While we normally write about being on the other side of the tattooing needle on this site, this section is different. Here, we’ve put together everything you need to know about tattooing as either a hobby or career, including: becoming a tattoo artist, designing tattoos, tattoo machine configurations and tattooing techniques. We’ll also help to answer some of the most common tattooing questions. 

Becoming A Tattoo Artist

How to Make Tattoo Ink

While tattoo ink is always going to be safer when bought from a reputable retailer, we explain what the common components are, and how to put them together.

How To Become A Tattoo Artist

Becoming a tattoo artist is no easy task. Along with having to be a gifted drawer, there are many other factors that will contribute to your success.

How To Get A Tattoo License

Thinking of becoming a tattoo artist? Learn how to get a tattoo license here, as well as all of the necessary rules and regulations you need to comply with.

Designing Tattoos

How To Use Tattoo Transfer Paper

Using transfer paper as a new tattoo artist can be tedious and intimidating. However, we cover the basics to ensure you can use it easily & effectively.

How To Make A Tattoo Stencil

Tattoo stencils may look confusing and hard to do properly, but they’re pretty easy once you get the hang of things. We’ll teach you all the basics here.

Tattoo Machines

Best Tattoo Machines & Guns

To do the job properly, you need the right equipment. In this article, we list the best tattoo machines currently on the market for both pros and beginners.

How Do Tattoo Machines Work?

There are three types of tattoo machine, and each comes with its own mechanics. Quench your curious thirst as you learn about how each of them works.

Tattooing Techniques (Coming Soon)