced during the tattooing process is no cause for concern and doesn’t negatively affect the outcome of the tattoo in any way. However, taking blood thinners or aspirin before getting your tattoo can cause some potential problems.

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