Piercings that are Easy to Hide

  • Written By Dan Hunter on October 1, 2021
    Last Updated: March 20, 2022

As good as your piercings look, there may be times when you need to cover them up or even hide them. Some piercings will be almost impossible to hide, but then others can be easily hidden if needed.

Society has moved on and is more accepting of many forms of body piercing and tattoos. It’s perfectly normal to see people with piercings and body art. This doesn’t mean that it will be accepted in every situation

There are some situations where this wouldn’t look great and may not be allowed. This may be at home with your parents, your school or your workplace, and you should bear this in mind before getting any piercings.

We’ll let you know what piercings are the best to get that can be hidden, and also the reasons why you may want or need to hide your piercings.

Why Would You Want to Hide a Piercing?

There are a number of reasons that you would want to hide your piercings. This is something that you should think about before taking the plunge..

Your Parents

Your parents may not be happy about you getting a body piercing and they may not agree if you ask them about this. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get a piercing done, as long as you’re of legal age, you can pretty much pierce whatever you want. 

However, we would recommend that you consider your parent’s feelings and try to understand where they’re coming from. They most likely have your best interests at heart. With this in mind, if you’re determined to get a piercing, get one where they won’t see it. Hopefully, they won’t find out about it or won’t mind so much if it’s not on show all the time.

At School

Schools have many rules that you have to abide by when you’re there. Away from school, it’s a different matter. You’re not able to remove a piercing until it’s completely healed, this could be a few weeks or even a few months. This means that you can’t have a piercing and then remove it for school the next day.

Piercings that can be hidden can be worn while at school and no one will ever know.

At Work

Many workplaces are now more accepting of piercings and tattoos on their employees. There are also many workplaces that have strict rules regarding this. 

If you are in a professional role, there may be occasions where you need to remove your piercing. This may be in a meeting or when dealing with customers. A piercing that can be hidden will work well in these situations.

It may also be that your employer doesn’t allow piercings due to safety reasons. A job working with heavy machinery, for example, may require staff to not wear jewelry or lose clothing, they may also ask you to have short hair or tied-back hair. 

If this is the case, you should avoid any piercings that could get caught, such as hoops. It’s not just against company rules, it’s also dangerous.

Piercings that are Easy to Hide

There are different kinds of piercings that are easily hidden so although you know that the piercing is there, nobody else does. It’s your little secret.

Belly Button Piercings

Your belly button piercing can be covered by clothing most of the time. You wouldn’t generally wear a cropped top or a bikini at school or at work so you should be able to get away with it. 

If you did show your belly off, you could get a clear retainer to wear which will be discreet and no one will notice.

Frenulum Piercings

The frenulum is a piece of connective tissue that’s found inside the mouth on both the upper and lower lip. It’s also found underneath the tongue, also called the web, and this is an ideal place for a piercing that can be hidden.

It will only be visible when lifting your tongue, so you can easily hide it and no one will ever know that it’s there. 

Septum Piercings

The septum is a popular place to get pierced at the moment and you would think that as your nose is visible, you won’t be able to hide this piercing. You would be wrong, with the right jewelry you can easily hide a septum piercing.

If you get a circular barbell you can just move it up so that the jewelry is tucked inside your nostrils. This may tickle on your first try but you’ll get used to it and it will save lots of heated discussions.

Microdermal or Surface Piercings

These piercings can be located all over your body, wherever you choose, so they are ideal for people who want to hide their piercing. You can certainly use your imagination when choosing this type of piercing. 

The most popular locations for this type of piercing would be the cleavage, hips, back of your neck or behind your ear. The choice really is yours.

Nipple Piercings

Women can get away with hiding a nipple piercing quite easily as you don’t generally have your nipples on show. Men could find this more difficult in summer, however, it shouldn’t be a problem with most jobs, as clothing is worn.

However, a nipple piercing can show through thin clothing so you should bear this in mind if this is the piercing that you are looking at getting. 


A piercing should be a personal choice as long as you are old enough to get this done without your parent’s consent. Please bear in mind that there may be a valid reason that you are asked to not get a piercing, so hear them out before rushing out to get it done.

If the piercing is going to stop you from getting your dream job, you may also want to re-think it. 

We hope that you found this useful and are planning to get the piercing that you want in the right way.