Daith Piercing Prices: How Much Do They Cost?

  • Written By Dan Hunter on May 28, 2019
    Last Updated: January 6, 2021

Although many people are excited to get a daith piercing, they are sometimes unsure as to how much the piercing is actually going to cost, especially if it’s their first piercing.

While we can easily tell you that your piercing might cost “X” amount, it’s essential that you understand what you are buying, and what your money is going towards. From here, you can then decide if getting a $5 daith piercing from your inexperienced best friend is worth it over going to a much safer and experienced piercing professional.

Cost of a Daith Piercing

You should be looking to pay between $40-60 for a daith piercing in a smaller, lesser-known shop, or $50-$80 in a more popular establishment. This may sound expensive, but remember that a daith piercing will always cost slightly more than other piercings due to the specialist and delicate procedure required.

What Influences Daith Piercing Costs?

There are numerous factors that go into determining the cost of a daith piercing; some may seem fairly obvious, while some others you may not have considered yet.

Remember, if you aim towards the high end of every factor, you will hopefully be looking at a very carefully and well-done piercing, but with a higher cost.

On the polar opposite, you may save a bit of money on a cheap piercing, but you might also need to undergo a very unsanitary and borderline dangerous procedure in the process. It’s up to you to strike a balance between quality and cost.

The piercer’s experience can have a significant influence on how much your daith piercing is going to cost (as well as how much it might hurt).

Daith Piercing Prices

A well-experienced piercer will likely have performed many daith procedures over their career (although you should always check with them beforehand to ensure they have sufficient knowledge with this specific piercing).

In nearly all cases, a highly experienced piercer will charge you more than somebody inexperienced, or somebody who’s just starting out, but this is nearly always justified.

Professional piercers are not only good at safely getting you through the procedure itself, but they’re also well-versed in giving excellent daith piercing aftercare advice for the healing stages proceeding the piercing itself.

They will also know exactly what to do throughout the whole procedure, and are normally highly experienced when it comes to giving out additional information for specialty piercing, such as when people may wish to get a daith piercing to help with migraines.

While, on the other hand, a less experienced piercer will probably cost less, but they may not treat the piercing as well as they should, and leave it vulnerable to infection or disease.

You might want to consider who you would want more in the unlikely event that something goes wrong during the piercing procedure (someone who has dealt with what has happened many times before, or somebody who doesn’t have a clue).

Because of the complexity of the daith piercing, and the specialist needle needed to perform the procedure, using an accomplished piercer is of even more importance.

However, it is necessary to mention that a less experienced piercer under the guidance and supervision of an experienced piercer could be a possible way to go if you’re looking to save a few bucks. They will cost less, but you will still be under the eyes of someone who can step in and help at any moment.

Daith Piercing Cost

In summary, if you go to a less experienced piercer, you will pay less, and possibly come out of the shop unscathed and with a good daith – but is it worth that risk?

Where you go to get your piercing can also dictate the price of your new daith. If the studio you decide to go to is in a popular spot, with plenty of exposure, they will likely charge more than a lesser-known studio.

These large, popular shops know they can rely on their reputation to draw in new customers who are willing to pay the premium they’re asking for, and so they don’t need to lower their prices to gain additional custom.

Like going to a well-experienced piercer, going to a reputable studio is a near enough safe bet as they wouldn’t usually let anyone who is not proficient enough, work at their establishment. They have a name and reputation to maintain!

However, do not let this deter you from going to a lesser-known piercing shop in a small town to get your daith piercing.

Although they may not be well-known locally, or none of your friends have heard of them, they may still be run by experienced and talented piercers, who may even be offering cheaper piercings in order to compete with the larger and more popular piercing shops/chains.

Just be sure to find out as much as possible about these smaller establishments to ensure they’re following all hygiene regulations.

As mentioned, the daith piercing requires a specialist, curved needle to perform the piercing, which is part of the reason why daith piercings cost more than most others. That, and also the risk and delicacy of the piercing, which requires more talent and attention, thus commanding a higher price.

Daith Piercing

Like many other industries, the location of the shop will affect the price of the service. If you are going to get a piercing in a huge, high-cost city like New York, you will be paying a heavily inflated price compared to paying for a piercing in a local small town or village.

Shopping malls are also a popular place to get piercings for a lower cost, but as daith piercings require a more specialized procedure, you may sometimes have difficulty finding a piercer who is experienced enough in these locations.

The material used for your daith jewelry will also definitely play a part in determining the final cost of the piercing.

Although you will generally only start with surgical steel or Niobium piercing jewelry while your ear heals, you may wish to choose a different, more expensive piece of jewelry at the shop for when the aftercare phase is over. This can bump up the cost significantly depending on your choice.

Also, remember that while buying an ear stud you’ve found online at a great price may initially seem appealing, make sure you check what the jewelry is made out of.

Some metals and materials may not be safe for your piercing, and some cheap piercing studs have been known to contain toxic metals that cause irritation and adverse reactions in the skin if worn for a long period of time.

You should also consider the price of the aftercare of your new piercing. You may want to look into buying a couple of bottles of saline solution for around $2 each, but you can also make your own easily enough with water and salt.

Alternatively, you can buy specially designed piercing aftercare spray to help improve healing times and the quality of healing.

The best aftercare product I’ve personally used is the After Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. Not only is it vegan, but it’s also completely alcohol and additive-free. The solution works well on all skin types including sensitive skin, and it comes in a generously-sized mist-spraying bottle for easy application. When using it from the very start of the healing process, the spray helps to decrease healing times and aims to eliminate any lingering pain or soreness.​

Daith Piercing

Remember, it’s easier and cheaper to invest in a good healing routine for your ear when compared to having to treat an infection that’s been caused by careless and ineffective aftercare (especially if you’ll need to pay for your own antibiotics as well).

Discounts And Deals

Many piercers offer a variety of deals and discounts for their customers that you can take advantage of.

Buy one get one free offers are one of the most popular deals, and for good reason. Very common in well-known tourist towns and cities, the piercer can perform a piercing on both you and a friend for the price of just one of you, essentially halving the cost for both of you.

Many piercers offer re-piercings for customers who have previously visited their shop before, and who have had a former piercing close up.

If you’re interested in having multiple piercings, and would not have a problem with having them done at the same time, a piercer may offer you a multiple piercing discount.

Student discounts are also common in popular university towns and cities; especially the larger ones. Piercers know that students are looking for new ways to express themselves and find their own identities, so many of these piercers will offer discounts to these students, sometimes up to (and over) 20% off.

Daith Piercing


As previously mentioned, there is usually a balance between saving some money and making sure you get a safe and professional piercing.

As a general rule, the more expensive the piercer, piercing shop or material, the better and safer they will be. (Although this is definitely not ALWAYS the case!)

If you’re looking to save some money, we suggest that you do not cut any corners and always have safety as your number one priority when thinking of getting a new piercing.

Keep your eyes open for active discounts, as they can substantially cut your costs.

Finally, do not be tempted by the lowest prices and decide to go to an inexperienced or unknown piercer- it may end up costing you more than just your money in the long-run.​

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