Daisy Tattoo Designs & Their Meaning

Daisy tattoos are versatile in that you can get them done in various colors and sizes. Women generally prefer them due to their delicate nature, but nothing is stopping you men from getting one, too.

Despite the common daisy, Bellis perennis, with its white petals and yellow center being common to North America, Africa, and Europe, it’s a popular tat design worldwide. This is likely due to our strong relationship with flowers in general.

Planning to get a daisy tattoo done? Get inspiration from the tattoo designs mentioned below and discover some hidden meanings.

Meaning of Daisy Tattoos

The daisy was a part of ancient cultures as a medicinal plant. Moreover, many mighty rulers had daisies in their gardens as it was a symbol of prestige and class, and any figures of prominence would have them.

According to Roman mythology, the nymph Belides would dance in orchards. She transformed herself into the Bellis to escape from Vertumnus, the orchard god. So, daisies are also considered as a symbol of transformation.

Some other common meanings of daisies are:

Innocence and Purity

For Christians, daisy is a symbol of innocence and purity, hence why you’ll see this popular among the Christian faith. During the Renaissance period, the daisy was associated with the Virgin Mary, further justifying the notion of purity.


In history, the daisy symbolized the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. Nowadays, it has a special place in a bouquet for new moms.

Loyalty and Love

A daisy is made up of two flowers, distinguished by the petals around the outside and those on the inside. These flowers are inseparable and complementary, and, thus, are associated with soul mates, loyalty, and true love.

They make excellent designs for matching lover tattoos. To emphasize the theme, you could have the flowers etched into a heart.


The scientific name of daisy, Bellis perennis, is derived from the word meaning beauty in Latin. Thus, getting a daisy tattoo can be a recognition of your beauty.

Daisy Interpretation in Victorian Times

Bouquets and flower arrangements had specific meanings in Victorian times. They used several messages to deliver secret messages that were hard to express or were too unconventional. So, some flowers were assigned specific codes. The same is applied to daisy illustrations.

For instance, common daisies can be used as a symbol of purity and innocence, while colorful daisies symbolize cheerfulness. Asters, which are a smaller version of daisy, are blue and can be associated with a farewell meaning.

Of note, while upright daisies signified innocence, when placed upside down, they’d mean guilt. An upside-down daisy with some words, such as “forgive,” is commonly used by anyone who seeks forgiveness and would like to put their guilt to rest.

Common Designs

Bold Black Daisy

With intricate design and shading, this art looks bold and gorgeous. It’s a popular design in art enthusiasts who want minimal yet elegant tats.

You can get this illustration on your arm or shoulder, depending on the desired visibility.

Color variation can be used to add meaning, such as white for purity or yellow for friendship.

Daisy Chain

This design is inspired by medieval knights who would wear such chains during a war. It was considered a symbol of protection and love.

However, daisy chains are a fun thing for kids to do, which is why they can symbolize fertility, love, and family.

Although a physical daisy chain isn’t strong, some get their design to say the opposite—a sense of a strong bond, usually between a mom and her offspring.

Some women get the daisy chain tat on their wrist, like a bracelet.

Daisy with Yin and Yang

The Chinese Yin and Yang illustration symbolizes the Chinese concept that represents balance in the universe. This art includes a black circle in white space and a white circle in black space.

A daisy can be used to fill the negative space on either side of the symbol, or with the stem as a replacement for the outer curves of the symbol.

There are many different options here, so go as wild as a daisy with it.

Embroidery Design

This is an extremely feminine daisy tattoo that looks delicate and beautiful. Select complementary colors that would enhance the look of this art. This illustration also looks beautiful in plain black and white colors.

Multiple Daisies

Multiple daisies within an intricate design make this art a perfect choice for daisy flower lovers. You can add a shading effect to give a realistic.

Single, Simple Daisy

For a minimalist design, simply go for the petite and subtle illustration of a single. A colorful daisy with a black outline and a solid fill gives an aesthetic look.

Daisy With Missing Petals

While missing petals makes the art unique, it may also symbolize lost love or one-sided love.

Daisy With Leaves

With an elegant design and vibrant colors, this illustration looks beautiful, regardless of where it’s placed, depicting a complete daisy or one that’s firmly rooted in life.

Placement of this art on the forearm can exhibit your love for this flower. Shading can increase the depth and texture of this tattoo.

Daisy With Watercolor

A colorful gerbera is a common choice for this illustration. The fluid and lighter coloring make this art look similar to a watercolor painting. Select a combination of colors to suit your skin and personality.

This illustration can be challenging, and only an expert artist in the watercolor style can get it right.


Using names, dates, or quotes gives the art a personal touch. It may also give out a specific meaning. For instance, adding words such as “love” or “peace” can clearly convey the meaning of this tattoo.


A butterfly is a symbol of hope, life, and change. It also symbolizes transformation as the butterfly goes through a series of changes during their lifecycle.

These can be placed resting on top of the daisy, or incorporated within the main part of the flower.


Bees are a symbol of determination and energy. They also represent productivity and community. You can use various combinations of colors to the body of the bee and designs to make your tattoo stand out—black and yellow are great choices.

Since bees are crucial for pollination, this is a popular way to show the bee combined with the daisy in a tattoo.


Ladybirds are often linked with good fortune and prosperity. They’re also famous for their high spirits and inquisitive nature, so blend with the positive and peaceful vibes of daisies.

Popular Tattoo Body Placements

Daisy art is one of the few that would look beautiful, anywhere. However, the placement of the art will depend on various factors, such as design and size.

Moreover, while choosing a place for the tattoo, you should consider if you want it to be visible or concealed.

A simple illustration with little or no elements can fit on earlobes, the wrists or fingers.

For larger areas of bodies, such as legs, arms, and back, a larger daisy tattoo with multiple colors and elements is suitable. 

Medium-sized daisy tats are great options for a sleeve or half-sleeve design.

Extensively large tattoos need bigger space and can be done on the chest, thigh, or back. These large tats may even take 30 hours to be completed, so be prepared for multiple sittings.

Daisy Tattoo: Color and Meaning

Think of the daisy version you’d like to get. The common daisy is white and represents peace and prestige, whereas Gerbera daisies have a variety of colors, allowing for a wide range of meanings.

Red is symbolic of intense passion and love, making it great for loved ones.

A yellow daisy is a symbol of joy, friendship, and happiness. Getting a yellow daisy art is a great idea for friends who want to get a matching tattoo.

Orange also represents joy and warmth. It also symbolizes emotional energy and creativity.

Pink daisy art represents romance and gentleness. It’s also linked to feminine energy. Blue daisies represent emotions and the softer side to your personality.

Best Daisy Tattoos