Belly Button Piercings

Everything you need to know about belly button piercings, including: the most common types, how much they hurt, how much they cost, how long they take to heal, and what issues you might come across during the aftercare process. We’ll also help to answer the most common questions about belly button piercings in general. We always do our best to share our knowledge, and this section is no different.

Before Getting A Belly Piercing

Belly Piercing Healing

Belly Piecing Healing Issues

Belly Button Piercing FAQs

When Can I Change My Belly Ring?

Find out how long you need to wait before you can change your belly jewelry after a piercing. Can’t wait? I get it, but it’s essential to be safe.

How To Take Out A Belly Ring

How do you take out your belly ring for the first time without causing damage? Here’s a quick guide to help you do it quickly and easily.

How To Change A Belly Button Ring

If you’ve never had to do it before, changing a belly button ring can seem very daunting. In this article we cover exactly how to do it – the correct way.

Can You Re-Pierce A Belly Button?

Did you previously have a navel piercing, and it closed up? Want to know whether you can get it done again? We discuss re-piercing a belly button here.