King and Queen Tattoo Designs & Their Meaning

Has the fame and power of being royalty always fascinated you? Maybe you’ve found your king or queen and are looking for the perfect matching tats. Whatever the reason why you’re considering a king and queen tattoo as your next piece, we’ve got you covered.

King and queen tattoos are a unique option for many couples to express their love to one another. They’re diverse in that they can be crafted as a single or multi-dimensional piece.

They’re also incredibly symbolic of royalty and the history that comes with the monarchy. Different approaches carry different meanings; therefore, a well-thought-out strategy is important when considering which design to choose.

Meaning of King and Queen Tattoos

King and queen tattoos are stronger together. Matching tattoos show that you’re willing to commit to each other, and make it through tough times with strength and courage. They symbolize that you’re willing to maintain the union no matter what it takes.

Symbol of the Monarchy

No matter what design you choose, any element of a king or queen tattoo will always have a feel of royalty. It shows the capability for you to rule your own life and carve your own path on the journey of life without the need for second opinions.

To Express Love

Matching tattoos are the ultimate expression of long-lasting love and commitment to one another. Until Henry VIII introduced annulments to England during his reign, there were no divorces—the union of a king to his queen was eternal. 

This level of commitment to one another could be the underlying meaning of your matching tattoos.

Symbol of Wealth and Status

To etch a king or queen tattoo permanently onto yourself is to show that you’re striving to create an empire. The drive to create something enduring could be a deeper meaning to your new artwork. 

You’re also stating that you and your better half are out to build something greater than yourselves. That could be wealth, status, a family or business.

Leadership and Resilience

In modern-day Britain, royalty is a symbol of philanthropy and leadership. Technically, the monarchy of England can overrule any decisions made by the British Prime Minister. 

Because of that, a king and queen tattoo is a symbol of the ability to make hard decisions through tough times in life. It shows that you and your better half will lead each other through thick and thin. 

Popular Designs

There are many different ways to symbolize the royals, but here are some of the best.

Royal Crowns

The most popular design is the royal crown. The coronation, or crowning of a new royal, is one of the most significant traditions in the monarchy. Additionally, crown wreaths were used in the early Olympic games to award an athlete that had triumphed above all others. 

The crown, therefore, is a symbol of their valor and perseverance.

Royal crowns are diverse pieces of art. Some opt to decorate the crown with words such as “king,” “queen,” or their partner’s name.

Others use the crown as a part of a larger piece. Those who enjoy darker styles may go for a day-of-the-dead style skeleton with crowns.

Chess Pieces

If you fancy yourself as brainy and logical, a chess piece tattoo could be for you. These pieces are easily recognizable worldwide. The king and queen can move whichever way they want, which symbolizes that you can be strategic, and you aren’t afraid to fight. 

King and Queen Playing Cards

Another way to add your latest tattoo is by incorporating the elements of a playing card deck. The most popular option is the King and Queen of Hearts, which are symbolic of love and passion.

This design could be popular if you’re a fan of blackjack, poker or any other card games—especially if you’re a casino fan or have a popular memory of going to Vegas!

You can choose a simplistic piece with the letter K or Q and the suit symbol below it. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could opt for larger artwork. Think Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter for inspiration. 

Popular Color Combinations

Now you have some ideas on which design is going to suit you, what color do you choose? This is largely dependent on individual style and the color scheme most prevalent on your other tats.

Below are a few popular combinations that should help you in your selection.


For smaller tattoos and minimalistic pieces, grayscales are a classic combination. These tattoos use a combination of black and gray and are popular due to their ability to create depth through shading and shadowing.

Typically more elegant in style, you can create a 3D image of your crown or a whimsical King or Queen of Clubs or Spades design.

Solid Black Tattoos

A solid black tattoo works well with smaller artworks. It’s often reproduced in a small black crown on the finger, or as the outline of a crown with a black lining on the wrist. Solid black is a great way to express simplicity in design.

Red and Black

Red is a color of passion, power, and pride. There are many ways to integrate red into your royal tattoo to show that you’re an intense leader and lover. Even when settling on a crown, many choose red jewels with a black crown.

Out of the four playing suits, the suit of hearts is a popular choice for matching tattoos. It’s also the color of long-lasting love— a great supplementary color to express your love for one another and the strength and power in your relationship.

Red especially can really shine in a King or Queen of Hearts or Diamonds tattoo. Think about having a negative tattoo to make the card stand out with only a small amount of red.

Blue and Black

They call it royal blue for a reason. Integrate a sapphire gem into your crown, add a blue cloak to your king or queen, or a splash of blue behind your artwork—your options are endless.

Blue is associated with wisdom, trust, and intelligence. If you want to represent love and leadership or humility in your artwork, then blue might be your best bet.

Common Body Placements

Some like to show off their new art; others prefer to keep it to themselves. Certain designs suit different surface areas. We unearth all the questions you have about where these designs will look best.


Many of the popular king and queen artworks are smaller pieces. Where better to place them than on your wrist? If a tattoo has a lot of meaning to you, you’ll see it every time you brush your teeth or go to shake someone’s hand.

The great thing about having a tat on the wrist is that it can be covered with a long-sleeved top or jumper—perfect if your workplace doesn’t allow tattoos on display. 


A king or queen tattoo is versatile, and you can make them as grand or conservative as you like. For the more traditional, a finger tattoo is perfect for you. They’re commonly placed on the insides on the fingers with a smaller crown or a playing card.

Tattooed wedding rings are a way couples are expressing their commitment to one another. Often, couples will place a crown or the words king or queen on the inside of their left ring finger, which shows love and dedication to one another.

Some may also opt for the name of a powerful king or queen from history on the finger, one that symbolizes a certain trait of theirs.


There’s nothing humble about being a king or queen. The arm is a bold placement that will expose your art to the world.If you’re undecided on a king or a queen, why not get one on each arm, or one on the outer forearm and one on the inner. You could also blend the two together into a sleeve.

Best King and Queen Tattoos