Diamond Tattoo Designs & Their Meaning

Diamonds are among the rarest and most valuable precious stones on our planet, not to mention a girl’s best friend. Our quest to find, secure and own these precious stones dates back millennia. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that getting a diamond tattoo is all the rage in the inking community.

The diamond has numerous historical, economic, social, and anthropological implications associated with it, making it a fertile playground for artists. With a few tweaks, a diamond tattoo can be used to showcase a wide array of ideas. Find various concepts relating to designing, coloring, and accentuating your diamond ink below.

Diamond Tattoo: The Symbology

A tattoo is a personal work of art that is often open to interpretation. True to that, the diamond illustration is a goldmine when it comes to symbolic undertones:

Symbol of Status

One of the most direct associations for diamonds is that of status. That’s because, historically, these stones were at the heart of significant trade deals. 

The Greeks were especially fascinated with diamonds and revered them as symbols of wealth, power, and masculinity. Even the word ‘diamond’ has Greek origin—its derivative translating into the term “unbreakable.” 

A Symbol of Love 

Only a person truly in love would shell out the big bucks needed to buy a diamond, right? Well, hate it or love it, this train of thought is widely accepted. It has allowed for this association—between precious stones and love—to flourish throughout our history. 

When you merge diamond art with the heart symbol, the tat can be understood to imply an unbreakable love.


These gems are practically indestructible—a property that has greatly emphasized its value over time. Many often choose to point to their inner strength by using the diamond as part of their ink. 

This may prove to be a much-needed source of motivation when facing stressful times. 

Source of Power

As one of the most precious elements on the planet, these minerals seem to be intricately connected to power. The symbolism of strength is easily enhanced, allowing for the creation of some stunning ink designs:

  • Chest: A diamond on your chest could imply that you don’t give up easily; hard to break
  • Knuckles: Diamonds on your knuckles could imply a readiness to fight for what you believe in
  • Eyes: Under your eyes, the symbol could imply that you’re optimistic for good times ahead, independent of what you see


Birthstones are a set of precious minerals associated with different individuals based on their horoscope. Those born in April have diamonds as their birthstone, and so a diamond tat many take a deeper, more intimate meaning for them.


Fans of all things glamorous will surely relate to the world’s most glamorous stone! From celebrities to the super-elite, everyone seems to flaunt diamonds to exude some flair in public. 

It comes as no surprise, then, that ink featuring the stone is usually associated with glamour. To enhance a tattoo dedicated to someone you fancy, surround the art with diamonds to underpin the message that you find them appealing.


Diamonds are practically indestructible due to their chemical makeup. In fact, when white dwarf stars go supernova, some of them turn into giant carbon crystals after the explosion, effectively becoming diamonds in the sky.

The fact that diamonds survive the death of stars is reason enough to associate diamond tats with eternity. 

Popular Diamond Tattoo Designs

Diamonds and Crowns 

As we previously discussed, diamonds are often associated with wealth, status, and power. It goes without saying, then, that adding one or more elements associated with power will further accentuate your diamond tattoo. One of the most popular variations would be to add a crown and other elements of royalty, like the scepter.

Three-Dimensional Versions 

When you opt for the 3D variation, you can really let the contours of your diamond shine. The sleek, sophisticated, and elegant cuts of this incredible stone looks gorgeous when captured in tattoo form.

Diamonds and Text 

Since diamonds are such a rich element, it sometimes helps to use text to emphasize the meaning behind your tat. Contrary to what some may believe, spelling out your intentions isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to your ink, especially when used to prevent your design from being overly subjective. 

If you approve of the symbology associated with the art, you can use some gorgeous fonts and stylized elements to drive your point even further and amp up your tat’s overall appeal.

Couple Variations

Diamonds are the go-to stone when couples can afford to showcase their love for one another. This is why it makes such a great element when you’re conceptualizing a couple’s tattoo.

You don’t need to be overly creative here. Etching diamonds over matching or complementary body parts will serve your purpose in a subtle, yet brilliant, way. 

Diamonds and Colors

The symbolism and interpretation of a diamond tattoo tend to change drastically based on the color of the design. The most common associations arising from color variations are:

  • Red Diamond: This is the fiery version used to express your passionate side—if there’s a fire in the design, the art symbolizes lost love.
  • Blue Diamond: Brighter shades of blue suggest that you’re at peace with yourself—a darker shade, however, means you’re overcoming sadness.
  • Black Diamond: You can use this variation to express inner-strength, love, or even a sense of commitment to a cause or person.
  • White Diamond: Both white and black diamonds can be used to symbolize love—the white variation also represents class and elegance.
  • Green Diamond: This is the color of nature and can be used to showcase your love for the natural world.
  • Pink Diamonds: Diamonds and women have a relationship that dates back to antiquity, and pink is considered by some to be representative of the purity and strength of womanhood. 

Diamond Eye

If you opt for a diamond tattoo that features an all-seeing eye in the center, you’re creating a powerful symbol that can represent ancient wisdom. Use it to celebrate your love and pursuit of knowledge.

Some people also associate this imagery with mysticism, and you can use it to add to the mystery of elaborate tat designs.

Cosmic Diamond

As previously discussed, diamonds are made out of indestructible star stuff that’s capable of outliving most life forms. To represent its eternal side, you can opt for a visual of a diamond that’s filled with colorful cosmic visuals. 

You can fill this diamond with gorgeous colors to form nebulas or even highlight some stars and galaxies. Alternatively, you can represent your horoscope in diamonds to signify that you were made to last.

Common Diamond Tattoo Colors and Styles 

Using the right colors and styles will go a long way in helping you create an elegant tattoo. The color schemes associated with diamond designs often vary greatly with gender.

It’s usually assumed that darker, solid, and enigmatic colors, such as lavender, navy blue, or red, work best for men who are going for diamond-based designs. Lighter, bolder, and brighter colors tend to work best for women: think sky blue, pink, orange, and emerald

Common Diamond Tattoo Locations

A diamond tattoo is one of those rare ink designs that come out nice on almost every body part. That said, it’s the type of ink that we like to show off rather than hide. That’s why so many people often tend to place them on their forearms, biceps, or even hands, to let the world see their latest creative endeavor.

Women tend to go for shoulder blades or their backs when they want to show off their ink. This works especially well when the tattoo is large and wide enough to occupy considerable real-estate on your skin.

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