Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine Review

  • Written By Dan Hunter on February 02, 2023
    Last Updated: February 3, 2023

Tattooing is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people choosing to express their views and their love of art on their bodies for all to see. As a tattoo artist, you need to make sure that you give your customers the tattoo of their dreams and not one of their nightmares. 

A tattoo machine is an essential element in your tattoo kit and will help you on your way from starting your tattoo journey to becoming a professional tattoo artist. There are so many tattoo machines out there it isn’t easy to decide which one you need.

The Dragonhawk brand was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing the best and most comprehensive variety of tattoo supplies around the world. They have constantly risen to the challenge and have expanded to markets around the globe, offering great products that are made to a high standard.  


  • Custom made powerful Japanese motor.
  • Sleek, compact design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Compatible with many cartridges available.
  • LED display that shows the voltage and battery power.


  • It can be difficult to adjust needles.
  • More vibration than was expected by users.

Check out our review below to learn all about the Dragonhawk tattoo machine. We’ll let you know everything you need to know about this tattoo machine and how it can help to make your job a little easier. 

We will also let you know the features and benefits of the tattoo machine. This details will help you decide if it’s the tattoo machine that you’ve been looking for to improve your tattooing skills and increase your reputation as a talented tattoo artist.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine

There are many things to consider when buying a Dragonhawk tattoo machine. As the tattoo machine will be the piece of equipment you use the most in your tattoo kit, you need to make sure that it suits your requirements before going out and buying the machine. 

Your tattoo machine needs to give you the expected results and keep your customers happy and coming back for more body art. 

It should also be easy to use and comfortable to hold as you’ll be using it for many hours each day. You will have many extended tattoo sessions when completing a large piece of work that can cause fatigue and pain in your wrist. Therefore, it must suit your individual requirements.

The last thing you or your customers need is for you to be in pain or fatigued when completing the tattoo. This will mean that you’re not at your best and can result in a bad tattoo or even by you causing permanent damage to your customer’s skin. You’ll find that this will not only have consequences for your customer but it will ruin your reputation as a tattoo artist.

Your main priority is your customer and getting stunning results. Giving your customers the stunning tattoo they asked for will improve your reputation and customer base as people will travel for hours to get to a reputable tattoo artist.

Features and Benefits of a Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine

Tattoo machines come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with lots of different features and benefits. The Dragonhawk tattoo machines are quality machines that are increasingly popular as a more affordable tattoo machine for those tattoo artists that can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars at a time for a tattoo machine.

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine offers a simple design that’s easy to use and comfortable to hold, giving you the great results you want from your tattoo machine. 

Type Of Tattoo Machine

This tattoo machine is a rotary design with a Japanese-made direct-drive motor that’s well known for its reliability and good torque. The spinning motor is attached to an armature that will give you a smooth motion that allows the needles to go up and down quickly and easily. 

The rotary tattoo machine differs from a coil tattoo machine as it uses an electromagnetic current for movement rather than a spinning motor. This difference means that the coil tattoo machine is slightly harsher on the skin than a rotary tattoo machine, and the needles don’t move quite so smoothly.

The LStrong steel springs inside the tattoo machine frame make the machine work more efficiently and resiliently, stabilizing the tattoo machine. These springs allow it to run smoother than other types of tattoo machines.

Who Should Use This?

This tattoo machine is ideal for beginners and those looking to start their tattooing journey. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and is comfortable to hold, meaning that even the most novice tattooist will be able to use it quite easily. 

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine is reasonably priced, which is ideal for those starting out, as they won’t have to spend lots of money on getting started. Getting all your tattoo equipment at the beginning of your career can be expensive, so it’s a great help if the tattoo machine you purchase won’t put a massive dent in your funds.

As well as being great for beginners, the Dragonhawk tattoo machine is a high-quality machine that professional tattoo artists can also use. It’s versatile and allows you to complete different tattoo styles, reducing the need for different tattoo machines.

What Is It Best For?

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine is versatile, allowing you to complete a variety of tattooing styles. There’s no need to purchase different tattoo machines for each tattoo style you’re working on with your customer. You will see that you can do everything you need with just one tattoo gun. 

It’s great for lining work, all kinds of light black and gray shading, and color packing. The tattoo machine also works well when completing any type of solid black filling. 

By using the one tattoo machine, it will save you lots of time. You no longer need to swap between tattoo machines whenever you change tattoo styles. All you need to do to change the needle type in your tattoo machine is turn the knob on the machine slightly, and this will adjust the needle, giving you the one you want. 

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine is compatible with traditional needles and a wide range of cartridges that are available to buy from many tattoo supply stores.

Shape, Size, and Weight

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine has been simply designed with the tattoo artist in mind. It’s compact and lightweight, weighing just 175 grams. The lightweight fra and the ergonomic design means that it’s easy and comfortable to use. The tattoo machine won’t cause fatigue or pain in your hands and wrist when using it for long, extended tattoo sessions.

The tattoo machine frame is made from durable carbon steel that is lightweight and will last for a long time. It’s a solid and stable tattoo machine that offers stability when tattooing, reducing the damage caused to your customer’s skin and allowing you to work quickly.

Another great thing about the Dragonhawk tattoo machine is that it’s available in different colors. This option allows you to select the color you want, making it a little more personalized for you.


The Dragonhawk tattoo machine allows you to control the stability of the machine by controlling the frequency and adjusting the voltage. The tattoo machine is available with a clip cord connection, connecting it to the power supply.

The tattoo machine operates between 6 and 9 volts, giving you an outstanding performance, no matter what type of tattoo you’re doing. 

The recommended voltage for color packing and shading would be 7.5 to 8.5 volts and 8 to 9 volts for your lining work. However, the chosen voltage would be dependent on your hand speed and style. The tattoo machine can keep its power level even when completing long tattoo sessions.

Noise and Vibration

Nobody wants a noisy tattoo machine, especially when you’re sitting for long sessions when working on a large piece of work. This noise can be distracting for both the tattoo artist and the customer, who could be put off by a loud tattoo machine. They may not want to continue the session if they can hear the loud buzzing of the tattoo machine. 

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine has been designed so that the noise and vibration given out are minimal. This will put your customer at ease as they won’t be able to hear the tattoo machine. It will also mean that it’s not distracting for the tattoo artist who works with the tattoo machine all day.


High-quality tattoo machines are usually expensive and need you to save up before you’re able to afford one. You’ll find that this isn’t the case with the Dragonhawk tattoo machine. This machine is affordable, meaning that you don’t need to splash out all your money on one piece of equipment. 

The company gives you a solid, stable, and lightweight tattoo machine made from high-quality carbon steel for a price that won’t break the bank. This price is great if you’re not looking to make a career out of tattooing and are looking to use your skills as a hobby to tattoo your family and friends.

As the tattoo machine uses traditional needles and cartridges that are readily available, this also won’t add to the cost.


Tattooing is a procedure that involves penetrating the skin and inserting ink to create a permanent piece of body art. However, this can be dangerous and, as with any process that damages the skin, should be completed very carefully, and only ever by a skilled professional who knows what they’re doing. 

The health and safety of you and your customer is your priority when tattooing as a professional tattoo artist. You need to be adequately trained on the safety aspects of the process before completing your first tattoo. There are many courses out there that can give you the knowledge and understanding that you need.

You need to learn about cross-contamination, infections, and blood-borne pathogens that can be transferred during the tattooing process. Once you know what you’re doing, it will make things a whole lot easier for yourself and your customer, and they will trust you if you can explain the issues to them confidently.

Another thing you need to do is practice. This is crucial, even for professional tattoo artists that have been tattooing for years. Practice gives you a better understanding of the tattoo process and enables you to complete new tattoo styles without any issues.

If you’re comfortable and confident about the procedure, your customer will have confidence in you and will feel at ease during the tattooing process.


The Dragonhawk tattoo machine is an excellent example of an affordable, lightweight rotary tattoo machine. It’s created with the tattoo artist in mind with its ergonomic and compact design. It’s a powerful and versatile tattoo machine that can be used for lining, shading, and color packing work, allowing you to complete the majority of tattoos with just one tattoo machine. 

Unlike other tattoo machines, the Japanese motor offers a smooth motion when hitting all stroke lengths, causing minor damage to the skin.Why not check out the Dragonhawk tattoo machine for yourself to see what you think. We’re sure you’ll agree that the tattoo machine is great value for money and gives you eveything that you need to create your stunning tattoos.