Do Tattoos Shops Take Credit Cards?

  • Written By Dan Hunter on October 1, 2021
    Last Updated: March 12, 2022

After you have your first tattoo, you may say no more. However, it can become quite addictive and if you do start to get more tattoos, it can become an expensive hobby. 

With that in mind, how do you pay for your tattoos? The cost can run into thousands of dollars if you are wanting a full sleeve or full back tattoo. People generally don’t have that kind of money laying around to use for new tattoos.

Using a credit card would be the easiest way to pay but many tattoo shops don’t accept them. We’ll share with you if tattoo shops take credit cards and if not, the reasons why.

Paying for Your tattoo

A tattoo can be an expensive acquirement. It’s a work of art and as such, doesn’t come cheap. The question that you should ask yourself is, how would you pay for your tattoo if you were to get one? Do tattoo shops accept credit cards as payment?

Some tattoo shops accept credit cards, but there are many out there that don’t. Many of the larger shops or tattoo shop chains will accept credit cards. You will find that lots of the smaller independent tattoo shops won’t accept credit cards due to the cost and the risk involved. They may accept debit cards but mostly just accept cash.

Do Tattoo Shops Take Credit Cards?

Many people now want to pay for their tattoos using a credit card so that they can pay in installments. This saves them having to have the money in the bank before they get the tattoo completed. It also removes the need to have cash on them which can be lost or stolen, or even spent on other things. 

The question is, do tattoo shops take credit cards when paying for a tattoo? The answer is dependent on the tattoo shop. Some larger shops and chains will accept credit cards as they are able to pay the costs associated and also take the risks involved. 

We’ll go through some of the reasons that your local tattoo shop may not accept credit cards for payment of your tattoo.

The Shop or Artist

It may be that your tattoo artist or the shop that they work from has decided that they don’t want to accept credit cards. There are a number of small businesses that work this way as they don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of credit card payments.

They also don’t want to have to be in a situation where a credit card may be declined. If this happens after the tattoo has been completed they will struggle to get paid for their work. 

The tattoo shop may have an ATM close by or even inside the shop that they will recommend that you use. This removes any responsibility from them for making sure that the payment goes through right.

The Expense

A business will have to pay to accept credit card payments. This is a processing fee that should be paid on all transactions.

There will also be an expense to the tattoo shop if the credit card is declined after they have completed the work. The customer will then have to find another way to pay or the tattoo artist will not get any payment for the tattoo they have done.

Credit Card Chargeback

There are times when people claim chargebacks from a credit card. This is now becoming a more popular way to get their money back. Most tattoo shops will operate a no refund policy and this means that no matter what happens once the tattoo is completed, you have to pay for it.

When the customer is not happy they can initiate a chargeback from their card issuer. The reasons for this can be due to not receiving the service or product that was agreed or if the company didn’t work with the customer to rectify the situation. 

It’s not guaranteed that a chargeback will be agreed but many tattoo shops just don’t want to take the risk.


As you can see it’s down to the specific tattoo shop or tattoo artist whether they choose to accept credit cards or not. 

We would always recommend checking with them directly before you agree to have the tattoo or start any work on it. It may be that if they don’t accept credit cards, you won’t be able to afford the tattoo.

We hope that this answers your question and you are able to find a tattoo shop that accepts credit cards if this is your preferred payment type. If not, you’ll need to start saving!

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