Eyebrow Piercing Prices and Costs

  • Written By Dan Hunter on November 20, 2020
    Last Updated: February 10, 2022

If you’ve never gotten one before, figuring out the costs of an eyebrow piercing can be tricky. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional investigator to determine just how much your eyebrow piercing is going to set you back. This guide will reveal everything you need to know.

Eyebrow Piercing Costs

When you’re looking to get an eyebrow pierced, it’s crucial to consider all related costs. It’s tempting to count the initial piercing only, but eyebrow piercings require consistent maintenance and occasional re-piercing. You’ll also need to invest in some jewelry for your new piercing.

As such, you’ll need to consider:

  • The Initial Piercing Cost
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Jewelry Costs

When you combine all of these various costs, the full price of eyebrow piercing becomes more transparent. Before you head out to your local tattoo parlor or piercing shop, you’ll want to take a moment to review the following price points.

Initial Piercing Cost

Piercing your eyebrows typically costs about $20 to $70 per eyebrow. This price does not include jewelry, cleaning supplies, or health-focused goodies such as piercing-safe soaps. 

If you choose to have your eyebrow pierced at a parlor or salon, you may also incur service charges. It’s also crucial to reserve money for a tip for your piercing specialist. While it isn’t strictly necessary to tip the person performing your piercing, it is recommended.

When your piercing is complete, your service specialist may recommend several products to you. These can range from jewelry insets to cleaning supplies. After all, a piercing can begin to heal itself and close if there’s no jewelry holding it open. It can also become infected if you don’t clean it at least twice each day.

Maintenance Costs

The most significant series of expenditures related to eyebrow piercings tend to be maintenance costs. Unlike earlobes, primarily made of tough cartilage and skin, the eyebrow’s skin is flatter and thinner. Piercings here are less likely to remain permanent. This characteristic means that most eyebrow piercings will fade and heal themselves over time.

If you’d like to keep your eyebrow—or eyebrows— pierced, you may need to schedule occasional re-piercing sessions. For some, this could be an annual cost, while others may find that their piercing remains open for several years. As such, re-piercing prices are fluid and variable.

General piercing aftercare, however, is far easier to determine and predict. After getting any part of your body pierced, you’ll need to keep the piercing clean and free of bacteria or debris. Otherwise, you may end up with an infected chunk of skin that is painful to touch or clean. Applying a saline solution to the area two-three times a day while the area is healing should be enough.

The best aftercare product I’ve personally used is the After Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. Not only is it vegan, but it’s also completely alcohol and additive-free. The solution works well on all skin types including sensitive skin, and it comes in a generously-sized mist-spraying bottle for easy application. When using it from the very start of the healing process, the spray helps to decrease healing times and aims to eliminate any lingering pain or soreness.​

Avoiding post-piercing infection is crucial, as some bacterial infections can travel throughout the body and become quite dangerous. If you develop a fever, chills, or severe swelling at the piercing location, you may need to visit your doctor or physician. 

You will also need to clean and disinfect the jewelry you decide to wear in your new eyebrow piercing. Of course, jewelry costs also vary and often depend on your tastes, preferences, and budgetary restrictions.

Jewelry Costs

Eyebrow hoops, studs, and other forms of jewelry can cost upwards of $20 per piece. Jewelry built with gold metal attachments tends to be the safest for raw, recently-pierced skin. However, surgical stainless steel, platinum, and titanium are also options.

Gold eyebrow jewelry can be relatively pricey, with small studs and hoops retailing at about $100 per piece. Surgical stainless steel is one of the most affordable jewelry solutions, and many such pieces sell for $20 or less. Still, your preferences will help determine the best option for you.

Final Thoughts

Though the initial cost for an eyebrow piercing can be as low as $20, this price doesn’t account for jewelry, cleaning solutions, or a handsome tip for the piercing artist. It also doesn’t include re-piercing costs, which are relatively common with eyebrow piercings.

To calculate the total accumulative cost for your next eyebrow piercing, you’ll need to sit down and do a little math. But first, you’ll need to make some decisions regarding cleaning supplies and jewelry. The jewelry component will likely be the more expensive one to figure out. 

Cleaning solutions (typically of the saline variety) are fantastically affordable. You could even opt to clean your piercing with a homemade saline solution using table salt and warm water. On the other hand, when it comes to jewelry, the more you invest, the better the product you’ll end up with. Surgical steel is a budget-friendly option, though there’s nothing safer than pure gold.

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