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Here at AuthorityTattoo, our main aim is to be the most well-respected and trusted resource for tattoo and piercing related content on the internet, and to provide helpful and accurate information based on the latest scientific research. This is why we’ve teamed up with highly experienced board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jennifer T. Haley.

Dr. Haley has read, reviewed and medically fact-checked everything on wherever you see the ‘Medically reviewed’ section at the top of the page. This is to assure our readers that everything on this website is not only carefully researched and reviewed from the outset, but is also cross-checked and verified by board-certified medical personnel.

Dr. Jennifer T. Haley, MD FAAD

Dr. Haley received her Bachelor of Science in biology and nutrition from Cornell University before attending medical school at F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine in Bethesda, MD. While in medical school, Dr. Haley was the recipient of the following honors: Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society; the Glasgow Memorial Achievement Citation; the Outstanding Academic Performance Award in Internal Medicine; the Distinguished Academic Performance Award in Pediatrics; and the Distinguished Academic Performance Award in Pathology. She completed her internship and residency in San Diego and was selected as the Intern representative for her class. Dr. Haley has been a board-certified dermatologist since 2004 and scored in the top 1% on the in-service examination during all three years of Dermatology residency.

After completion of her residency, and as an Officer in the Unites States Navy, Dr. Haley was selected as the VIP dermatologist consultant to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. This role garnered her a rare and prestigious letter of commendation for her outstanding support of America’s leaders. She simultaneously was an associate professor of her medical school and teaching staff for the Dermatology residents at Bethesda Naval Medical Center. In 2006, Dr. Haley was named as the Head of the Dermatology Department in Pearl Harbor. Since 2009, Dr. Haley has been in private practice using her extensive international experience in medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology.

Dr. Haley is an active member of numerous professional organizations, including the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the National Psoriasis Foundation, the Association of Military Dermatologists (from 2005-2006 she was that organization’s secretary-treasurer), and the Skin Cancer Foundation. She also reviews cases and provides expert advice for the Medical Board of Arizona and Colorado.

Dr. Haley has also worked on the scientific advisory board of a number of skin care start-up companies and regularly contributes to national and international magazines (Oprah, BHG) with her knowledge on holistic skin health.