Can You Get a Tattoo Over Spots and Acne?

  • Written By Dan Hunter on October 1, 2021
    Last Updated: October 12, 2021

When you first think of acne you just think about it being on your face. However, this isn’t the case for many people and they have acne in other areas of their bodies. It may be that the acne isn’t there all the time, it comes and goes but you need to understand just how this can affect you having a tattoo.

A spot is a wound just like any other and once this pops, it’s an open wound and is susceptible to infection. 

We’ll let you know if you should get a tattoo over spots and acne and how any spots that appear should be treated.

Are You Prone to Breakouts of Spots and Acne?

Many people are prone to breakouts of spots and acne and this is not just on their face. Acne can appear on all areas of your body and sometimes when you least expect it. 

If you know that you have a breakout on the way you should avoid getting a tattoo at that time. If it’s an area where you get acne and spots often, you should choose somewhere else for your tattoo. Timing is key to avoid a breakout, but if these happen often it would be better to avoid the area altogether.

Can You Get a Tattoo Over Spots and Acne?

No one knows exactly when a spot will appear on your skin and where it will come. There’s nothing worse than one just showing up as you’re about to have your tattoo appointment. If this happens you should reschedule your appointment for another day. 

A walk in tattoo could be good for anyone that’s prone to breakouts. By doing it this way, you can be prepared as to the tattoo that you want and the tattoo artist that you want to do the work. However, you can just turn up when your skin is spot-free to get your tattoo done.

You shouldn’t have any tattoos over skin that’s affected by acne and spots, even if it’s just a pimple. This is an open wound that can cause infection and will add to the pain that you feel when getting a tattoo.

How Acne Affects The Skin

Acne will make your skin more sensitive, especially if you get breakouts regularly in the same area. Even if you’re not suffering from a breakout at the time of getting a tattoo it may increase the pain that you feel during the procedure.

Some people have scars from previous acne breakouts and they want to cover these up with a tattoo. This is a great idea and may make you more secure about a certain part of your body where you felt insecure before. 

While the tattoo will cover up the acne scar, it won’t change the texture of the skin. Acne can make the skin texture rough with raised areas and indentations. The tattoo will cover these but you will still see the different textures through the tattoo.


When you have decided on a tattoo you should start to prepare your skin, especially so if you’re prone to acne and spots. This may reduce breakouts and improve the health of your skin.

By eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water it may also improve the cognition of your skin. 

If you’re taking medication for acne you should speak to your doctor before changing this or increasing it. Some creams and medications may affect how painful the tattoo is so you need to bear this in mind.


Aftercare with all tattoos is important and is a key element to the success of your tattoo. However, if you get a spot or acne breakout at the start of the healing process this could damage your tattoo. You should never touch or pick a spot, especially on freshly tattooed skin. This will damage the tattoo and will probably cause an infection.

You should continue to eat well and drink lots of water when starting the healing process. This will keep the spots at bay and promote healthier skin for your healing tattoo.


It’s a difficult decision if you know that you’re prone to acne breakouts but you want a tattoo. If you look after your skin properly beforehand and get an appointment booked when you’re spot-free, there should be no problem.

If you see a spot appearing on the morning of your appointment, you should reschedule your appointment to a later date. It’s certainly not worth the risk of infection or a bad tattoo.

We hope that we have answered your question and you now understand the issues of tattooing over skin with acne and spots. Wait for a clear day and go for it!

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