Ear Piercings

Of all of the tattoo and piercing sections on AuthorityTattoo, ear piercings are always up there as being one the most popular topics for our readers. On this page, we present to you everything you’ll ever need to know about ear piercings, including: the most common types, how much they hurt, how much they cost, how long they take to heal, and what issues you might come across during the aftercare process. We’ll also help to answer the most common questions about ear piercings in general.

Ear Piercing Types

Ear Piercings For Conditions

Tragus Piercings For Migraines

Tragus piercings have grown in popularity due to the belief that they can relieve migraine pain. This may sound too good to be true, so find out more here.

Daith Piercings For Anxiety

Daith piercings can alleviate symptoms of anxiety. Most information we have is anecdotal, so let’s take a deeper dive into why you could benefit from it.

Ear Piercing Pain

Ear Piercing Prices

Tragus Piercing Cost & Price Guide

Do you really want a tragus piercing but have no idea how much it’s going to cost? We explain everything you need to know about tragus piercing prices here.

Ear Piercing Healing

Ear Piercing Healing Issues

Infections In An Older Ear Piercing

Have an older ear piercing that you believe may have become infected? All is not lost. With these tips, you can nurture your piercing back to full health.

Ear Piercing Questions

Ear Stretching