Best Liner Tattoo Machines

  • Written By Dan Hunter on February 02, 2023
    Last Updated: March 17, 2023

Having the best tattoo machine comes high on your priority list when starting out as a tattoo artist. This is especially so for a liner tattoo machine as this gives you the tattoo’s outline, so it needs to be precise. 

The suitable liner tattoo machine to be able to create your linework meticulously is crucial. Your tattoo machine should be seen as an extension of your hand when drawing the lines of your tattoo. Having the wrong equipment can ruin a career, which is something that nobody wants.

It can be overwhelming looking at all the liner tattoo machines out there. To make it easier for you, we’ve reviewed the best liner tattoo machines. Hopefully, this will save you time and confusion when choosing the best liner tattoo machine for you. 

Check out our review on the best liner tattoo machines available and see what you think:

Best Liner Tattoo Machine Reviewed 

Dragonhawk 2 Brass Tattoo Machine Liner—Best Overall

When buying the Dragonhawk 2 Brass, you will notice that you receive two machines, a bonus! One of the tattoo machines is specifically designed for line work, and the other is designed for shading.

You can tell the difference between the position and the length of the springs. Also, the liner tattoo machine has eight wrap coils, and the shader has ten wrap coils. The liner needs to be more precise, while the shader adds more ink and inserts it deeper into the skin.

Dragonhawk has already set the machines up ready for you, so you can use them as soon as you take them out of the box. There’s no assembly required for the tattoo machines.

However, you will need to make sure that you have the power supply and essential tools ready to go as these aren’t included.

Users love the Dragonhawk tattoo machines. Below are a couple of comments that we’ve found online:

“I figured they would be the typical tattoo “kit” quality. No where near tuned, won’t hold a constant cpm, cutting out.. boy was I surprised. These things came out of the box almost perfectly tuned.”

“I give both the liner and shader 10 stars.”


Type of machine: Coil – Liner 8 wrap coils. Shader 10 wrap coils

Material: CNC cut billet brass frame.

Weight: 726 grams.

Tattoo Style: One machine for lining and one for shading.

These tattoo machines give you everything you need to create great tattoos, and you get two machines in the set, allowing you to do precise linework and shading. 

The tattoo machines work well at a high frequency giving you a powerful, quick, and smooth application. The frame is made from CNC-cut billet brass for a sturdy and durable tattoo machine. The machines are set up and ready to go, saving you time with the installation. These are great all-round tattoo machines that work well and give you outstanding results.


  • Two tattoo machines – One for lining and one for shading.
  • Durable frame made from CNC-cut billet brass.
  • No assembly required.
  • Work at high frequency – quick, smooth results.


  • Heavier than other tattoo machines.

Stigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen—Best Rotary Liner

The Stigma Tattoo Kit doesn’t just include your tattoo machine for lining; it also includes two batteries, a carrying case, gloves, grip wrap, and sterilized cartridges. The tattoo machine is a rotary machine that’s pen-style, making it easy to handle.

The tattoo pen is wireless, which is great for those tattoo artists that work on the go rather than in a tattoo studio. It also helps that you don’t have wires all over the place from your tattoo machine. As the tattoo machine comes with two batteries, you will be able to charge one battery while you use the other.

The tattoo machine is lightweight and easy to handle. As it’s shaped like a pen, it’s comfortable to use so that it can be used on long sessions with no problems.

Users like everything about the Stigma tattoo machine pen, and you can see some of their comments below:

“This kit is awesome, the pen machine works great, correct adjustment, two tattoo batteries support tattoos all day,everything is perfect, I recommend it.”

“Bought for a friend, but got to try it out. Super easy to set up, feels good in hand, for the price this can’t be beat.”


Type of machine: Rotary.

Material: Space Aluminum frame

Weight: 112 grams.

Tattoo Style: Suitable for lining and shading.

This is a great tattoo machine that gives you a precise line and strong pressure. It’s lightweight, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to control. 

As the needles are powered by the motor in the tattoo machine, they move smoothly and quickly. The tattoo machine works quietly with minimal noise and vibration, which is great as the buzzing of some machines can be distracting.


  • The Rotary motor moves the needles smoothly.
  • Quiet performance with minimal vibration.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold.
  • Compact and wireless.


  • Some users reported batteries malfunctioning after a while.

Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine—Best Value

This tattoo machine is a rotary design with a direct-drive motor, made in Japan and well known for its reliability and good torque. 

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine is compact and lightweight. The lightweight carbon steel frame is durable, and the ergonomic design means it’s easy to handle and comfortable to use. This means that you won’t suffer from fatigue or pain in your hands and wrist when using it for long, extended tattoo sessions.

This machine is a solid and stable tattoo machine offering stability when tattooing. The rotary motor and the quick, smooth movement of the needles reduce the damage caused to your customer’s skin and allows you to work quickly.

Many users are enjoying this tattoo machine and have great things to say about it. You can see a couple of the comments below:

“I’ve owned hundreds of coil and rotary machines. This little $50 rotary runs as well as my $500 Bishop machines. I’ve used it for both linework and shading with no issues so far.”

“Smooth, nearly silent and packs color amazingly. Just as good as any NeoTat or Bishop I have used and a helluva lot cheaper.”


Type of machine: Rotary

Material: Carbon steel frame.

Weight: 175 grams

Tattoo Style: Suitable for lining and shading.

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine is an excellent example of an affordable, lightweight rotary tattoo machine. It’s a powerful and versatile tattoo machine that is great for lining and can also be used for shading and color packing work. 

It’s created with the tattoo artist in mind with its ergonomic, lightweight, and compact design. It costs a lot less than many tattoo machines out there but still gives you a great performance with stunning results.


  • Great value for money.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Japanese-made powerful motor.
  • Durable carbon steel frame.


  • Some users reported that the operating voltage is low.
  • More vibration than expected for some users.

Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Gun—Best for Precision

When buying the RedScorpion tattoo machine, you get one machine for lining and another machine for shading. This allows you to complete your tattoo with the same brand of tattoo machine.

The tattoo machine is made from a durable iron alloy and has a solid frame. It has a stable working speed and is comfortable to hold. It’s not the lightest tattoo machine out there, but the design makes it easy to handle. 

Customers like everything about this tattoo machine. You can see a couple of the comments we found online below:

“These things are amazing and came just as described. I didn’t realize I was getting two for the price so that was awesome too and after a 4 hour session at 7 volts they were still cool and not overheating.”

“These are great machines, they’re both light, very compact and powerful.”


Type of machine: Coil – Liner 8 wrap coils. Shader 10 wrap coils

Material: Iron Alloy frame.

Weight: 272 grams.

Tattoo Style: One machine for lining and one for shading.

This liner tattoo machine offers excellent performance with perfect linework that’s straight with solid lines, just what you want from your tattoo machine. It doesn’t overheat, even after long, extended tattoo sessions.

If you have tattoos with lots of detail, this is the machine for you. It hits the skin with lots of force, placing the ink exactly where you need it without blurring.


  • Precise and accurate line work.
  • Powerful without overheating.
  • Get two tattoo machines in the set.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.


  • Suited to professional tattoo artists, not beginners.
  • Need adjusting before use.

Best Liner Tattoo Machine Buying Guide

There are many things to consider when choosing your liner tattoo machine. Your tattoo machine is an essential part of your tattoo kit, so you need to make sure that you choose the suitable tattoo machine for your requirements. 

Your tattoo linework must be perfect, as this gives you the best start to a stunning tattoo. We don’t want any wonky or blurred lines on your artwork.

We’ll let you know just what to look for when choosing your liner tattoo machine.

Beginner or Professional?

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out in your tattoo journey or have been tattooing professionally. You want the tattoo machine you buy to be suitable for you and your requirements.

Some tattoo machines are easier to handle than others, and these would be the best option for a beginner. Once you’re fully trained and have become a professional tattoo artist, you will then understand more about the needs of your job and what you want out of a tattoo machine.

Type of Tattoo Machine

There are different types of tattoo machines available that are specifically made for line work. There are also tattoo machines that are suitable for both lining and shading. 

These will save you time changing the guns over when switching your style of tattoo work and will also save you money as you don’t have to buy separate tattoo machines for each style.

Coil Tattoo Machine

As the name suggests, coil tattoo machines use coils, and some tattoo machines use two coils. 

The coils have electromagnets in them that make a magnetic field when a current flows through them. This pushes down the armature bar, which makes the needle go up and down. As the needles move, it creates a buzzing noise that you associate with tattoo studios. 

A coil tattoo machine made for linework generally has thin barrels and coils to give you a more precise line. 

Rotary Tattoo Machine

A rotary machine works differently from a coil machine as it has a motor inside. The power goes to the motor that then rotates the cam wheel, moving the needles up and down.

The rotary tattoo machine has fewer parts than a coil machine and is simple to use. This type of tattoo machine is quieter than a coil machine with less vibration, making it more comfortable for long tattoo sessions.

Rotary tattoo machines are made to be versatile, allowing you to complete lining and shading. While this is perfect for some tattoo artists, others feel like they get better performance from having separate machines for each tattoo style.  

Power Supply

It used to be challenging to find the right power supply that works with your tattoo machine. However, many brands have now designed power supplies to work specifically for tattoo machines, increasing performance and safety.

You can choose from analog or digital power supplies for your tattoo machine. There are also wireless options for those tattoo artists on the go. You can also buy dual power supplies made to support more than one machine at once, for example, a liner and a shader. 

You must get the voltage correct when tattooing, as this determines the power given out for your tattoo machine.   

Durability and Weight

As many liner tattoo machines out there are expensive, you need them to last a long time. Buying the tattoo machine is an investment that will boost your career and help to grow your reputation as a great tattoo artist.

Check that the tattoo machine frame is made from a strong material that will last. Some of the materials used for tattoo machines are; Aluminum, Carbon steel, and Iron. While all of these materials will give you a robust frame that is durable, iron can be heavy to handle.

You have to work with the tattoo machine all day, every day if you’re a professional tattoo artist, so you want your tattoo machine to be easy to hold. A lightweight tattoo machine is ideal as it won’t give you fatigue or pain in your hands or wrist during lengthy tattoo sessions.

You need to be comfortable when tattooing, as this will give you the best results. You will struggle to concentrate if you’re uncomfortable or in pain.


Tattooing can be dangerous as you’re penetrating the skin with needles. You need to be adequately trained by a professional before starting to tattoo people. You are responsible for your customer’s health and safety, so it’s vital that you know what you’re doing at all times.

People come to you for the tattoo of their dreams. You don’t want to send them away with a tattoo of nightmares or with any health issues. 


Liner tattoo machines can be bought relatively cheaply, or you can pay hundreds of dollars; it’s up to you. You should always remember that you generally get what you pay for, and cheap isn’t always good. 

This works in the same way for expensive tattoo machines. Just because you’ve spent a lot of money doesn’t mean that your tattoo machine will be the best.

Check out reviews and speak to professional tattoo artists to get their opinion before splashing out. Doing this will help you get the right tattoo machine for you, not just the one at the right price.


The linework in your tattoo is a crucial element, so the liner tattoo machine you choose is precise, allowing you to create straight, solid lines. As this work takes a steady hand, you want as little disruption, vibration, or noise as possible from your tattoo machine.

Our favorite liner tattoo machine is the Dragonhawk 2 Brass Tattoo Machine Liner. This tattoo machine is ready to use and gives you quick, smooth results. You also get a tattoo machine for shading included in this set which is an added bonus.

A close runner-up would be the Stigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen. This rotary tattoo machine is lightweight and comfortable to hold. It’s also wireless so that you can use it on the go.

We hope you found our guide helpful and are now a little clearer in which liner tattoo machine to choose.