Our Favorite Sister Tattoos & Their Meaning

Sisters often get matching tattoos as a symbol of their special connection. Some choose matching designs and get the exact same ink. Others go half and half, using an incomplete image that the other sister perfects and concludes.

All of the designs portray your deep links with one another. They can also symbolize resistance, support or the personal differences that make both of you unique in your eternal bond.

We’ve gathered some of the best and most creative ideas for you to plan your tattoo with your sibling.

Design Ideas

The opportunities for sister tattoos are infinite, much like your connection between each other. You can either choose to use matching tattoos (ideal for multiple sisters) or go half and half to symbolize how you complete each other.

Even matching tattoos don’t have to be exactly the same. You can use different colors or slightly altered images to portray your uniqueness in the relationship. As long as the styles are similar, you’ll have enough of a connection between them.

Let’s look at some of the most popular designs of sister tattoos.


The heart is among the most classic and popular designs, and it’s for a reason. There can’t be a simpler way to show your love and appreciation for another person than with a heart tattoo. For sisters, a basic heart can be enough to remember your special union.

Infinity Symbol

This symbol is a great way to mark the unbreakable bond between sisters. The simple number eight on its side can be added to any part of your body and pretty much in every possible size. It can also be just a simple black line or one adorned with other elements, such as flowers or stars. 

Stars and Constellations

Stars are another subtle symbolism you can apply to your tattoo. You can use the number of stars that represent your family, or the constellations that correspond to your zodiac signs. How about the Pleiades, a constellation also known as the Seven Sisters, to mark your special relationship?

Sun and Moon

Using the sun and the moon in your tat is an excellent way to mark the way you complete your sister. Night and day follow each other inevitably, always connected, just like you and your sister are always there for each other. You can try these designs in many different styles, sizes and colors.


Quotes are a popular option for sister tattoos. You can use your favorite poem or song, and either make them matching or continuous. Imagine a quote that starts on your wrist and is completed on your sister’s, as a sign of your alliance.


Heartbeat tattoos are often chosen by people who want to celebrate life. They’re also the option for many people who want to show their love for someone else, a sibling or partner. Try adding your sister’s name or birthday at the end of the heartbeat line for even more symbolism.


This option is great for people who want something a little more abstract. If there are more than two sisters, you can choose the shape accordingly. A triangle can represent three sisters. 

If there are two sisters, you can even include your parents and make it a square. You have the added benefit of symbolizing balance and harmony. 

Alternatively, you can use a series of geometric shapes and add symbolism by blacking out one of them. Think about a series of circles in line, and fill with color the one that corresponds to each sister.


Flowers are probably the most popular design for sisters. Have them match each other precisely, or choose colors or styles that are slightly different. A rosebud can symbolize the little sister, and one later in its bloom represents the elder one of the two. You can even add text or a heartbeat line along the stem.

Another option is to go half and half. This design is best in placements like the foot, where the edge disappears naturally and half a flower won’t look odd.

Russian Doll

A Russian doll goes especially well with larger groups of sisters, as you need enough to really portray the continuity. The smaller doll is for the little sister and the bigger ones for the older members of the family.

Personal Symbol

If you’re not convinced with any of the above, why not try to create your own symbol? You could create a stylized version of your and your sister’s initials together, or mix in your family’s last name. The meaning of this tattoo is 100 percent personalized and unique to you.


A compass will always help you find your way, even when the seas are rough. If your relationship with your sister guides you through thick and thin, this is a simple symbol for your bond. 

You can either draw the compass as a 3D object or simply use arrows to mark the directions. Add your initials instead of the cardinal directions to really personalize the ink.

Maps or Coordinates

Is there a place in the world that holds an important meaning to you and your sister? How about stamping it on your skin to always carry a reminder with you? This place could either be somewhere you traveled together, your birthplace or that of your parents.

Coordinates are another way of showing this connection to a specific place. The fun thing about them is that they’re a little secretive. Nobody will be able to determine what place you’re referring to at first glance. 


Another classic tattoo for sisters is simply tattooing the word. If there’s a family heritage from another country, you can try writing it in that language.

Some like using the words “big sister” or “little sister” to personalize the tattoo even more.

Your Sister’s Birthday

This is another popular reminder of your special connection—and it helps you make sure you don’t forget to buy your sister a present.


A key is a common way to symbolize the loyalty and connection you have for each other. Drawing a set of keys can be a good option for larger groups of siblings. They symbolize the way you hold the key to each other’s secrets.

Your Favorite Animal or Pet

If you’ve always shared a favorite animal, you might like this tattoo idea. It can either be a generic animal or one that reminds you of a beloved pet. 

You could also use an animal that symbolizes friendship or loyalty, like a wolf or an elephant. Lions and bears, on the other hand, symbolize strength and protection. If you’re always each other’s armor, these could be an interesting tattoo option.

Color Ideas

The color combinations for sister tattoos are as varied as the designs. Names, numbers or quotes are usually most readable when they’re in all black, while hearts are commonly associated with red.

Flowers tend to be among the more colorful options, but you can experiment by having different colors for every sister. If you want to add some life to simple symbols, try forming them out of flowers of different colors.

Common Placements

The perfect tattoo also depends on finding the right place that each of you will love. It can be tricky between sisters, but if you’re not able to agree, don’t worry about it too much. As long as you design them together, your sister tattoos will show a big enough connection between you.

Here are some of your options. 


The most common sister tattoo areas are the hands, the inside of the wrist and the forearm. Most people like to have these tats as an ever-present, delicate reminder of their beloved sibling. On the wrist, you can see your ink whenever you want, but it’s not always visible to others.

Feet and Ankles

The feet and ankles are another common placement for delicate tattoos. They are great for quotes, heartbeats and a number of other small artwork.

Shoulders and Back

Many sisters also opt for the shoulders and the upper back, especially if the tattoo is slightly larger. These are great places for flowers, birds and other animals. Maps and compasses, as well as the infinity symbol, also look good in these bigger areas.

Best Sister Tattoos

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