Infected Eyebrow Piercings

You’ve had your eyebrow piercing for several days, and you’re enjoying a new look and tons of compliments from your friends and family. One day you wake up, and after getting out of the shower you notice the skin around your eyebrow piercing is warm to the touch.  There’s a small bump at the piercing … Read more

Types Eyebrow Piercings: 7 Awesome Styles

Before venturing into the world of eyebrow piercings, it’s a good idea to learn about the different styles. After all, you may be familiar with the vertical piercing through the eyebrow, but there are so many other styles you might fall in love with.  Don’t worry though. We’ve got you covered and have picked out … Read more

How To Clean An Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercings are unique and attractive body modifications. As with all piercings, it’s extremely important to clean a new eyebrow piercing to avoid infection, but an eyebrow piercing’s particular placement can leave some people at a loss for how to best care for it.  This article will provide clear instructions on how to safely and … Read more

Eyebrow Piercing Aftercare and Healing Times

Eyebrow piercings are becoming increasingly popular around the world. However, as they grow in commonality, those who choose to get in on the fun must recognize the care requirements for this body art.  Below, you’ll find crucial aftercare instructions for eyebrow piercings, along with risks to consider and expectations for healing times. How to Care … Read more

Eyebrow Piercing Pain: How Bad Do They Hurt?

Eyebrow piercings can seem daunting for many people. They look really cool, but many people wonder about the pain they will have to endure. Logically, people would assume that because it’s a piercing on your face, it would hurt more than normal. Luckily, however, the truth is far less painful. In fact, eyebrow piercings are … Read more

Eyebrow Piercing Scars: Treatment and Prevention

An eyebrow piercing is a flat surface piercing that will heal differently than piercings in your ears or nose. Eyebrow piercings run a higher risk of rejection or migration, so there’s an increased risk of being left with a scar. How to Avoid Eyebrow Piercing Scars Before committing to an eyebrow piercing, keep in mind … Read more

How Much Does An Eyebrow Piercing Cost? (Price Guide)

If you’ve never gotten one before, figuring out the costs of an eyebrow piercing can be tricky. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional investigator to determine just how much your eyebrow piercing is going to set you back. This guide will reveal everything you need to know. Eyebrow Piercing Costs When you’re looking … Read more

Eyebrow Piercings: A Complete Guide

Piercings have long been a part of style and individual expression. While popular piercings such as those done on the ear are more common, some opt for piercings considered a bit more non-traditional. Eyebrow piercings certainly fall into this category. Eyebrow piercings are popular with both men and women, making it one of the true … Read more