Can You Get A Tattoo While Taking Antibiotics?

Getting a tattoo is a major decision. After all, it is something many people plan for at least a few months in advance, if not years. Contemplation is usually part of the process, aside from those on-a-whim tattoos. While it’s not reported as high risk, you may want to think twice before getting a tattoo on antibiotics. Let’s find out why.


Tattoo On Antibiotics

Can You Get a Tattoo While Taking Antibiotics?

As we all know, getting a tattoo usually involves being poked repeatedly with needles—which sometimes go deeper than you may expect. The needles will puncture the skin and a color—or colors—of your choice will be inserted.

You can get a tattoo done while taking antibiotics, with relatively little risk involved. However, the results won't be optimal.

Naturally, anything that enters our body or bloodstream, is usually treated as a foreign object. The ink itself is generally a mix of colored metals, such as lead and titanium.

The body will most likely try to fight the process, rejecting the ink, which can cause the tattoo to appear blurred. Most people won’t be too pleased with a blurry tattoo unless that blurred effect was intentional.

While having an infection, either on the skin or internally, antibiotics are there to help your immune system fight off the illness. Why double the work of the immune system by giving it another object to try and fight off?

A tattoo should be treated as any other wound, which means it is vital to care for it appropriately and with responsibility.

Getting A Tattoo On Antibiotics

Risks & Precautions

My advice to anyone wanting a tattoo but who is on antibiotics is to wait. It is a waste of money and time—not to mention pain—to rush the tattooing process.

Getting the tattoo could put your body under a lot more stress, since it is already dealing with an infection. A tattoo is a semi-invasive procedure which can also lead to an allergic reaction. This would be the last thing you want while already being unwell.

The healing process of the tattoo may also be compromised. It won't heal the same, as the antibiotics will fight it, pushing the ink from the skin. This could result in a distorted design. Remember, tattoos are permanent. It is possible to get a tattoo removed, but it’s a long, costly, and painful process. It is much better to wait until you are in good health.

If you know you’re going to be taking antibiotics, I recommend waiting at least one week after taking the last tablet before getting your tattoo. Alternatively, get the tattoo done early, leaving enough time for the skin to heal properly before your course of antibiotics begins.

If you have already made your appointment, it is best to call the artist and ask about getting a tattoo on antibiotics. Most artists prefer to do their work on people who are healthy, with high chances of optimal results. A bad tattoo will not only look bad on you but also on the artist. Just wait until you’re well. That tattoo parlor isn’t going anywhere and you’ll be glad your result came out better in the end.  

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