Double Belly Button Piercings: Everything You Need To Know

  • Written By Dan Hunter on May 28, 2019
    Last Updated: March 17, 2022

You want to stand out in the crowd and let’s face it, these days a lot of people have their navels pierced. It’s hard to get noticed. If you’re looking to attract some attention and sport some serious bling on your belly, you might want to opt for a double belly button piercing.

What Is A Double Belly Button Piercing?

A double belly button piercing is a step up from an ordinary navel piercing. Instead of one piercing on your navel, you’ll have two done.

If you spend a lot of time and effort working out and dieting to keep yourself in tip-top shape, this can be a good way to draw some attention to your well-toned abs.

What Happens During A Double Belly Button Piercing?

Your belly area will have to be prepped before the actual piercing can be done. Disinfectant will be used on your belly and it will have to dry before the work will be done.

The process is similar to having one belly button piercing done. The only difference is that the hollow needle used to do the piercing passes through the skin of the navel twice instead of once.

You might see a little blood right after the piercing. That happens and is no reason to panic or think something went wrong. Take a deep breath and soldier on. You’ll be just fine.

The key to a well-executed piercing experience is to choose a professional to do the work. While it might be tempting to do it yourself at home or to let a friend do it, it’s best to pay the small fee to let an expert do their thing.

The expert will give you instructions on how to take care of your belly button piercing until it heals. You’ll need to follow these instructions carefully to ensure you don’t end up as one of the few unlucky ones who get an infection from their new piercing.

Double Belly Button Piercing Pain – How Much Do They Hurt?

Double Belly Button Piercing

Do you remember that old saying – no pain, no gain? That applies perfectly when it comes to double belly piercings.

You are going to experience some discomfort when the needle goes in. But the good news is the pain doesn’t last long. It’s comparable to getting an immunization.

The bad news is that with a double belly button piercing, you’re going to have to go through that needle pain twice.

While many people might think the worst of the pain is when the needle passes through, for some people the worst pain happens with the placement of the jewelry. That can cause a fair amount of pressure on the skin that has just been pierced so it can be a bit painful.

The pain isn’t only confined to the piercing day itself. You will have some soreness and mild pain for a few days afterward.

The pain isn’t intense – it’s not enough to make you reconsider having it done, and if you have a high threshold when it comes to pain, you might not even consider it painful at all.

How Much Does A Double Belly Button Piercing Cost?

Fees for double belly piercings aren’t standard – some places will charge more, some will charge less.

The cost is influenced by several things, including how in-demand a piercer is, where you live and what kind of bling you want to sport.

If you want to see if it fits into your budget, you should plan on a range of $40 to $80 for a double navel piercing.

More on belly button piercing prices here.​

What To Do Before Getting a Double Belly Button Piercing

Before you walk through the doors to get your double belly button piercing on a whim, you should take stock of a few things.

If you have any medical problems, like diabetes, you first need to get your blood sugar reined in before your piercing. You don’t want a compromised immune system to make you more likely to get an infection.

The same goes for any minor health problems you’re facing. If you have a cold or the flu, postpone your piercing until you’re better. Your immune system is already doing some important work. Don’t add anything extra to the load.

Double Belly Piercing

You should also make sure you’re ready for a long-term commitment. Navel piercings can take a long time to fully heal and they’ll potentially require months of care. Are you ready to commit to that? If not, you might want to rethink getting the piercing.

Perhaps most importantly, you should find a piercer with a good reputation. Let them know about any allergies you have, especially if you’ve had problems with any materials used during piercings you’ve had in the past.

Before you head into the studio for the piercing, you should stock up on some after-care essentials, like Dixie cups, saline solution, sea salt, Q-tips and cotton balls.

You might benefit from purchasing these items on hand ahead of time so you’re not trying to round up everything in the store right after your piercing. It always helps to be prepared.

Double Belly Button Piercing Aftercare & Cleaning Guide

A quick video guide to cleaning a new piercing:

Every day when you start to clean your piercing, first make sure you thoroughly wash your hands. Then use a Q-tip dipped in warm water to get any crust off.

Four times every day, you should clean your piercing for the first month. Two of those times every day should include a sea salt mixture made out of one-fourth a teaspoon of sea salt mixed with 8 ounces of boiled water. Remember to let it cool before you use it – you don’t want to add a third-degree burn to your list of pains.

Grab a Dixie cup, put the saltwater in and press the cup against your belly while you’re bending over. Once the cup has formed a seal on your skin, you can lay down and let the salt water do its magic. The seal will stop the water from spilling out.

For the other daily cleanings, buy a saline rinse to squirt on the piercing. Make sure you’re not buying contact solution, ask for a saline solution made for cleaning piercings or wounds instead.

The best aftercare product I’ve personally used is the After Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. Not only is it vegan, but it’s also completely alcohol and additive-free. The solution works well on all skin types including sensitive skin, and it comes in a generously-sized mist-spraying bottle for easy application. When using it from the very start of the healing process, the spray helps to decrease healing times and aims to eliminate any lingering pain or soreness.​

While your belly is healing, avoid letting your piercing snag on clothes, stay away from public pools and start sleeping on your back or side instead of your belly. Take a multivitamin, stay away from tanning beds and try to get plenty of sleep to help your body heal as best as it can.

How Long Does A Double Belly Button Piercing Take to Heal?

While a double belly button piercing is a routine and simple procedure, the healing process is much more involved and complex than that. It may only take a few minutes for the piercing to be completed, but the healing can take up to a year.

Your piercings will look much better in four to six weeks, but they won’t be fully healed by then. Don’t be tricked – you don’t want to try to switch out your jewelry at this point.

Many people won’t need the full year to completely heal. If you take great care of your piercings and don’t have any complications, you might be fully healed in three to six months.

Double Belly Button Piercing

Double Belly Button Piercing Infections

One of the things about piercings that most people dread is the risk of infections. The risk is small, but it’s real and should be taken seriously. That’s why those aftercare instructions your piercer gives you are so important.

To fully protect yourself, you should be on the lookout for any complications that develop. If you notice more discharge or discharge that has changed colors, it could signal an infection.

Other signs include red skin that is hot to the touch or an increased level of pain. If you suspect a piercing infection, you should book a doctor’s appointment right away.

Double Belly Button Piercing Risks

The main risks of double belly button piercings are infections, the possibility of scars developing on the area that has been pierced, and an allergic reaction to the metals that are used for the jewelry.

Most people won’t have any problems with their piercing if they follow aftercare instructions. But you should still know the risks of any procedure so you can spot any problems.

Double Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

The sky is the limit when it comes to what kinds of jewelry you can use on your new double belly button piercing. The jewelry will come in all sizes and shapes, including dangles, barbells, balls, hoops, spikes and more.

You can get your jewelry in any kind of metal, but some of the popular choices include: stainless steel, gold, BioFlex, sterling silver, and titanium.

Those who have sensitive skin might find they best handle titanium, which doesn’t generally irritate the skin as much. BioFlex is a good choice for athletes who need a flexible material that will move with them or pregnant women who have growing bellies.

Belly Button Piercing


Double belly button piercings are a popular trend that shows no signs of slowing down. They help people show off their personalities.

With some commitment to keeping your piercings clean, you should sail right through the aftercare. Once that’s done, you’ll take pride in showing off your new double belly button piercing, and also your individuality with every chance you get​.

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