Infected Eyebrow Piercings

What are the Symptoms of an Infected Eyebrow Piercing? You could be dealing with an infected eyebrow piercing if you start to notice some of these signs: Discomfort with redness, itching and swelling around the piercing site. Discharge that is dark or extremely cloudy, usually yellow or green, sometimes mixed with blood.  The presence of … Read more

Types Eyebrow Piercings: 7 Awesome Styles

Seven Styles of Eyebrow Piercing Before we start, let’s take a moment to remind you of the proper way to clean a piercing. Make sure you have clean hands before disinfecting your piercings and be sure you’re not using a harsh antiseptic, like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. This can actually make healing slower because it … Read more

How To Clean An Eyebrow Piercing

General Aftercare For Eyebrow Piercings After you get your eyebrow pierced, you should care for it by cleaning the area twice a day using a sea salt soak or compress placed directly onto the piercing. Continue this regimen for the piercing’s full healing time, which generally lasts 2-3 months.  It’s important to continue your aftercare … Read more

Eyebrow Piercing Aftercare and Healing Times

How to Care for Your Piercing First, understand that your eyebrow piercing is considered a surface piercing. This means that it is located on a flat area of the body with relatively thin skin, having two punctures (an entry and exit point), creating the “double-pierced” look.  These piercings are vulnerable to unique risks, mainly “piercing … Read more

Eyebrow Piercing Pain: How Bad Do They Hurt?

How Painful are Eyebrow Piercings? Eyebrow piercings entail a pretty low pain threshold. Pain is relative to the person, of course, but because eyebrow piercings puncture only a small amount of skin, they’re considered one of the least painless piercings you could get. The piercing needle will be extremely sharp, and will puncture the skin … Read more

Eyebrow Piercing Scars: Treatment and Prevention

How to Avoid Eyebrow Piercing Scars Before committing to an eyebrow piercing, keep in mind that all eyebrow piercings will migrate to the surface eventually. This piercing is seen as more temporary than others—though it may stay in place for years.  While there is always a risk of infection and scarring when you get any … Read more

How Much Does An Eyebrow Piercing Cost? (Price Guide)

Eyebrow Piercing Costs When you’re looking to get an eyebrow pierced, it’s crucial to consider all related costs. It’s tempting to count the initial piercing only, but eyebrow piercings require consistent maintenance and occasional re-piercing. You’ll also need to invest in some jewelry for your new piercing. As such, you’ll need to consider: The Initial … Read more

Eyebrow Piercings: A Complete Guide

Choosing a Piercing Service When deciding where to get your piercing, it is essential to find a location that uses best practices. Look for experienced professionals who maintain recognized standards. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners recommends that any service you choose provides the following: An autoclave to sterilize all non-disposable equipment Sterile needles A piercer … Read more