Why Do People Choose To Get Their Tattoos Removed?

  • Written By Dan Hunter on November 8, 2019
    Last Updated: November 26, 2020

While there are 1001 reasons why somebody might decide to have their tattoo erased from their skin forever, there are a few specific reasons that pop up time and time again.

Bad Life Decision

This is by far the most common reason why people choose to have a tattoo remove.

Many people get tattooed at an extremely young age thinking they’re getting something extremely cool and envious, when in-fact, the tattoo very often turns out to be highly regrettable.

Getting a tattoo while drunk is also a hugely bad life decision for many who have had the unfortunate experience of this happening to them. Getting a tattoo while under the influence of drink or drugs is seldom a good idea, and very often leads to a lifetime of regret (not to mention it’s also illegal in many countries).

Don’t do anything that you might regret in the future…

The Tattoo is Poor Quality

Sometimes you will like the tattoo design that you have, but unfortunately, it’s just been executed really badly.

There are several reasons why a tattoo might look very poor in quality, but the main reason is due to poor workmanship on the tattooist’s behalf.

For every 1000  amazing tattooists around the world, there are unfortunately 10,000 bad ones. Normally, you get what you pay for, and if you’ve cheaped out on a new piece of ink, then the likelihood of your tattoo turning out awful is very high.

You get what you pay for

Poor tattoo aftercare can also cause a tattoo to turn out badly due to poor healing around the area.

The Tattoo Has Faded

Tattoos can fade surprisingly quickly under the right circumstances, and once a tattoo has faded, there’s not much else you can do to improve the look of it besides either getting a touchup over the tattoo, or getting the whole thing removed.

The sun can do a lot of damage to your tattoo over the years

While the durability of tattoo ink has come a long way compared to several decades ago, frequent sun tanning, skin rubbing, and chemical exposure can still cause serious fading if you’re not careful.

Job Requirements

Potential career changes can sometimes be the catalyst for getting rid of your tattoos. Many corporate jobs, as well as most roles in the military, require anybody joining up to have no showing tattoos when fully kitted up, meaning that any hand, wrist, neck, and head tattoos will all have to go. 

Your Tattoo Doesn’t Reflect Who You Are Anymore

People change as they go through life, and what you may have thought was a good fit for your character when you were younger, may not be a good fit for the person you are today. For this reason, old tattoos symbolizing something you don’t agree with anymore, are very often the type to be erased first through the process of tattoo removal.

You’ve Gotten Bored Of The Tattoo

Although you may not think it, when you see the same piece of artwork on your body day in, day out, for decades of your life, it can sometimes become very boring to look at.

You Have An Ink Allergy

Although relatively rare, some people can become allergic to various pigments and metals within the tattoo ink. While some people will display symptoms soon after the tattoo was done, some people can wait years before developing symptoms. Red ink is one of the main perpetrators. 

This red rash could be a sign that the tattoo has had an allergic reaction to something

While some allergies are mild, some people can suffer extreme side-effects such as intense itching, and large, unsightly groups of white spots appearing around the area. It is these people who are the likeliest to want to get the ink blasted out of their skin to stop the constant suffering.

You’ve Run Out Of Space

It’s true – some people are so full up with tattoos that there isn’t an extra inch on their bodies left for new ones. In this scenario, these people will usually pick some of their least favorite tattoos to get removed so they can start again over the top of the old ones.

You Want To Become A Blank Canvas Again

Some people feel like they need a fresh start in life, and for this to happen, they sense that they must remove everything that is holding them back from this fresh start. For these people, they believe that their tattoos represent the past in which they are trying to forget. So in order to be able to feel like they’re able to start again, they will get all of their tattoos removed from their bodies so they once again become a completely blank canvas.

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