The Best Tattoo Lamps for Home and Studio

  • Written By Dan Hunter on February 02, 2023
    Last Updated: March 17, 2023

When you’re completing a tattoo for someone, you need to be able to see every detail clearly. This can be difficult when the lighting in your tattoo studio isn’t ideal, but this is where a tattoo lamp comes in. 

The tattoo lamp can highlight the areas where the natural light isn’t the best, making sure that the tattoo you create is perfect. It will also help your eyesight rather than squinting to see the details of the tattoo, and it will instill confidence in your customer.

We’ve reviewed the best tattoo lamps to help you choose the right one for you. We’ll also share with you what you need to be looking for when buying a tattoo lamp with our buying guide.

The best tattoo lamps available right now are:

Best Tattoo Lamps Reviewed 

Brightech LightView Pro – Full Page Magnifying Floor Lamp—Best for Magnifying

The Brightech Lightview floor lamp is ideal for those intricate details in your tattoo design with its magnifier lens and bright light. The adjustable gooseneck makes it easy for you to position the tattoo lamp where you need it the most to be able to complete your tattoo designs up close.

The weighted base gives you the stability you need to focus on your tattoo details when moving the lamp head around. The color temperature of the tattoo lamp is 6000K with 870 lumens, giving you bright, natural light. The light can’t be dimmed, so you need to bear that in mind if it’s too bright for you.

The users of this light love the magnifying lens as well as many other elements of the lamp. You can see some of their comments below:

“Absolutely love this lamp, it’s perfect!”

“I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even need the main lights on when I use this guy. It’s built well, the light is perfect, the magnifying lens is perfect, it’s sturdy so it doesn’t tip, and it took me about 2 minutes to put together.”


Type of Lamp: LED Floor lamp.

Material: Plastic and metal.

Brightness Levels: 1 brightness level.

Color Temperature: 6000K.

Adjustable: Yes, adjustable Gooseneck.

The Brightech Lightview lamp allows you to get into the detail of your tattoo design with its magnifying lens and gives you a bright natural light to work with.

The adjustable gooseneck makes it easy to move, and the sturdy base gives you the confidence that it won’t tip over when using the lamp.


  • Magnifying lens – 1.75 x magnification.
  • Bright natural sunlight color temperature of 6000K.
  • Adjustable gooseneck for flexibility.
  • 3-year warranty is given with the lamp.


  • Light isn’t dimmable.

Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp—Best Value

The Brightech Litespan LED floor lamp gives you the light you need when completing intricate tattoo designs in the place you want it. It offers you a high-intensity natural daylight color light with 6000K color temperature. 

The Litespan tattoo lamp gives out up to 950 lumens of bright light but doesn’t use too much energy at just 12 watts. The bulb stays cool to touch, even when used for long periods, so you don’t need to worry about overheating the area around you.

The tattoo lamp has an adjustable gooseneck so that you can position it where you need it the most. It has a safe and sturdy base that’s weighted for extra stability, meaning that it won’t tip up when you have the lamp pointing where you want it. 

Users love the Brightech Litespan LED lamp, and you can see some of the comments that we found online below:

“I purchased this light for my business!! And I love it!! Very easy to assemble and great lighting for my purpose.”

“WOW IT IS BRIGHT! I turned it on and it was BOOM! Very, very bright. Way brighter than the other “just like sunlight” light that I had. I’m not complaining, I’m just describing so that others who read this are aware of what they will be getting.”


Type of Lamp: LED Floor lamp.

Material: Alloy steel.

Brightness Levels: 1 brightness level.

Color Temperature: 6000K.

Adjustable: Yes, adjustable Gooseneck.

The Brightech Lite gives you a bright daylight color that allows you to see clearly for the perfect tattoo. It’s an excellent all-round tattoo lamp with an adjustable gooseneck for the ideal positioning. 

The lamp gives out a bright light of 850-950 lumens but only draws 12 watts of energy. The power button just needs a quick tap to turn on, and you can then dim the light to the desired level. 


  • High-intensity natural daylight color.
  • Bright light given out with minimal wattage used.
  • Adjustable gooseneck for perfect positioning.
  • Sturdy base removes the worry about tipping over.


  • Lamp bulb is built in so can’t be replaced.

Daylight Company LLC UN1530 Daylight Duo LED Floor Lamp—Best Energy-Saving Lamp

The Daylight Company Duo LED floor lamp has a unique design where the head can be extended or folded to give a brighter, more focussed option. This allows you to position the light where you need it the most.

The color temperature is a bright 6000K, and the tattoo lamp gives you four brightness options. The brightest of which uses only 10 watts of energy.

People who have bought the Daylight Duo lamp enjoy using it and we have found the below comments online:

“I love this light, it is very easy to assemble, believe me you will not regret it. It is very worth the money.”

“I was a bit skeptical about this lamp.. since it was my first time buying anything like this but it turned out great! The lighting is amazing, really bright.”


Type of Lamp: LED Floor lamp.

Material: Plastic and metal.

Brightness Levels: 4 brightness levels.

Color Temperature: 6000K.

Adjustable: Yes, flexible arm.

The Daylight Company Duo LED floor lamp gives you a broader bright light and a more concentrated option when you’re focussing on the details of your tattoo design. 

It’s a great energy-saving tattoo lamp, giving you 6000K color temperature while using only 10 watts of energy.


  • Great energy-saving option.
  • Adjustable head for perfect positioning.
  • Four levels of brightness.
  • Long power cord.


  • The lamp bulb can’t be replaced. 

Lavish Home Sunlight Lamp—Best for Brightness

The Lavish Home Sunlight lamp certainly brings the sunshine indoors and will brighten up your tattoo studio, allowing you to see the most intricate details. The lamp gives you a 6500 color temperature, and the LED bulb will last for around 30,000 hours.

The lamp has four brightness settings and can be dimmed if you don’t want the full brightness. You can position it where it’s needed with the adjustable gooseneck, and the long power cord allows you to use it away from the power socket without any issues.

Users of the tattoo lamp are enjoying many aspects of it, and you can see some of their comments below:

“The Sunlight lamp is one of the best products I’ve bought in years.”

“This lamp is amazing! It arrived yesterday and I was delighted to find that it fully illuminates a 12×14 room, and the quality of the light is superb.”


Type of Lamp: LED Floor lamp.

Material: Plastic and metal.

Brightness Levels: 4 brightness levels.

Color Temperature: 6500K.

Adjustable: Yes, adjustable Gooseneck.

The Lavish Home Sunlight lamp can light up the whole of your tattoo studio efficiently with 1400 lumens. It gives a bright natural sunlight color inside and gives you the brightness you need to complete your tattoo designs easily.

The adjustable gooseneck gives you the flexibility to focus the light where you need it the most, and the light can be dimmed if required.


  • A bright natural sunlight indoors.
  • Color temperature of 6500K.
  • Long power cord of 64 inches.
  • Adjustable gooseneck.


  • Some users reported that it’s not as sturdy as they needed. 

Best Tattoo Lamps Buying Guide

When choosing a tattoo lamp, there are many factors to consider, especially if you’re working in a poorly lit tattoo studio. 

You need to see the area you’re tattooing in precise detail to ensure that you complete the tattoo design perfectly. You don’t want to have to strain your eyes to be able to see the tattoo details. This will cause long-term damage to your eyes and not give you or your customer the result they’re looking for.

Below are just some of the things you need to look for when choosing the best tattoo lamp for you.

Types of Tattoo Lamps

There are different types of lamps out there that are suitable for use in your tattoo studio. You can distinguish these by the design and also the bulb type. The most popular style if you have the space available would be a floor lamp. If you’re limited with space, a desk lamp would be the next best choice.

With regards to the lighting itself, the most popular choices are LED lamps or CFL lamps.

LED Lamp

An LED lamp is the most popular choice for tattoo artists to use in their studios. It offers a bright light that can be dimmed and is available in different color bulbs, such as warm color bulbs, daylight, and bright white bulbs. 

The bulbs on an LED lamp are non-toxic and last a lot longer than other bulb types. Some LED bulbs have been known to last up to a staggering 20,000 hours without having to get a replacement.

Another advantage to the LED lamp is that it doesn’t flicker when it’s dimmed. It remains a solid light for you to be able to work with. The light bulbs can be expensive for these lamps. However, you get your money’s worth as you don’t have to replace them for a long time.

CFL Lamp

CFL bulbs are less expensive than LED bulbs, but they don’t last as long. The CFL lamp bulb takes some time to warm up before giving you the light you need. However, once they’ve warmed up, they emit light on a wider area than an LED lamp.

The CFL bulb comes in bright white or warm colors to give you the light you need when tattooing, but this light cannot be dimmed. The inside of the CFL bulb includes mercury and other metal substances which are toxic. With this in mind, you need to be extra careful with the lamp bulb if it bursts.


The brightness of the lamp is measured in lumens. The more lumens mean it’s a brighter light, and the fewer lumens mean it’s dimmer. 

You can calculate the number of lumens required to light your tattoo studio by looking at the size of the room and how bright you want it to be.

Color Temperature

The color of the lamp is also known as the temperature, and this is generally measured in degrees Kelvin.

LED bulbs offer a more comprehensive range of colors than other light bulbs, and these range from warm white tones at 2700K to cool daylight white tones at 6500K. A natural white tone will be around 4000K.


As well as the lamp bulbs needing to be durable and last a long time, you also want the tattoo lamp itself to last.

It needs to be made from a solid and strong material that can be moved and cleaned easily. Many tattoo lamps are made from metal with a painted coating. They also have plastic coverings for easy cleaning and to keep them lightweight. 


If you’re looking to use your lamp to see the detail of the tattoo you’re creating, you’ll need it to be adjustable. Many tattoo lamps have flexible parts that can be adjusted to see what you’re doing clearly.

This could be a flexible tube on the neck of the lamp or a swivel head to get right into the details. Having adjustable elements of the lamp will reduce the number of times you need to move the whole lamp to get a clearer view of your tattoo.


If your tattoo lamp isn’t fully adjustable, you will want it to be portable. This portability will allow you to move the lamp easily around your tattoo studio. The lamp should be lightweight or even on wheels to give you easy movement.

Power Source

Most tattoo lamps will be powered from the main electricity supply by a cord. However, you can also get smaller tattoo lamps that are battery-charged or chargeable via a USB port. 

If the lamp is powered from the mains, make sure that the power cord you have is long enough to move the tattoo lamp to where you need it the most. If it’s battery charged, use rechargeable batteries and always have spares, so you’re not left without power.


Tattoo lamps range in price, and you can spend as little or as much as you want to find the most suitable tattoo lamp for you. 

Remember that you generally get what you pay for, so the cheapest option isn’t always the best. With that in mind, don’t just splash the cash thinking that the most expensive option will give you everything you need.

Do your homework and check out reviews or speak to reputable tattoo artists to get their opinion. This will give you a better insight into the best tattoo lamps for you.


A tattoo lamp is a valuable tool to have in your tattoo studio, especially if it’s dark inside. This will allow you to see the tattoo in natural light as it will be seen outdoors and allows you to get into the details of the design to create a perfect tattoo.

Our favorite of the best tattoo lamps is the Brightech LightView Pro Floor Lamp. This lamp gives you a high-intensity natural daylight color with minimal energy used. It has an adjustable gooseneck for perfect positioning and a sturdy base.

We hope you found our reviews and buying guide helpful and that you’re now more confident about choosing the best tattoo lamp for you. Bring the light of the outdoors inside!