Mountain Tattoo Designs & Their Meaning

Mountains possess an ethereal kind of majesty and beauty. No wonder, they have inspired awe and adoration since humans have used art to tell tales. Mountain tattoos project a staid splendor while revealing myriad meanings and metaphorical associations. 

If you’re looking for a distinctive mountain tattoo, don’t rush to get one inked. It pays to explore a variety of possible designs. You should also learn about all the shades of meanings and interpretations associated with each variant of your preferred tattoo. 

A common theme associated with different variants of the mountain tattoo is the concept of facing challenges. A selection of mountain tattoo designs will help illustrate the variety of appearance and their philosophical meanings. To inspire you even further, we have provided suggestions on prospective areas of placement on the body.

Popular Mountain Tattoo Designs You Need to Know

Forested Mountain Tattoo

For some, mountain tattoos that only show stark cliffs and rock faces are too threadbare for their liking. To make the mountain tattoo more homely, they insist on trees or forested patches on the graphics. The trees can appear in the foreground of the mountain, or they can sprout on the outline. 

Adding trees to a mountain tattoo adds a verdant element to the otherwise stark rock faces. It makes the mountain come alive. The tattoo artist needs to ensure that the profusion of trees doesn’t obscure the mountain outline. 

Some forested mountain tattoos include a dotted pathway meandering through the trees. This is an optional detail intended for emphasis and balance. 

The Meaning Found in a Forested Mountain Tattoo

The trees found on the forested slopes of the tattoo express life and change. The mountain peaks and cliffs, on the other hand, stand for stability and constancy. The combination of both depicts someone who has achieved the right balance between constant change and steadfast principles. 

If a forested mountain features a forested slope with a path, this adds a layer of meaning. The path to the depths of the forest depicts a journey of discovery. It’s an open invitation to take the path less trodden and an invitation to face imposing barriers as no deterrents. 

Color Choices and Placement of Forested Mountain Tattoo on the Body

Some people prefer forested mountain tattoos in monotone to emphasize unity between the trees and rock elements of the graphic. Some variants, however, have the trees in a greenish hue. Either version is fine, provided the intended message is clear to the observer. 

Forested mountain tattoos appear well when depicted on the upper arm. They can also feature on a prominent part, such as the chest or side of the neck. Some people also choose to have the tattoo inked above the hip bone. 

Minimalist Mountain Tattoo

As the title suggests, a minimalist mountain tattoo is a tattoo with little in the way of detail or embellishment. Minimalist mountain tattoos are often just an outline in the shape of a mountain. They present a simple yet clear impression of an edifice that is approachable and unimposing. 

Minimalist mountain tattoos have an inherent versatility about them. If you opt to change them, re-imagining them into some other tattoo requires little effort. Changing the tattoo is easy because the tattoos take less space compared to other mountain tattoo designs. 

Meanings Associated With Minimalist Mountain Tattoos

There’s a lot of meaning to glean from a minimalist mountain tattoo. They are used to represent a no-frills approach to life. They are also a symbol of openness and approachability. 

Some minimalist mountain tattoos stem from the philosophical persuasion that no problem is insurmountable. All one needs to face off a challenge is to get the concept of it right. When the problem no longer appears as an imposing promontory, one can solve it easily. 

Color Choices and Placement of Minimalist Mountain Tattoo on the Body

As a rule, minimalist mountain tattoos appear in only one color. This color is chiefly black though other dark shades are just as effective. The objective is to show no clutter on an image that is as explicit as it is simple. 

Owing to the simplicity and small size of this tattoo, it can be placed just about anywhere on the body. The tattoo is easy to depict on the inner wrist, the neck, behind the ear or back of the hand. 

Sheer Cliff Mountain Tattoo Design

If you’re looking for a design that will arrest the attention of your admirers, go for a sheer cliff mountain tattoo. The most striking feature of the tattoo is one or more sheer cliffs. The tattoo artist can add a figure of someone teetering at the cliff’s edge for extra effect.

It takes artistry and creativity to make a functional sheer cliff mountain tattoo. The artist must play around with form and perspective to create the vertigo effect. The most eye-catching sheer cliff mountain tattoos require an extensive area of the skin. 

Meanings Associated With Sheer Cliff Tattoos

The sheer cliff face depicted on mountain tattoos of this nature strikes at the primordial self. It represents a spirit of daring and a gung-ho attitude. People use sheer cliff tattoos to announce that they are daredevils unafraid to face daunting challenges. 

Color Choices and Placement of Sheer Cliff Mountain Tattoo on the Body

A sheer cliff mountain tattoo doesn’t need multicolored elements to give the intended impression. The tattoo artist has to ensure sufficient contrast and perspective, though. 

You need a sizable area of skin to have a sheer cliff tattoo on. This limits the areas of the body on which you can have the tattoo inked. The tattoo appears at its best on the chest, upper back or on the side of the ribcage.  

Mountain Tattoo With Geometric Shapes

Adding a geometric shape to a mountain tattoo helps increase the balance and regularity of the graphic. The geometric shape can enclose the entire image of the mountain, but often, it is just a compliment on the side. If the mountain tattoo appears as part of a complex tattoo, the geometric shape helps make it stand out. 

Tattoo artists can choose one geometric shape or a combination of them to enhance the appearance of a mountain tattoo. The most popular geometric shapes include circles, regular arcs, squares, triangles and rhombus. The pyramid (a 3-dimensional object) is also a popular addition to mountain tattoos of various guises. 

Meanings Associated With Mountain Tattoos Featuring Geometric Shapes

The purpose of adding a geometric shape to a mountain tattoo is to add regularity to the otherwise free-flowing profile. The straight edges of the geometric shape suggest austere regard for propriety. They also stand for strength and dependability.

The straight lines of the shapes offer a contrast to the more sinuous flow of the mountain edges. The wearer seeks to create the impression of taking on the lackadaisical and strict sides of life with equal ease. He or she is announcing that they can show a stiff or a pliant side as the situation demands. 

Color Choices and Placement of Mountain Tattoo With Geometric Shapes

A mountain tattoo does not have to appear with certain colors or hues for it to deliver the intended impression. The tattoo artist just needs to ensure they achieve a proper balance between the geometric shapes and impression of the mountain. 

A mountain tattoo with geometric shapes is suitable for depiction in different areas of the body. Popular areas of placement include the lower legs, on the shoulder blades, the midriff, inner arms and back of the hand. The tattoo can also make a good impression on the tummy region, chest and upper arm. 

Mountain tattoos are very popular across different demographic groups with an affinity for body art. The sheer variety and optional details for personalizing mountain tattoos are responsible for fanning this popularity. Whether you need a cultural tattoo or a memorial one, take heart: there is a perfect mountain tattoo for you.

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