About Us

Welcome to AuthorityTattoo, your ultimate resource for all things related to tattoos and piercings. Our mission is to provide you with accurate, reliable, and comprehensive information that empowers you to make informed decisions about body art. Join us as we dive deep into the world of tattoos and piercings, providing insights, guidance, and inspiration to help you create your own unique story in ink and metal.

What is this website?

Initially established by Dan Hunter, AuthorityTattoo is now continued by TreasureHunter Media, a media company established in 2011.With our dedicated team, we ensure to delivering high-quality content that covers a wide range of topics within the tattoo and piercing industry.

What is our mission?

Here at AuthorityTattoo, our main aim is to be the most well-respected and trusted resource for tattoo and piercing related content on the internet, and we like to think we’ve made significant progress at that already, having already delivered reliable, well-examined content to over 34 million readers since 2016. We’re not here to overlook the nitty-gritty parts of the tattooing or piercing processes; we’re here to deliver straight, hard facts about what you’re most likely to experience and encounter on your body art journey, in the most detailed, friendly and helpful way that we think is possible.

Who is the AuthorityTattoo team?

Our team consists of professionals from various fields, all working collaboratively to deliver trustworthy content to our readers.

  • Alumni of: University of Liverpool
  • Qualification: BA (Hons) Fine Art

Why AuthorityTattoo?

My love and experiences of body art have taken me to every corner of the internet in search of high-quality, in-depth information that I could digest and use to increase my knowledge and pass it on to others. However, over the years I became increasingly disappointed with how little high-quality content there was surrounding these topics. There was nowhere to look for conclusive, actionable information. This is why AuthorityTattoo was born.

  • Qualifications: SEO Manager and Editor with 15+ years of experience
  • Alumni of: Faculty of Economics Zagreb
  • Experience: SEO Manager, SEO Editor, Web Design

Why AuthorityTattoo?

As the SEO Manager and Editor for AuthorityTattoo, I bring a blend of passion and professionalism to the world of body art. Though I haven’t taken the tattoo plunge myself, I understand the depth and personal significance behind each ink and piercing. With a background in editing, I ensure our content is not just engaging but also scientifically accurate and polished. As I contemplate my own journey into body art, I aim to make AuthorityTattoo the go-to guide for everyone embarking on this personal adventure. From tattoo aftercare to piercing insights, I am committed to providing content that educates, inspires, and above all, builds trust.

  • Alumni of: Reshetnev University of Technology and Science, Business Administration
  • Qualifications: eExperienced eCommerce aficionado with over 13 years of rocking the digital world! Passionate about all things EV vehicles, drones, and video blogging, along with whole life of die-hard gaming experience.
  • Proud papa to three awesome sons. Proven track record in driving massive sales growth, optimizing user experience, and mastering the art of digital marketing.

Why AuthorityTattoo?

I have a personal gallery etched into my skin. These pieces are more than ink; they’re a narrative of who I am and essential life impressions. This rich experience equips me with the insights needed to understand what makes a tattoo-focused website truly meaningful to its audience. I’m always contemplating new tattoos but find myself caught in the complexity of choosing what is worth to be permanently inscribed next. So, I’m hoping to get my answers while working with authoritytattoo.com.

  • Alumni of: Berufsbildungszentrum Alexander von Humboldt and Facultad de Teología Pontificia y Civil de Lima University
  • Experience: +12 years in Marketing and International Business

Why AuthorityTattoo?

Because it perfectly aligns with my passion for arts in all its expressions, which resonates with the creative and artistic nature of body art. My personal experience with tattoos and piercings gives me valuable insights into the needs and preferences of individuals seeking information in these areas. Combined with my marketing experience, I am happy to contribute to delivering high-quality content and enhancing the overall experience for our readers.

What is our ambition?

At AuthorityTattoo, our ambition is to continuously elevate the standard of information and guidance available to individuals interested in tattoos and piercings. We aim to be the unrivaled source that is genuiely committed to educating readers about every possible aspect of the tattoo and piercing aftercare process, and to help ensure your tattoo or piercing continues to look amazing for many years to come.

How do we get paid?

Ads. Advertisements are present on the majority of our blog posts and pages. Our advertising partner, Raptive, works to secure advertising collaborations that appear on our site on our behalf.
Affiliate links. Some of our links are known as “affiliate links.” This signifies that if you opt to make a purchase after clicking the link, we receive a small commission. It’s important to note that this doesn’t impact the final product price. Instead, the retailer allocates a portion of their profits to us from their own earnings, as we directed traffic to them that they otherwise might not have received.
Sponsored posts. Certain posts on our platform may be sponsored, indicating that a company has compensated us to include a disclosure at the beginning, situated just below the title.
Sponsored products. Some manufacturers send us complimentary products for review. This doesn’t influence our verdict in any way, because we always keep our reviews true and genuine, not affected by anyone.