Pyramid Tattoo Designs & Their Meaning

Pyramids are mystical remnants of the ancient world, and so related tattoos show that you appreciate their symbolism, history, and the cloud of mystery they carry. These tattoos are usually fashioned after either of the two popular designs: Egyptian pyramids or Aztec pyramids.

Pyramid tattoos are fertile art forms that are modified to accommodate different themes. They’re used as stand-alone illustrations or as little details on bigger designs. These tats are excellent for setting the background of ancient-themed art.

Egypt, Tattoos, and Pyramids

Egypt has a tattoo history spanning well over 4,000 years—the longest verifiable inking history of any culture. The best-preserved inked body belongs to a mummy that dates back to about 2160 BCE. Interestingly, the first Egyptian pyramid construction happened around the same time.

According to research, tattoos in ancient Egypt were used as a way to encourage fertility. The study also found that ancient tats were used to protect future generations. The ink was also found to have played a therapeutic role and acted as an amulet to protect women during pregnancy and birth. 

Contrary to popular belief, pyramids aren’t limited to the Egyptian deserts. They’ve been prevalent across many cultures, serving different purposes. For example, Aztec pyramids were more than tombs for royalty. 

They were spiritually significant monuments, and designing your tattoo after them could help enhance any spiritual connotations therein.

Interpreting Pyramid Tattoos

An air of mystery surrounds the erection of ancient pyramids. This abstruseness also seems to inform the different interpretations of pyramid tattoos.

Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo

One of the most popular tattoo designs is the polygon. There are different ways to design the tattoo, and it can be worn on the arms, wrist, or neck. Egyptian pyramid tattoos include the essence of the early civilization in Egypt and their gods. 

These tattoos can be illustrated in darker colors to bring out darker themes. This works exceptionally well since these structures are associated with death—tombs of the pharaohs. 

In ancient Egypt, the population believed in an afterlife. The pyramids, therefore, can be interpreted to be illustrative of new beginnings—the start of the afterlife rather than the end of the current life.

To bring this theme out, use bright colors and enhance the positive theme using relevant symbols. A phoenix flying out of a pyramid would make for an excellent design in this respect.

Aztec Pyramid Tattoo

A left-handed pyramid with a hummingbird is a symbol of the sun god. On the other hand, an Aztec pyramid combined with a sun illustration reflects the belief in the afterlife. It can be used to amplify the optimistic themes in other tattoos.

On the flip side, the Aztec civilization is associated with dark practices like human sacrifice. This tattoo can borrow from this history and set the background for a gloomy illustration or add dark details to a bigger tat.

The All-Seeing Eye Tattoo

The all-seeing eye tattoo consists of an eye inside a triangle. The triangle is enclosed in a burst of light that sits on a pyramid. It’s an ancient symbol that’s been revered by different civilizations and has played a significant part as an essential icon among several world religions.

One of the most popular meanings attached to the mysterious eye is that it represents the all-seeing eye of God or the providence.

Some of the most popular illustrations have a forward-looking eye, which means that the person wearing the tattoo keeps their eye on the prize. A tattoo with an eye looking away means that you like to reflect or look within yourself.

Common Designs

Pyramid ink may be combined with other symbols to create elaborate designs:

Pyramid and Clock

You can choose to add a clock symbol to a pyramid tattoo to bring in symbolism about time. The pyramid could represent perseverance, determination, longevity, and protection. The clock emphasizes time.

You can also emphasize the finality of the days of our lives by emphasizing the historical association of pyramids with death. This can be a reminder to make the best of the time we have.

Primordial Hill

The primordial hill tattoo shows that you appreciate the unknown or the Egyptian creation myth. The design consists of two sets of steps that ascend to a plateau at the top of the pyramid. It’s well-featured in the Egyptian creation myth, and the pyramid symbolizes the dry earth that emerged out of the chaos of the universe on which the creator stood. 

Buying from the myth, you can use this symbol to emphasize the theme of new beginnings. It can also be used to illustrate a willingness to move on from troubled times.

Alien Spaceship on a Pyramid

If you enjoy extra-terrestrial themes, this tattoo would work. It can be used to preach harmony regardless of differences. With a few tweaks, or even a few witty texts, you can express profound ideologies via this eye-catching illustration.

Stars and Pyramid Tattoos

The star is a symbol of hope or the determination to reach one’s goals.

Shooting Star Tattoo

A tattoo with a shooting star is linked with special moments in an individual’s life that had a lasting impression. They could be anything that changed an individual’s life, such as romance or special events. 

Shooting stars are also associated with a dreamer or anyone who likes making wishes. The most common design would be a pyramid lit up by multiple stars


A five-pointed star—pentagram—typically has two meanings. If it faces upward, it symbolizes balance and protection, if it faces downwards, chaos.

Popular designs place the pyramid in the pentagram, although the reverse is also workable. For back tattoos, this illustration can be used as a backdrop for a dark-themed tat. This works especially well since the two items, pentagrams and pyramids, are usually linked with mysticism.

Popular Tattoo Body Placements for Women

A  pyramid tattoo worn on ankles may denote that an individual is in control of her dreams and desires. If it appears on the lower back, it may suggest the person is outgoing. 

Anything on your back could also mean putting the past behind you, whereas a pyramid tattoo on the hips could imply you’re secretive, seductive, and sensual. 

Other places the tattoo could appear include the finger, chest, or under the breast, the wrist, or shoulder. They could also appear on the neck, ribs, forearm, foot, and behind the ear.

Popular Tattoo Body Placements for Men

If the pyramid appears on the upper arm, it indicates boldness, endurance, and strength. On the forearm, it may mean hard work and strength. On the back shoulder, it could symbolize the desire to soar or fly high above a challenge. 

Other places where the ink could be placed include the wrist, elbow, and fingers.

Pyramid Tattoos: Color and Meaning

The pyramid is usually brown or golden to reflect the desert sand or the sun’s rays. It can be darker or brighter depending on how much you want the art to pop out. Different colors can also be used to emphasize some underlying meaning in the illustration.

Red is a symbol of intense passion for achievement. A green-colored pyramid is thought to invite luck on an individual’s journey toward a particular goal. Blue represents peace. When the pyramid appears in a blue background, it complements the art to underpin positive themes. A darker background brings out the darker meanings associated with the structure, subject to the artistic concept of the pyramid, of course.

Best Pyramid Tattoos