How Long After a Foot Tattoo Before I Can Wear Socks?

  • Written By Dan Hunter on October 1, 2021
    Last Updated: February 18, 2022

A foot tattoo can look great, especially when wearing open sandals in the summertime. Just imagine showing off your beautiful foot tattoo on the beach in the sunshine.

It’s also a good tattoo placement for those who want to cover their tattoo for work or school as you can hide it under socks and shoes. 

Getting a tattoo on your foot can be a painful experience as there are lots of bones and very little padding. Also, you need to think of the aftercare as you use your feet all the time, every day. 

A foot tattoo needs to be cared for in the same way as every other type of tattoo. This means keeping it dry and clean at all times. How will you do this, when walking around all day and having to wear shoes and socks I hear you ask. 

We’ll let you know how long after a foot tattoo before you can wear socks, and also how to look after your foot tattoo to get the best results.

How to Care for a Foot Tattoo 

You should care for your foot tattoo exactly the same as you would for any other tattoo. The tattoo needs to breathe and be kept dry while healing, so It’s not a great idea to get a foot tattoo in winter. Flip flops don’t do too well in the snow and rain. 

Keep your foot tattoo clean and be careful when touching it. Your hands should be clean at all times to reduce the risk of infection. 

How Long After a Foot Tattoo Before I Can Wear Socks?

You will need to let the tattoo heal before wearing socks. Wearing them before this will rub the tattooed area causing damage to the tattoo and possibly infection. 

The socks will also stick to the tattoo if wearing them before it heals properly. This will be very painful to remove and may cause infection, especially if the fibers from the socks get into the open wound of the tattoo. 

We would recommend that you wait at least two weeks, possibly even three weeks after the tattoo process before wearing socks. This will allow the tattoo to heal and will prevent any damage or scarring of the tattoo by the socks rubbing the area.

Can I Wear Shoes After a Foot Tattoo?

The same thing applies to shoes as socks with a new tattoo. You shouldn’t wear anything that could possibly rub your tattoo and cause infection or even scarring. Your foot may be swollen after getting the tattoo and this will make shoes rub even more. 

Flip flops are a good choice of footwear if you do have to wear anything at all in the first two or three weeks following a tattoo. The best advice would be to take some time off work if possible or work from home. This will help as you won’t have to wear anything on your feet and the tattoo will be free to heal without any issues. 

After two to three weeks you can start to wear open shoes, sandals, or sliders. These will allow your foot to still breathe but will allow you to go ahead with your daily routine.

What Else Should You Consider After a Foot Tattoo? 

A foot tattoo affects your everyday routine as you use your feet more than any other part of your body when moving about. It’s important to look after it properly and allow it to heal. You don’t want to go through the pain of a foot tattoo to then damage it by wearing socks or shoes.

You need to try to keep it dry as much as possible so that means that there will be no baths for a while. Quick showers will be your thing until it heals. You should also avoid swimming until it’s healed properly as swimming pools are a hive of bacteria. 

Sunscreen should be applied to your foot tattoo at all times when outside. A foot tattoo is prone to fading as it’s moved all day and rubs against socks and shoes. If you’re wearing open shoes, the tattoo is then in the open sunshine which could also make it fade.


A foot tattoo can look amazing when done properly and looked after correctly. You should prepare yourself beforehand, not just for the pain but also for the restrictions that will be needed for the tattoo to heal properly.

This will affect your daily lifestyle for a few weeks, however, it will be worth it when you can show off your stunning new tattoo.

We hope that we’ve answered your question and you now understand better the preparation and aftercare needed with a foot tattoo.

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