Nose Piercings: Pros and Cons

  • Written By Dan Hunter on October 1, 2021
    Last Updated: March 20, 2022

Nose piercings are highly fashionable and are only increasing in popularity with many girls and even plenty of guys getting the procedure done. 

Nose piercings have a long cultural history, dating back to 44,000 B.C in Australia, where the Aboriginals had hand-carved ornaments inserted through their septum. In India in the 1500’s it became the norm for women to get their nose pierced as part of their wedding ceremonies.

In much more recent history nose piercings were used to symbolize independence and rebellion. They were worn by punks and goths during the 1970s and 1980s.

Nowadays, a nose piercing can be a cute or cool accessory and is no longer looked at as rebellious or tough.

Continue reading as we let you know the biggest pros and cons of getting your nose piercing.

Should You Get a Nose Piercing?

As with all piercings, you need to be sure that a nose piercing is exactly what you want before going through with it. The nose isn’t the most painful area to get pierced but the process involves a needle going through skin and cartilage so there will be at least some form of pain.

As your nose is in the middle of your face, any nose piercing will be highly visible. With this in mind, you should make sure that your parents, school or workplace are happy for you to have this done. You don’t want to go through the procedure to then have to remove the piercing. Of course, it’s your nose so if it’s what you want then why let external factors get in the way?

Nose Piercing Pros

Fashion Statement

A nose piercing used to be looked at as a sign of rebellion and toughness. This is no longer the case, and a nose piercing can look cute and pretty as well as being highly fashionable. Nevertheless, you can still punk the look up if that’s the style you’re wanting to go for.

The popularity of nose piercings is increasing and they have become very stylish in recent years. You can choose the look to suit you and there are many different styles for everyone. You can even get multiple nose piercings and create even more fashionable variations from day-to-day.

Different Areas to Pierce

Luckily for the undecided out there, you can have your nose pierced in different areas to give totally different looks. The most popular area is of course the side of the nostril, either left or right. You can have a shiny stud or a ring in this area.

Alternatively, you can have your nostril pierced higher up which gives a different look to the standard nose piercing. You can even get a piercing through the upper bridge of your nose. While this would be the ultimate statement piece, the procedure is guaranteed to make your eyes water.

Finally, a nose piercing that is becoming ever more popular is the septum piercing. This is where the cartilage (the septum) that separates your nostrils is pierced so you can add jewelry in the form of a ring or bar.

Different Types of Jewelry

Depending on your style, you can choose different types of jewelry for your nose piercing. You can have tiny studs, hoops, horseshoe rings, captive bead rings, and curved or straight barbells.

The choice is yours to suit your own style. Each one of these unique piercings will add an element of beauty to your look and will stack up the likes on your Insta account.

Fast Healing

A nose piercing generally heals quickly as long as the procedure is done correctly and the aftercare routine is followed. You need to look after your piercing for it to heal properly, this means keeping it clean and keeping your hands away from the area as much as possible.

You should also be careful when blowing your nose or sneezing with a new nose piercing.

Less Pain Than Other Piercings

All piercings will come with a spell of short, sharp pain but the nose is reported as one of the least painful areas to get pierced. People rate it only as painful as getting your eyebrows waxed or getting a shot.

Of course, this will depend on your pain threshold and the expertise of your piercing professional.

Nose Piercing Cons

Risk of Infection

There is a high risk of infection with a nose piercing as there are many types of bacteria lingering about in the nasal cavity, specifically staphylococcus bacteria

If you think you have an infection, you should contact your piercer for advice. This can generally be cleared up with antibiotics but any suspected infection should be treated promptly. Any delays in treatment can cause permanent scarring to the area.

Not the Easiest Area To Clean

Cleaning your nose piercing is not the easiest or most comfortable feeling. You should use a cotton swab with a saline solution to get to the areas that you can’t reach. Be careful not to sneeze!

No matter how uncomfortable cleaning your nose piercing is, you should keep up your aftercare regime until the area has completely healed. Not doing so can delay healing and promote infection.


Remember that while your piercing is healing you will not be able to take the jewelry out. This means that if you’re not allowed any kinds of facial piercings at school or work then you might be in a spot of bother until the wound has completely healed. This can take up to four months.

You should also know that nose piercing holes can close up in a very short amount of time, so if you need to remove your piercing for extended periods you may have trouble putting it back in again.


A nose piercing can be a thing of beauty. However, you should think about all scenarios before taking the plunge. It’s a highly visible area so if it’s not allowed at school or work it could cause problems.

Luckily, that nose is yours, and if you want that piercing badly enough nobody should be able to stop you.

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