What to Do if Saniderm Is Stuck to Your Tattoo

  • Written By Dan Hunter on February 03, 2022
    Last Updated: February 3, 2022

The healing process of your new tattoo is almost as important as the tattoo process itself. How you care for your tattoo once it’s completed will determine the final result and prevent any infections or damage to your skin. It doesn’t matter how experienced your tattoo artist is, poor aftercare will ruin a perfect piece of body art.

Your tattoo artist will be happy to advise on the aftercare of your tattoo, and you need to make sure that this is discussed before going ahead with the tattoo to make sure that you’re prepared. 

Tattoo artists will wrap your tattoo once completed, and more are using Saniderm for this. It’s a perfect choice for your healing tattoo as it takes a lot of the work out of looking after your tattoo, making the aftercare process easier.

However, as Saniderm is an adhesive material, it can get stuck to your skin and your tattoo. We’ll let you know what you need to do if Saniderm is stuck to your tattoo. 

How Does Saniderm Work?

Saniderm is a clear, thin, protective adhesive bandage that adheres to the tattoo area on your body. It’s breathable and water-resistant, but keeps out all bacteria and dirt, preventing infection. 

The Saniderm bandage allows your body to heal itself without any obstacles getting in the way. You will need to leave the Saniderm on your tattoo between three to six days, and your tattoo artist will advise when to remove it. If you can leave it for the full six days, this would be ideal. However, if your skin becomes irritated you will need to remove it sooner.

What if Saniderm Sticks to Your Tattoo?

To remove the Saniderm from your tattoo after the healing process, you need to carefully peel it from your skin. 

The best place to remove Saniderm would be in a warm shower as this will allow you to easily peel the Saniderm from your tattooed skin, and will loosen the adhesive. You don’t want any Saniderm or the adhesive from Saniderm being stuck to your tattoo once removed. 

If you do have excess adhesive left on your tattoo, once you’ve removed the Saniderm, you can apply coconut oil or baby oil to the area to loosen any Saniderm still stuck to your tattoo. 

If this doesn’t work, try a small amount of 70% isopropyl alcohol applied on a clean paper towel. This needs to be applied very gently to remove any remaining Saniderm from your tattoo.

Saniderm Removal

Running water will help to relax your skin and loosen the adhesive, so the shower is the ideal place to remove Saniderm from your tattoo. Find a corner or the edge of the bandage and slowly peel it back over itself, in the direction of the hair growth. 

If you remove it when the skin is dry, it could cause discomfort and may cause trauma or damage to the skin. 

Once removed, you can get rid of any remaining adhesive by using coconut or baby oil on your skin. You will then need to wash the tattoo with warm water and a fragrance-free soap. Allow it to air dry or gently pat it with a clean towel.

Benefits of Saniderm

Saniderm allows you to continue with your daily lifestyle without having to worry too much about your new tattoo. 

As the Saniderm is water-resistant, you can shower as usual. However, you will need to make sure that you limit your time in the shower as too much water may loosen the Saniderm, allowing contaminants to enter the tattooed area. You can exercise while wearing Saniderm but avoid sweating too much as this may also loosen the bandage. 

Saniderm will help your tattoo heal more quickly and has been proven to reduce scabbing and peeling, resulting in less damage to your skin and your tattoo. 

It will also save you lots of time and worry when trying to get your aftercare routine completed perfectly as part of your busy daily lifestyle.


The pain and worry of getting a new tattoo may seem to be the hard part, but in reality, the aftercare of your tattoo is just as difficult to get right. There used to be many hours spent cleaning and moisturizing your tattoo, and then worrying that you’ve cleaned or moisturized it too much.

The introduction of Saniderm as a tattoo aftercare product has removed most of this worry, as it can be left on your skin while your tattoo heals itself. It also massively reduces the chances of infection, which is a great relief.

Now you know how easy it is to use Saniderm and that you can remove it without any issues, and you don’t need to worry if it gets stuck, what’s stopping you!

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