Belly Button Piercing Bleeding

  • Written By Dan Hunter on September 26, 2021
    Last Updated: October 10, 2021

Belly button piercing is one of the most popular body piercings around and when done properly it can look really cute and a little sexy. This is especially true in the warmer summer months. It can be shown off with cropped tops and low-waisted jeans.

The piercing itself isn’t done through the stomach, the skin around the area is pierced instead. This has very few nerve endings so the piercing should be quite painless, it should just feel like a pinch of your skin.

Due to the location of the belly button piercing, it’s important that the area is kept clean and looked after so that the piercing can heal.

We’ll let you know how you should help it to heal and what happens if it starts bleeding.

Is Bleeding Normal With a Belly Button Piercing?

The belly button piercing process involves inserting a ring into the skin around the belly button. With this in mind, it’s normal for the area to bleed as it’s being pierced by a needle. 

Many people will experience bleeding, bruising and some discomfort following the procedure, as is the case with most piercings. This can last for a few days up to a few weeks as the area heals. Aftercare of the piercing is important for the healing process.

Belly Button Piercing Bleeding

A belly button piercing has been one of the trendiest piercings for years and it’s increasing in popularity. It can be a sexy addition when peeking out over your jeans. 

However, as with all piercings, the aftercare of the belly button piercing needs to be thorough and the area should be kept clean at all times. 

There will be some bleeding after the procedure and this may continue for up to a few weeks in some cases. It’s nothing to worry about as it can take a while for the area to heal. However, if you notice excessive bleeding, you should contact your piercer for their advice.

Why Is It Bleeding?

The area bleeds following the procedure as your skin has been pierced by a needle. This is not a reason to worry and is completely normal. The piercing process is over within a couple of minutes but the healing process takes a lot longer.

You should only start to worry if it starts bleeding excessively or if you find a lot of dried blood around the area. If this happens you should contact your piercer as it could be the start of an infection. 

An infection can be easily helped by antibiotics. However, if it’s a more serious infection and your body is rejecting the piercing, it could be that you need to remove the piercing and let it heal over.  

How Long Will It Take To Heal?

The piercing itself is a very quick process, however, the healing process can take between six months to one year. 

The piercing will bleed as it’s healing and it will also scab over which is normal. If you see a white or yellow scab, don’t worry. It’s your body healing. You should make sure that you look after your piercing and the area around it by keeping it clean.

What Can You Do To Help It Heal?

It can take a while for your piercing to heal as the navel area is quite sensitive. However, by looking after it correctly, you can speed up this process a little. 

You should clean the area regularly by using a saline solution of water with a little salt, making sure that you avoid touching the piercing. You should avoid taking a bath while the piercing is healing and take showers instead. 

Your clothes should be loose-fitting so as not to touch your piercing as this may damage the area or pull the piercing out. You can buy a vented eye patch that can be used to cover it so that your clothes don’t rub on it. You should also make sure that you wash your hands when touching the piercing and that your bedsheets are kept clean.


A piercing in your belly button is a great look that can be cute and also very sexy. However, before it gets to this stage it needs to heal. It’s a long healing process but is worth it when looked after properly.

The piercing will bleed for a short while following the procedure but this is normal and nothing to worry about. It should stop bleeding after a few days but in some cases it can continue for a few weeks. If it does start bleeding excessively, you should contact your piercer and they will be able to advise you.

We hope that we have given you an insight into belly button piercing, including the procedure, the bleeding and the healing process.