How Much Do Bicep Tattoos Hurt? (Pain Guide)

  • Written By Dan Hunter on November 8, 2019
    Last Updated: January 6, 2021

The arms are often on display, and therefore are a great place to add ink you can show off to the world. However, some people worry about bicep tattoo pain and want to know just how bad it is.

This article will tell you all about bicep tattoos and what level of pain they’re likely to cause. If you’re thinking of getting a bicep tattoo, but are worried about the pain, then you need to read this first.

Bicep Tattoo Pain

Biceps are generally one of the lesser-painful areas to get tattooed on. However, things can get a little sore if the needle approaches the armpit area or the inner elbow (“the ditch”). Thankfully, the entire outer-bicep region is usually relatively pain-free if you decide to get tattooed here.

No matter where you get a tattoo, you’ll experience some level of pain. Some parts of the body are more susceptible to pain than others. How much pain you feel will also depend on you as an individual.

We are all different and some of us tolerate pain better than others. Those who have had a tattoo before, sometimes find the pain quite therapeutic. The most painful tattoos are those that are close to the bone, or in areas where there are many nerve endings.

When thinking about pain, there are two elements to consider. These are threshold and tolerance. Pain threshold is where a stimulus causes us to feel pain; tolerance is how much pain you can bear.

Some say it’s mind over matter. There are studies that show that you can use your mind to control how much pain you feel from a stimulus. This is often the reason you see people sitting nice and relaxed when getting their ink. They are controlling their minds and telling themselves it’s not painful.

Inner Bicep Tattoo Pain

When getting the arm tattooed, there are areas that don’t hurt so much, like the outer bicep. The inner bicep, however, is a different story, as two of the three main nerves of the arm run through the inner elbow.

If the nerve feels pinched, it will cause pain through the complete arm. As this is the area where the biceps are, having a tattoo in this area could be uncomfortable and high on the pain scale.

How Much Do Bicep Tattoos Hurt

How to Make Bicep Tattoos Hurt Less

When preparing yourself to get inked, there are several things you can do which will help you manage the pain. They won’t stop the pain altogether, but they’ll help to make the experience better.

If it’s your first tattoo, you’ll feel a little anxious about what to expect. Speak to your tattoo artist and ask them any questions you may have. This will help to reduce your anxiety levels.

Getting a tattoo is painful, wherever it is. Chances are you’ve suffered something far more painful and survived. It’s not like giving birth or breaking your arm. By speaking to people such as the tattooist, or others that have tattoos, you’ll soon discover that it isn’t so bad.

Think about the design, size, and color, as this will also affect the amount of pain you feel. Small, one-color designs hurt much less than large, colorful, detailed ones. Certain numbing creams may also help.

For people wanting a little extra assistance for dealing with the pain, a good tattoo numbing cream can really help to take the edge off.

One of the most effective tattoo numbing products currently on the market is Zensa Numbing Cream, which contains the highest level of Lidocaine allowed by the FDA for over-the-counter use. The feedback left by thousands of customers for this product is nothing short of exceptional.

Just follow the instructions supplied with the cream and apply shortly before your tattoo appointment is due to begin so that you can look forward to a less painful and more comfortable tattooing experience. The amount of cream you get in a tube also ensures you have more than enough for a large tattoo. Click here to buy from Amazon

Bicep Tattoo

Black and gray tattoos are often less painful and quicker to complete. Large areas of color mean the artist will need to go over the area several times.

Eat a good meal before you get the tattoo done, as your blood sugar levels will drop during your session. This helps you sit more relaxed, and you won’t end up feeling nauseous or dizzy.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to sit without it feeling tight, too hot or cold. Some people may listen to music through earphones, and some have even taken a book to read.

Speak to the tattoo artist to ask if it’s alright to take something with you to help relax. Remember, though, you’ll need to keep the arm you are getting tattooed still.

Some people find it relaxing to suck on a lollipop when getting inked. Others prefer to squeeze something like a stress ball. You could even use a fidget spinner. Whatever you think will help you relax and take your mind from the pain is worth a try.

During the tattooing, control your breathing; this will help you relax. When you’re at a more painful area, just exhale and breathe your way through the pain. Don’t hold your breath, as this can make the pain feel worse.

If you need to take a break during the tattooing process, then do so. This helps you gather your thoughts so you can concentrate on managing the pain. It’s much better to take a break rather than squirm around in the chair. Moving could cause the artist to make a mistake on the design and prolong the procedure.

These are some great tips to help you manage bicep tattoo pain. The biggest thing to remember is to remain as relaxed as possible. Focus on managing the pain, and your experience will be much easier.

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