Can You Smoke Weed Before Getting A Tattoo?

  • Written By Dan Hunter on November 5, 2020
    Last Updated: December 19, 2020

If you’re interested in tattoos and you’re interested in weed, it might sound like the perfect match. Something to take the edge off that won’t thin your blood like alcohol.

But should you really smoke weed before getting a tattoo? And what are some of the potential side effects? Just keep reading – we’ll break down everything you need to know.

Advantages of Smoking Weed Before Getting a Tattoo

Weed has a ton of medical side effects. One of the most significant advantages of smoking weed before getting a tattoo is the THC induced psychiatric effects. Some users claim that it takes some of the edge off getting a tattoo.

This has several benefits, including allowing you to feel less pain. Furthermore, since you’re less stressed, it will enable you to relax your muscles and keep you from tensing up. Not only does this minimize the amount of pain that you’ll feel, but it also makes it easier for the tattoo artist to do their job effectively.  

Of course, since everyone reacts slightly differently to drugs, what might relax one person might make someone else a little more anxious. You need to consider your past experiences when deciding whether or not you’ll likely have any positive effects from smoking weed before getting your tattoo.

Users recommend an indica-heavy strain instead of a Sativa-heavy one. Indica-heavy strains tend to do a better job at relaxing your mind and body and are less likely to get you feeling jittery while you’re on the table.

Disadvantages of Smoking Weed Before Getting a Tattoo

Unlike alcohol, which can cause significant problems if you use it while getting a tattoo, there really aren’t any dangerous disadvantages to getting a tattoo while high.

Nevertheless, everyone reacts differently to drugs. You will need to contemplate whether smoking weed before getting a tattoo is the best decision for you. If you’re considering it, think back to past experiences with weed and how it made you feel.

If it made you more anxious or aware of your different physical sensations, it might be a bad idea to smoke before getting a tattoo. Instead of taking the edge off, it may make you focus more on the pain and increase your anxiety. This in turn could cause you to become more jittery.

For people wanting a little extra assistance for dealing with the pain, a good tattoo numbing cream can really help to take the edge off.

One of the most effective tattoo numbing products currently on the market is Zensa Numbing Cream, which contains the highest level of Lidocaine allowed by the FDA for over-the-counter use. The feedback left by thousands of customers for this product is nothing short of exceptional.

Just follow the instructions supplied with the cream and apply shortly before your tattoo appointment is due to begin so that you can look forward to a less painful and more comfortable tattooing experience. The amount of cream you get in a tube also ensures you have more than enough for a large tattoo. Click here to buy from Amazon

If you’re worried about how smoking weed might affect you while you’re getting a tattoo, consider a CBD heavy strand. This will help with pain reduction, but without any potential psychiatric effects that might make things worse.

Pre-Tattoo Considerations

Whether you’re planning on smoking weed before getting your tattoo or not, there are several factors you should consider before getting your tattoo.

First, you should pick out your tattoo BEFORE heading into the shop high, though most people do this regardless of whether weed is involved. This significantly reduces the chances of having second thoughts while you’re in the middle of your tattoo.

Of course, before heading to a tattoo shop high, make sure that you’re aware of all the local and state laws for your area. The last thing you want is to head to the tattoo parlor excited about getting your newest tattoo, only to have to deal with local law enforcement.

Finally, if you plan on smoking weed before getting a tattoo, ensure that you have a way home, as you should never drive while high.

  • Decide on your tattoo
  • Think back on past experiences with weed
  • Check local guidelines and laws
  • Plan your trip home

What the Experts Say

Finding unbiased experts on weed and tattoos is somewhat tricky. There haven’t been any major scientific medical studies about the practice, making the most experienced individuals on the subject those that have done it.

Inked magazine ran a piece where they interviewed Circa Suicide on her experiences with weed and tattoos. Her advice for the masses? Don’t get too stoned, and instead of smoking weed, go with edibles as this prolongs the high long enough to last the entire session.

Additionally, she recommends using cannabis products to help with the healing process after you get a tattoo. Other than that, most experts recommend picking your strain of cannabis carefully beforehand, as you don’t want a strain that’s going to leave you feeling jittery or more anxious than usual.


The reviews on whether or not you should mix weed and tattoos are incredibly mixed. Some artists won’t allow it, and others might even recommend it. If you plan on smoking before getting your tattoo, consider an indica-heavy strain or even a CBD heavy strain.

There are no guarantees on how you’ll react if you’re getting a tattoo while high, and the best thing you can do is consider past experiences before making your decision. If you’re worried about it, you can always stick with using cannabis products after having the tattoo to help you with the healing process!

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