Solong Tattoo Kit Review

  • Written By Dan Hunter on February 03, 2023
    Last Updated: February 3, 2023

Tattooing is an increasingly popular trend that won’t be going away anytime soon. You love art of any kind and have now decided to have a career as a tattoo artist. One of the first things you’ll need is your own tattoo kit. This is also the same if you’re just looking to impress friends and family with your new hobby. 

The Solong tattoo kit is a great place to start and has everything that you need to begin tattooing. Ask any tattoo artist around the world what brand they go to and Solong will be high on their list. They’ve been a leading manufacturer in the tattoo industry for over a decade.

This kit is great for beginners and can also be used for those completing their apprenticeship, as well as professionals. It’s a starter kit that you can add to once you understand more about what you need to succeed. 


  • Includes four tattoo machines, suitable for lines and shading.
  • Affordable price.
  • Gives you a great choice of ink colors.
  • Lots of accessories included.
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • Tattoo machines have a low ink capacity.
  • Some users reported the power supply can be unreliable.

To find out more about the Solong tattoo kit, check out our review below. We’ll share with you everything you need to know about this great kit as well as the features and benefits to get you started on your tattooing journey. 

Things To Consider Before Buying a Solong Tattoo Kit

There are many things to consider when buying a tattoo kit, and these are the same when looking to buy a Solong kit. You need to look at every element to understand if the kit is suitable for your requirements and if it will make your tattoos better quality and simpler to do.

The tattoo kits available from Solong are suitable for everyone. From those who want to tattoo themselves and friends and family as a hobby, to beginners looking to start a career in tattooing. They’re also great for professional tattoo artists, who’ve been tattooing for years. 

However, professional tattoo artists should use a Solong tattoo kit alongside other tattooing products and accessories added to their kit. This is due to some of the products in the kits being suitable for practicing rather than completing real life tattoos.

Finding the right tattoo machine is the main priority for a great tattoo kit. You need to make sure that this fits your needs as well as being lightweight and comfortable to hold. You’ll be using it for many hours throughout the day so you don’t want it to be cumbersome or difficult to manage. 

Features and Benefits of a Solong Tattoo Kit

The Solong tattoo kits give you some great features and benefits, including high quality tattoo machines and lots of choice of inks to get you started. 

There are also lots of accessories included in the kits that you’ll need every day when tattooing. These are small things that make a real big difference in the tattoo kit that you decide to buy. You also get a carry case to be able to easily carry your gear with you when you’re out and about, which is a great benefit.

We’ll let you know below what other great things you can expect from your Solong tattoo kit and how these can benefit your tattooing career.

Who Should Use This?

The Solong tattoo kit is great for everyone who is interested in tattooing or is pursuing a career as a tattoo artist. It’s perfect for beginners and it contains everything you need to get you started on your tattoo journey. 

As you improve your tattoo skills you can add to the tattoo kit with the extra tools and accessories that you need. This is also a great kit for professional tattoo artists as it can be used as a base to grow your professional tattoo kit.

Tattoo Machines

The 10 coil wrapped tattoo machines included in the starter tattoo kit can be used for both linework and shading. The tattoo machines are handmade from a strong and durable carbon steel that’s lightweight and easy to handle. The lightness of the tattoo machines reduces the fatigue felt when using them all day and they are comfortable to use. 

All Solong tattoo kits come with up to four tattoo guns, giving you great choice when deciding which to use, for what job. The machines work very fast with minimal damage to the skin. They also go deep into the skin to give you a strong vibrant color that will last.

Power Supply

The power supply is required to give you the right voltage and a reliable source of power for completing your tattoos. It needs to remain at the same power and speed throughout, otherwise it could damage the tattoo or the skin if changing voltage frequently. 

You won’t have any issues with the digital LCD power supply included in the Solong tattoo kit. The power given off from this is relatively stable and you can adjust them accordingly to your needs. You can also see the power settings on the LCD screen and this will help you to keep an eye on any changes so that it won’t negatively affect the tattoo that you’re creating.

Tattoo Inks

You get a great choice of inks included in the Solong tattoo kits, getting up to 54 color choices in one kit alone. As with most inks that are included in tattoo kits, these should be mainly used for practicing your tattoo designs. Professional inks can be purchased when looking to tattoo for real. 

The inks are made from natural ingredients and are ideal for vegans, as they contain no animal products or harmful substances. The colors are vibrant and are gamma-ray sterilized, giving you long-lasting color. As the ingredients used are natural you get a smoother healing process with less scabbing than other inks. 


Another great thing about the Solong tattoo kit is that they are affordable and won’t break the bank. There’s no need to save up for years to reach your goal of becoming a tattoo artist, you can do this in a quick time when purchasing a Solong kit. 

Many tattoo kit manufacturers have reduced the cost of their tattoo kits to compete with Solong. However, they don’t all offer the same high quality at the low cost as Solong do, as they keep the quality of their products high while keeping the prices low.  


One thing you need to keep in mind when starting to tattoo is that it can be dangerous. You could cause injuries if you don’t know how to use the equipment correctly, and you could also increase the risk of blood-borne pathogens for both yourself and the person that you’re tattooing. 

Making sure that you’re properly trained in how to tattoo is key before tattooing on other people. Health and safety should be a priority as you’re responsible for the health and safety of the person that you’re tattooing. You don’t want to cause any lasting damage to their body and you also don’t want to give them a horrible tattoo that they have to live with forever.


A tattoo artist is only as good as his or her tools so it’s important to make sure that you get the best tattoo kit available to start you on your tattooing journey. The Solong complete tattoo kit gives you everything you need to get you started and can even be used by professional tattooing artists who are looking to add to their kit or get some extra practice in.

The tattoo machines need to be spring and durable as they are used for many hours. The tattoo machines in the Solong tattoo kit are robust but lightweight, and they give you a great choice in linework and shading with up to four guns included in the kits. 

The inks are great for practicing, giving you a strong vibrant color that’s also vegan-friendly, as it’s made from all natural ingredients.
Why not decide for yourself by checking out the Solong complete tattoo kit. You can then make your own decision.