Tattoo Aftercare

Scroll down to take a look at our huge library of tattoo aftercare articles, detailing every possible piece of information you will ever need to know about looking after a new tattoo, including: important aftercare essentials, tattoo wrapping, cleaning a tattoo, peeling & scabbing, tattoo aftercare products, protecting your tattoo, tattoo healing issues and looking after your tattoo in the long term. We’ll also help to answer the most common questions at this stage of the process.

Aftercare Essentials

Tattoo Wrapping

Should I Wrap My Tattoo Before Bed?

While some artists argue that you shouldn’t wrap a tattoo before bed, others actually recommend it. We’ll do our best to give you the most valuable advice.

How Do Tattoo Bandages Work?

When you leave the shop with new ink, you’ll have a bandage covering the area. Learn what tattoo bandages are made of and how they can cause problems.

Cleaning A Tattoo

Peeling & Scabbing

How Long Do Tattoos Peel For?

Are you wondering how long your new tattoo is going to keep peeling for? Brush up on your tattoo knowledge with this article and put your mind at ease.

Do All Tattoos Peel During Healing?

Just got a new tattoo and seeing some peeling? Don’t panic; it’s totally natural. Keep reading to find out why tattoos peel, why it’s completely normal.

Why Do Tattoos Peel During Healing?

All tattoos peel during the healing process, but why this happens is commonly misunderstood. We’ll reveal why all tattoos go through the peeling stage here.

Why Isn’t My New Tattoo Peeling?

After hearing many times that a new tattoo must peel in order for healing to complete, you may become concerned when yours doesn’t do this. We explain why.

Why Isn’t My New Tattoo Scabbing?

Just like ordinary wounds, scabbing is a common sight on tattoos. No scabbing at all can be unsettling. We explain why your tattoo may not visibly scab.

What To Put On A Tattoo

Can You Use Sudocrem On Tattoos?

Sudocrem has potent antiseptic and antibacterial agents that are too harsh for sensitive tattooed skin. Find out why, and more, in this article.

Can You Use E45 Cream On Tattoos?

Can you use E45 to heal a tattoo? Is it safe, or will it drain the colors out of your new ink? Come and find out how to best protect your new asset.

Can You Use Savlon On New Tattoos?

Savlon is a popular antiseptic cream used to treat various skin problems. Many in the tattoo industry swear by it, but is it safe for tattoo aftercare?

Can You Use Shea Butter On Tattoos?

hea butter is a natural ingredient with a plethora of benefits. Explore using shea butter for tattoos and find out how you can benefit after getting inked.

Is Tea Tree Oil Good For Tattoos?

Tea tree oil can be applied topically to fresh tattoos as a wash or ointment to treat/prevent infection. Find out how this anti-inflammatory oil can help.

Is Bepanthen Good For Tattoos?

There are many alternative products out there for tattoo healing. Bepanthen is one of them; but, it shouldn’t be used instead of other aftercare products.

Can You Use Neosporin On A Tattoo?

Neosporin can be a useful addition to your tattoo healing arsenal. Read more for tips and tricks on using Neosporin on a new tattoo safely and effectively.

Protecting Your Tattoo

Tattoos In The Sun

Do Tanning Beds Fade Tattoos?

Most people know that too much time in the sun can be very damaging to a tattoo, but how about tanning beds? We reveal why they can be just as harmful.

Tattoo Healing Issues

Why Does My New Tattoo Look Scaly?

If your new tattoo looks scaly, you might be freaking out and wondering why. Learn more here about the reasons behind this issue & how to deal with it.

Tattoo Aftercare - FAQs

Why Does My New Tattoo Look Shiny?

Tattoos can appear shiny during or after healing for a few reasons, but this phenomenon is usually completely harmless. We explain why it happens here.

Does Coconut Oil Fade Tattoos?

Coconut oil is becoming an increasingly popular tattoo aftercare product, but does it negatively affect tattoos by fading them prematurely? Find out here.

Should You Ice A New Tattoo?

After getting inked, correct aftercare can help to keep your tattooed skin healthy. Learn if you can ice a new tattoo and what to do about any swelling.

Long-Term Tattoo Care