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When Can I Change My Nose Ring?

When Can I Change My Nose Piercing?

You’ve had your nose pierced for a few weeks and that original stud is starting to look a little boring. You want to switch it out, but now you realize you don’t know much about changing a nose ring.

Changing your nose ring too soon or improperly is risky. In this article, we’ll go over how long you have to wait before inserting new jewelry and give you a step-by-step breakdown of the right way to do it.

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How To Change A Belly Button Ring

How To Change A Belly Button Piercing

Changing a belly button piercing is a simple procedure but doing it wrong can cause some damage to your skin, compromise the healing process, or result in an unpleasant or painful infection.

You might have heard horror stories about navel piercings getting infected and inflamed or the skin tearing when someone tried to change their jewelry for the first time. Thankfully, those kinds of complications are easy to avoid. We have put together this easy to follow step-by-step guide to changing your belly button ring, so you can swap out your original jewelry safely and with confidence.

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Which Side Should A Nose Piercing Be On

Which Side Should a Nose Piercing Be On?

You’ve thought long and hard about it and decided to get your nose pierced. You even picked out the nose ring you want to use. Then it occurs to you: you’re not sure which side of your nose you should pierce.

The more you think about it, the more you realize you haven’t noticed whether people wear their nose rings on any particular side. Plus, most people have a fairly symmetrical nose, so chances are you don’t have a side of your nose you consider to be the “good side” (and even if you did, would you use the piercing to enhance your good side or give the other side a boost?)

How will you choose which side to pierce? Will it just come down to a coin toss?

In this article, we’ll go over some of the things you might consider when deciding where to get your nose piercing.

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Tongue Piercing Healing Stages & Aftercare Guide

Tongue Piercing Healing Process & Care Guide

Tongue piercings are one of those piercings that really make a statement, but only if you look after them properly. The tongue piercing healing stage is extremely important, and you should take care of your new piercing as best as you can throughout this initial phase.

Tongue piercings are mysterious. They are somewhat hidden, but immediately noticeable the moment you talk. If you’re considering a tongue piercing thinking you’ll be able to hide it from your boss, think again! That flash of jewelry is a real attention-getter.

Not to mention, you’re going to go through some growing pains as your tongue piercing heals. We’re talking about a bit of swelling and you sounding funny for a while when you talk. Nothing major.

You want an awesome tongue piercing, right? Then you need to know the healing stages and aftercare routines offered within this guide. The only way to keep your new piercing looking its best is to keep it healthy.

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Infected Tongue Piercings – Symptoms & Treatment

Infected Tongue Piercings – Symptoms & Treatment

Tongue piercing infections may not be the first thing you think about when deciding to get a tongue piercing, but they are a real risk. The thing to remember about infected tongue piercings is that they are almost completely avoidable if you follow good aftercare and oral hygiene routines.

However, if you don’t take care of your mouth and keep it clean, then tongue piercings are a really easy piercing to get infected. The conditions in your mouth make it prone to a buildup of bacteria, and that bacteria can enter the open wound of your tongue piercing while it heals.

The good news is that once the piercing is fully healed, you don’t usually need to worry about infections anymore. So you just have to get through those first couple of months to avoid the most serious complications of infection.

Whether you are thinking about getting your tongue pierced or had it done recently, you need to make sure you cover this information to prevent a nasty infection.

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Keloid Piercing Guide – How to Get Rid of Keloids

How To Get Rid Of Keloids On Piercings

Scarring is a common concern for people who are thinking of getting a body piercing. Though, not every type of scarring is the same.

One type of scarring you might not know much about is known as keloid scarring. Keloids are unusually prominent and visible scars that can form when healing from a piercing or some other kind of wound.

Keloids can be alarming, so it’s a good idea to know the risks and how much work is involved in getting rid of one before you get a piercing.

We’ll go over all the things you need to know about keloid scars, how to prevent them, and what you can do if you already have some spreading on your skin.

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Daith Piercings For Migraines – Do They Really Work?

Daith Piercings For Migraines

Most body piercings are desired for the aesthetic value they will add. They help you to create a unique style that represents you and your personality. Simply put, they look cool. Daith piercings, however, are different in that many people also get them for migraine relief.

So if you’re selecting a piercing to help you with pain management, to reduce the occurrence or severity of migraines, then you should check out this guide to the most recent information available on daith piercings for migraines.

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Belly Button Piercings – Ultimate Guide With Images

Belly Button Piercing Guide

When the sun is out and the bikinis are on, few things make you look hotter than a toned stomach highlighted by a belly button piercing. This is the kind of look you can sport all year long.

Plus, sexy belly button piercings aren’t going to go away anytime soon. If you want to learn all you can about this trend, our article will give you all the information you’ve ever wanted to know about belly button piercings.

You can even learn if you’re a good candidate for a belly button piercing or if you should consider another type of piercing instead, and if you’re a worrywart who is always concerned about complications, we’ve got the know-how on everything that can go wrong.

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Cartilage Piercings – Ultimate Guide With Images

Cartilage Piercing Guide With Beautiful Images

When an ordinary piercing isn’t enough, some people want to up the ante on their cool factor with a cartilage piercing.

However, cartilage piercings are a bit different than piercing your skin. It’s not the same thing and it requires more healing time.

To learn about cartilage piercings and what you can expect when you have one done, keep reading our guide. By the time you’re done, you’ll know more than you ever wanted to about this type of piercing.

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