Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos have been gaining popularity, and they are a very cool way to make your ink more current. There’s an infinity of ideas to choose from, and you can modify this style to symbolize almost anything you want. These tattoos tend to be smaller in size, but you can design them larger and adapt them to all body parts.

The most important thing when you consider a geometric tattoo is to make sure you choose a good tattoo artist. These tattoos need to be precise and symmetrical to look good since every small error will be noticeable.

Geometric designs usually symbolize order, harmony and stability, especially if you’re using simple geometric shapes. They can also carry their own specific meanings, which go from universal to extremely personal.

Possible Designs

Your options for this style go from basic shapes to more intricate designs. Choose a more abstract design if you want your ink to be mysterious to the outside world. You can also depict objects or animals using this style.

Geometric Shapes

The possibilities for geometric shapes are pretty much endless. You can associate these basic shapes with any meaning you want, apart from their inherent symbolism.


The circle symbolizes life and its endless cycle. It also represents balance and harmony. It’s a good reminder if you’re looking for a way to be more mindful.


Triangles are a symbol of strength, as any pressure put on a triangle is evenly supported by all three sides. They can also represent creativity and harmony.

Both the number three and the triangle form have been associated with mystical properties. They represent the Christian faith and the Holy Trinity. The triangle is also the foundation of the Star of David, important in Judaism. 


The square symbolizes the Earth, balance and stability. The orderly shape relates to truthfulness and can be a reminder to keep yourself grounded. 


A long, straight line is another tattoo idea for the brave. You can have it run all the way along your leg or your arm. If you’re not a fan of the line, try a series of small triangles or circles that travel along your spine.

Overlapping Shapes

You can also try to use more than one of your geometric shapes of choice on top of each other. Just place overlapping circles, triangles or squares to reach the design that draws your attention.

Other Shapes

Other shapes you can consider for your tattoo are the rectangle, the hexagon or the octagon. You can also give them your personal interpretation, for example, after your family or group of friends.


Animals are a commonly used element in geometric tattoos, and they look good when constructed out of geometric shapes.

You can portray just the head, looking forward, or the entire animal from the side. Others choose to depict them half in geometric forms, half in a realistic style. 

You can choose the animal according to your personal taste or to the symbolism it carries. Let’s look at some options to spark up your imagination.


Elephants and owls are often used in tattoos to symbolize wisdom. You can use either one of these options as a reminder to think before you act. They can also represent a friend or family member whose guidance has been valuable to you.


Bears are great for people who want to express their physical force or strong will in their ink. They are a great tattoo for both women and men, though guys tend to veer towards them. A bear is a great reminder to always believe in your inner power.


Lions portray courage, honor and justice. They are true fighters, the king of the jungle. They’re also an easily recognizable animal, which makes them a great tattoo for geometric style.


Birds symbolize freedom, which makes them an excellent choice for world travelers and nomadic spirits. They can easily be adapted to a geometric style to give them an update, as well as designed for different sizes.

Think about an eagle with its wings spread or a smaller bird depicted from the side.


Butterflies symbolize growth and rebirth, as well as freedom. A butterfly goes through different stages before emerging into its full beauty. That’s why many people like to use this symbol to remember to appreciate their personal progress.


Rabbits are associated with luck, as well as abundance and fertility. They are also sometimes seen as cunning and smart. Try a rabbit tattoo if you need a good-luck charm, or as an extra reminder of your cleverness.


Deer are used as a symbol of independence and strong will. They follow their own path, and that’s why they’re often chosen for tattoos, too. Family, honor and nobility are some other symbolisms associated with the deer.


Dogs and cats are often our best friends. It’s no wonder that many people use their stylized images in geometric tattoos, as well. You can use the image of any dog or cat, or personalize it to resemble your pet.


Diamonds are a symbol of strength, purity and endurance. They are also among the most common subjects for a geometric tattoo. You can draw just the thin black lines or fill this design with more color.


Many common flowers can get a cool update from the use of straight lines and geometric shapes. A rose made out of triangles, for example, or a lotus flower, symbolize life, beauty and vitality.

Flowers are also often depicted in a mandala form. In these kinds of interpretations, the mandala represents the universe.


Even a simple and classic heart tattoo gets a nice update with the use of geometric shapes. It’s a nice reminder of your loved ones that you can carry around with you. You can color it in the traditional red, or experiment with color.


Arrows are among the most common geometric tattoo subjects. You can use just one arrow or two crossed arrows in the form of a compass. They symbolize the way you’ll always find your way, even during hard times.


You can even draw more complex natural settings in your geometric tattoo. Mountains and trees can be created with triangles, circles and other overlapping shapes. You can perform this design with or without a background color.

What Colors Should You Pick?

Many people choose to go for a simple tattoo with only the black outlines, but these tats look good with colorful backgrounds, as well.

Try hues of purples and blues to give your tattoo a more eerie vibe, or use vibrant tones of red, yellow and orange to make it fiery. You could also just use color on half the tattoo, especially if you’re mixing geometric styles with other styles. 

If you’re into making a real statement with your ink, try negative tattoos. You can black out the background, even a whole sleeve, and leave the geometric shape as is, without ink.

Where to Get Your Tat

Geometric tattoos are most often seen on your arms and legs, but they adapt well to other areas of the body, as well. Small tattoos look great on your wrists, your feet or even your neck. The shoulder blades and lower back are also great places for these tats.

They’re not usually adapted to larger sizes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Think about a large eagle or lion on your back, for example, or a circular pattern running down your arms.

Be mindful of the skin stretching, though. A geometric tattoo looks best when ít’s straight and precise, so it works best in places without many skin folds.

Best Geometric Tattoos