Phoenix Tattoo Designs & Their Meaning

The fabled phoenix is a legendary, long-lived bird said to burn itself to ash only to rise, renewed and reborn. It has captivated our imagination for millennia and made its way from myth to pop culture. 

Tattoos of these beautiful mythological birds are not only eye-catching but can be steeped in deep meaning. The myth of the phoenix extends over several cultures and shifted over time, evolving and adapting new meanings today.

Popular Designs and Meanings for Phoenix Tattoos

Tattoos and body art, in general, are deeply personal in nature. They are a permanent addition to your body so their most important meaning is what they symbolize for you. Our look into some of the traditional symbolism of the phoenix and how that is expressed in a tattoo can help you add an extra layer of meaning to your own phoenix.

The Fire Bird

The earliest version of the phoenix in Ancient Egyptian mythology described it as a beautiful eagle-sized bird with a plumage of brilliant red and gold feathers. A tattoo of such a striking bird with its unique coloring alone would stand out, but there is so much more to the phoenix myth.

The birds were said to live for 500 years. When they reached old age, they constructed a nest of resin and cinnamon twigs, which the sun set alight. The young reborn phoenix rose from the ashes to live again.

Many phoenix tattoos include flames to symbolize the bird’s rebirth. A majestic bird with its colorful wings spread and trailing fire can speak of your own rebirth after a difficult time in your life, or show you’ve turned a new chapter.

Your own phoenix tattoo doesn’t have to stick with the eagle-like appearance of the original myths. Adapting your favorite bird into the style of the legendary firebird can give you a unique tattoo. Peacocks, with their distinctive tail feathers, would make a beautiful tattoo engulfed in the renewing flames.

The Phoenix Chick

In the traditional myths, the phoenix rose from the ashes and immediately soared into the sky, taking its ashes to the altar of the sun god Ra. Depicting the reborn bird as a chick instead can symbolize a return to innocence after death and rebirth.

A tattoo of a cute baby firebird poking its head out of the ashes shows your perseverance in the face of opposition. Depicting the phoenix chick with its small wings outstretched, attempting to fly can symbolize your willingness to strive for your best.

The Phoenix and Christianity

The mythic firebird and its resurrection on the pyre earned its place in Christian thought and symbolism. Jesus died on the cross and rose from his tomb three days later. Adding a cross or other Christian symbols to your phoenix tattoo can represent Jesus and his triumph over death. 

Pop Culture Phoenixes

With its enduring place in mythology, it’s no wonder that these legendary birds made their way into popular culture. Fawkes, Headmaster Dumbledore’s phoenix in the Harry Potter series, is one of the most well known, but it’s also a common mascot for colleges.

Styling your tattoo after the mascot of your college can add personal meaning to it. The phoenix in Harry Potter cried healing tears. While not in the original mythology, a crying firebird can symbolize recovering from an illness renewed and reborn.

Popular Art Styles for Phoenix Tattoos

Like the design, the art style you choose for your tattoo is a personal decision. As long as you’re happy with your choice, the sky’s the limit. Here are a few of the most popular styles and suggestions for your phoenix.


The phoenix looks amazing in the bright colors and bold lines of old school traditional tattoos. There’s a reason this style has stood the test of time. The classic look ages beautifully and fits in well with any other tattoos you might have. 

The traditional style is a good choice for a tattoo of the phoenix’s head. The bold lines can give sharpness to the bird’s expression. Make sure to choose an artist that can ink dynamic flames.


Tattoos that mimic the brush daubs and dynamic pastels of a painting can give your phoenix a whimsical and artistic look. These magnificent mythical birds often served as subjects for artwork over the centuries, and the body art mimicking the look is striking.

Watercolor and oil painting styles with their use of color and distinctive brushstrokes work well in a tattoo, but the phoenix is suited for almost any painted style. 


Most tattoos are designed to realistically represent the subject, but playing with reality, distorting it in a skewed and eye-catching way, can be just what you’re looking for. 

The phoenix is a creature of myth and legend that has adapted through the centuries. Reinterpreting it through an abstract lens can give your ink a more personal meaning. 

Consider tattoos that combine the phoenix with other birds or winged creatures. An angel with colorful flaming wings of red, gold and purple can add the resurrection symbolism of the firebird with the religious connotation of the angel.


Known for their geometric patterns of lines, curves and dots in blocky black colors, tribal tattoos mimic the markings common in the South Pacific for hundreds of years. It might seem like an odd choice for body art representing the phoenix, well known for its coloring, but if you have similar tribal ink, it can match.

The rebirth of the phoenix from the ashes works well in tribal black. Complex geometric patterns making up its wings can provide a striking look regardless of the lack of color. 

Phoenix Tattoo Colors

The phoenix is a creature of fire, traditionally depicted with red, gold and purple feathers. For your tattoo, there’s no limit to the types of colors you use, but some come with interesting symbolism.

Purple, Red and Gold

The Greeks named the phoenix after the Phoenician people and chose purple as one of its colors due to the connection. The Phoenicians controlled the production of purple dye and its expense made purple a royal color. Tattoos in these traditional colors can play on that connection to purple.


Blue flames usually burn hotter than orange and red ones. A blue phoenix tattoo shows the power of your rebirth and renewal. Use one to create a dynamic nighttime scene, perhaps featuring the moon instead of the sun common to its mythology.


Simple monotone colors are often great choices for small tattoos. The curves and wicking of the phoenix’s flaming wings and tail don’t need color to be a dynamic symbol.

Body Placement for Your Phoenix Tattoos

Your entire body is a canvas for body art. Phoenixes, as birds, are often best suited for some areas of the body, but don’t let our suggestions stop you from having a firebird inked somewhere else.


The shoulders and back are ripe for large artwork. A phoenix soaring from the ashes, its flaming wings spread across your back, is a fantastic option. A pair of colorful wings sprouting from your shoulders, each encircled with flame, will give a unique angel look.


Birds with wings spread to the arms are always a popular chest tattoo, but don’t discount an offset phoenix. Position the bird to the side with its head on your shoulder, one wing across your chest and the other down the arm makes it look like the firebird is about to strike.


The bicep offers a ready canvas for smaller phoenixes. A soaring bird with flames trailing from its wings can wrap up and around your arm for a larger effect. Instead of tattooing the entire bird, stylized and flaming feathers sprouting from both arms can turn you into the mythical bird. 


Like the arms, smaller phoenixes can make their home on your legs. A flaming bird in flight shooting up the hip can entice your partner when they see the whole thing. With a tattoo on each leg, you can show the lifecycle of the mythical bird: a burning bird on one leg with the reborn and renewed version rising from the ashes on the other.

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