What To Wear When Getting a Side Tattoo

  • Written By Dan Hunter on February 04, 2022
    Last Updated: February 4, 2022

There are lots of things to consider before getting a tattoo. These include; what design do you choose and where on your body will you get the tattoo? Where on your body you get a tattoo can be influenced by whether you want it to be covered or not, and also how painful it will be to have it done.

Side tattoos are currently very popular, and they can be shown off or hidden depending on your environment.

What clothes do you need to wear when getting a tattoo on your side? Deciding what to wear when you go for your tattoo can be difficult. You want to keep the area free from clothing but don’t want to bare all to your tattoo artist.

We’ll let you know the best clothing options to wear when getting a side tattoo and during the healing period afterward.

Tattoos on the side of the body are popular. This popularity is increasing as the placement of the tattoo is ideal if you want to cover it during the day for work but then show it off by wearing a crop top or a drop sleeve top when out socializing.

The side of your body has sexy curves that can be accentuated with a tattoo flowing down the whole of your side.

What to Wear at The Studio

What you wear when getting a side tattoo will depend on how far up or how low down the tattoo goes. 

For a man, it’s easy, you just need to remove your t-shirt, and you’re ready to be tattooed. For a woman, it’s a little more difficult. You want to be wearing loose clothing, but this will need to be rolled up or removed to allow your tattoo artist to access the area.

You don’t want to wear high-waisted trousers if your tattoo covers the full length of your side. You may also need to remove your bra when getting a side tattoo. The easy answer to not wearing a bra is to wear a bikini top with a drawstring fastening, as you’ll be able to untie this when needed.

What to Wear While Your Side Tattoo Heals

The better you look after your side tattoo, the better and quicker it will heal. During this time, we recommend that you wear loose-fitting clothing. You don’t want to wear anything that will rub on the area and damage the tattoo or cause an infection.

A woman may need to go braless for the first couple of weeks while the tattoo heals as the bra strap will rub on the tattoo. If you can’t go without a bra, try a stick-on bra or a bikini top with thin drawstring straps that can be moved to avoid the tattoo.

If you sleep on your side, you may have to find a new sleeping position for the first few nights following your tattoo.

Best Designs for a Side Tattoo

Tattoos of all shapes and sizes are suitable for the side of your body. Some people choose lettering or small delicate, simple designs, and others go for a large, flowing piece that accentuates the curves of your body. 

It can be painful getting a tattoo on your side as there’s generally not a lot of fat there, so you need to consider this before choosing a large detailed design.

The Tattoo Process

Choosing the design, and the placement of your tattoo is just one part of the tattoo process. Preparing your body and skin for the tattoo process is key. You can do this by keeping your body clean and moisturized before having the tattoo completed. You’re then ready to get your tattoo.

The length of the tattoo process will depend on the size and the design of your tattoo. If you’ve chosen a large tattoo that covers the whole side of your body or an intricate design with many colors, it could take several hours to complete.

The tattoo process is painful as you’re having multiple needles inserted into your skin, close to the bone on the side of your body. By making yourself comfortable you will be able to relax a little, and this will help to make the process a little easier. 


All tattoos require lots of consideration and commitment before taking the plunge. The good thing about a tattoo on the side of your body is that it can be hidden under clothing if needed. 

The clothing that you wear when getting your side tattoo will depend on the size and the placement of the tattoo. If it’s only small you may get away with wearing a loose-fitting crop top. 

Loose clothing will keep your tattoo looking perfect and will help it to heal quickly without any issues.

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