Best Tattoo Colors for Pale Skin

  • Written By Dan Hunter on January 17, 2022
    Last Updated: January 17, 2022

Tattoos are increasingly becoming more popular in recent years. They are one of the ultimate ways to express your identity, personality, and passions. Tattoos underscore an everlasting commitment to a particular feeling or cause, mainly because they are permanent. 

However, before getting inked, there are things to think about critically. Other than just the meaning and design of what you want, another essential factor to consider is the best tattoo color for your skin tone.

This article will help you find the best tattoo colors for pale skin and tips on what works for you as not just any color is suitable for everyone.

Tips to Identify the Best Tattoo Colors for Pale Skin

  • Establish your skin undertone because it affects what color of tattoo works for you.
  • For light and pale skin tones, choose a significantly lighter or darker color than the skin. You can use a wide range of colors on this skin, so be creative.
  • Choose darker tattoo colors like blue, red, purple, and black for pale brown skin tones. Brighter colors like orange and yellow are difficult to see on this skin.
  • For pale dark skin tones, avoid lighter colors and stick to red or black. Use bold edges, borders, or outlines instead of thin lines to make the tattoo more prominent.
  • Consult a professional tattoo artist.

Impact of Your Skin Undertone on Tattoo Colors

Before discussing the best tattoo colors to suit your pale skin, you must understand the science behind the interrelation between your pale skin, its undertone, and the tattoo color. The initial apparent color you see when you look at your skin is your skin undertone. There are three major undertones, i.e., cool, warm, and neutral.

Tattoos typically sit in the layer of the dermis just below the top and are covered by a layer of pigment called melanin. The undertone is this pigment you can see, and it sits right above the tattoo ink to serve as a filter for your tattoo color. 

Therefore, choosing tattoo ink based on your skin’s undertone will always suit your appearance better.

Pale skin types appear to have pinkish or bluish hues below the surface and are considered cool undertones, although they can combine cool and neutral undertones. 

People with pale skin produce less melanin, which means their skin color does not change much in the sun, and the tattoo or ink will show more consistently as a result. As far as getting inked is concerned, pale skins work well with a wider variety of colors, i.e., like a painter using a white canvas.

The Best Tattoo Colors for Different Pale Skin Tones

Pale skin tones come in either light, brown, or dark complexions, which match with different colors as discussed below.

Pale Light Skin Tones

If you want your tattoo to stand out, the general rule is to choose an ink color that is significantly lighter or darker than your skin tone. People with pale light skin tones, in particular, should go for the bolder colors like bright red, orange, green, even purple, and of course blue or black.

Vibrant colors appear to jump right off the pale skin to give off a definite radiance and definition. Alternatively, people with pale skin can opt for more subtle and muted colors like pink, violet, and even white. 

White ink tattoos look amazing on pale skin. In fact, the paler the skin, the more the design stands out. They look delicate and beautiful, just like lacework on a white piece of cloth. The only major drawback is that white ink tattoos fade super fast, especially when exposed to UV rays

Pale Brown Skin Tone

You can effortlessly pull off darker tattoo colors like blue, red, purple, and black with this skin tone. Brighter colors like orange and yellow would be challenging to see since this skin tone typically falls between the pale and dark skin tone range, which usually doesn’t agree with such colors.

Nevertheless, bright shades like green and even white often come out looking beautiful on this skin but in small details.

Pale Dark Skin Tone

People with this skin tone need to keep in mind that the borders or the outlines of the tattoos they choose should be bold and not thin to help make the tattoo more prominent. Bright and glittery colors are off-limits! Instead, they should opt for black and red as any lighter shade would be invisible.

If you are ever in doubt when dealing with pale dark skin tones, just go for a black-colored tattoo, as it’s always the safest bet.

Other Recommendations for Pale Skin

Below are two major considerations to make to find the best ink colors for pale skin.

Consider the Versatility of Your Preferred Color

Along with your pale skin tone, another critical factor to consider is which colors will match your overall look. Remember, tattoos are an identity trademark. Hence the colors should ideally match your temperament and your general look. 

If you want a color that will match most of your outfits, then grey, black, and dark blue tattoo colors are considered the most versatile. But if your tattoo will be placed in a hidden location, e.g., the inner thigh, then the color will not be a huge concern. 

The more subtle and muted tattoo ink shades will match your floral and colorful outfits.

Trust Your Tattoo Artist’s Judgement

Finally, the easiest and most sensible thing is to trust your tattoo artist’s experience and judgment. When it comes to color, accomplished tattoo artists know the best color combinations, as they’ve already experienced their fair share of tragic mistakes. 

The most befitting way of getting your color tattoos right is to consult a tattoo expert to establish what color scheme will work best for your skin tone.

In Summary

The bottom line is knowing your skin tone before researching what will or won’t work. Whether you have a light pale, pale brown, or dark pale skin tone, you’ll find befitting colors that will agree with your complexion. However, you can never go wrong with black as it looks great on all skin tones! 

In the end, the tattoo artist’s experience will come in handy in selecting the tattoo color that agrees with your complexion, so you should do your due diligence when choosing a tattoo artist. Remember, tattoos do not come off easily, so choose wisely.

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