How to Make a Temporary Tattoo with Perfume

Tattoos and body art are becoming increasingly popular. However, these are permanent works of art that require a considerable commitment. If you’re not ready for such a big decision or would like to see a design on your body first, a temporary tattoo is the way to go.

Add to this the fragrance of a perfume, and you’re all set for a special occasion, with great body art that’s temporary and a wonderful fragrance wherever you go.

The one question is, how do you make a temporary tattoo with perfume? This has become a huge trend on Tik Tok with stunning results in just a short period of time. 

We’ll let you know how you can make temporary tattoos with perfume and get the amazing results that you’ve seen online.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are an ideal choice for those who are looking for a piece of body art without the lifelong commitment of a traditional tattoo. It could be that you want the tattoo for a special occasion or just that you want the art without the hassle, pain, and healing time of a permanent tattoo.

They are a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the experience of a tattoo without the commitment. A temporary tattoo made with perfume will generally last between two and ten days depending on how you take care of them and if you get your skin wet. You can then start again with a blank canvas.

How To Make a Temporary Tattoo With Perfume

There’s a new craze out there that’s popular on the social media platform Tik Tok, showing you how to make a temporary tattoo with perfume. Not only do you get a beautiful tattoo that will last for days, but it also smells good.

It’s easy to make this, and you should start by choosing the tattoo design you want on your body. Choosing the design isn’t such a difficult decision as a permanent tattoo, as the temporary tattoo will be gone in a matter of days.

Once you have a design, you need to create a stencil to transfer the design from paper to your skin. The stencil is then covered in perfume and soaked in water. Once you’ve done this, you can then transfer the tattoo design quickly from the paper to your body. 

Tattoo Stencil

There are different ways that you can create a stencil for a temporary tattoo. You can print the design out or even draw it by hand if you’re a great artist. You can find many tattoo designs online that are ready-made, saving you time creating one. 

When you’ve chosen the design you want, you will need to adapt the size to the size of the tattoo you’re looking for. This can be done easily on your computer, using one of several programs available.

If you’re looking for a unique design and are skilled in drawing, you can create the stencil by hand on paper. You’ll then have a temporary tattoo like no one else.

The stencil needs to be cut down before application, but you shouldn’t cut directly on the lines of the design. Make sure to leave about an inch of space around the design when cutting the paper.

Temporary Tattoo Application 

Here comes the fun and fragrant bit of the process. Once cut, the temporary tattoo stencil needs to be coated in perfume. Don’t worry about using an expensive perfume; any perfume or body spray with a high alcohol content will work.

Once it’s fully coated in the perfume, you need to soak the stencil in hot water. This will help the stencil become more pliable and allow it to be used on the skin and fit your body’s contours. Leave it in the water for up to five minutes to make sure it’s completely soaked.

Be careful when removing the tattoo stencil from the water, as it will be very fragile.

Now for the exciting part, where you find out if your temporary tattoo has worked. Place the tattoo stencil onto your skin, ink side down. Hold it still and cover it with a warm towel. Don’t move the towel but press it onto the skin for a few minutes.

Gently remove the paper stencil from the skin, and you should then be left with a beautiful tattoo on your body. Remove any excess moisture carefully with a paper towel. You can set the temporary tattoo using baby powder or hairspray. This process will help it last for longer.


Making a temporary tattoo with perfume is a simple process that can give you great results. 

A temporary tattoo is ideal for people looking for a piece of body art for a limited time or is looking to see how the tattoo looks without the commitment of a permanent tattoo. Using perfume for this allows it to transfer onto your body and gives you a great fragrance.

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