Tattoo Pain Chart - Will It Hurt?

All tattoos are painful, but some areas hurt far more than others. Take a look at our tattoo pain chart below to see which places will make you shout "Ouch!".


Tattoo Pain Chart

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Tattoo Pain Scale

Where Do Tattoos Hurt The Most?

You may hear this saying repeated by me a few times throughout this articles, but it’s so true; everybody perceives pain differently!

While the areas above are generally where people feel the most pain when getting tattooed, that's not to say you’ll suffer the same painful fate when getting inked in these area.

You may find some of these body parts a doddle to get tattooed on, and alternatively, you may find some of the typically less painful areas a real struggle; it’s all down to how your body reacts to different types of pain in different areas.

Front Of Knees
Outer Elbows
Tops Of Feet
Back Of Knees
Inner Elbows
Inner Biceps
Lower Chest

How To Make Tattoos Hurt Less:

Where Do Tattoos Hurt The Least?

Below is a selection of places where tattoos generally hurt less when compared to the areas listed above.

Depending on each specific area, the below body parts tend to have either more fleshy tissue/fat shielding the bone, or less sensitive nerve endings branching out around the skin (or both).

Also, the below areas tend to cause less psychological fear (pumping yourself up for a lip or nipple tattoo is no mean feat). Feeling more relaxed and less on-edge/tense usually helps reduce how badly pain is perceived by the body.

Inner Wrists
Outer Thighs
Lower Back
Upper Back
Outer Biceps
Front Of Thighs

Will My Tattoo Definitely Hurt?

Unfortunately, all tattoos hurt; there is no other way around that question. Your skin is being perforated many hundreds of times a minutes, and for 99% of people, this will sting at least slightly.

However, with that being said, not all tattoos are created equally. There are many various factors that are able to affect just how painful (or painless) a tattoo may be based on the circumstances surrounding your future inking. Of course, the biggest deciding factor is the actual place you get tattooed on your body.

Our most painful tattoos and least painful tattoos guides may help you further.

Finally, numbing creams/sprays are a great way to help ease tattoo pain. While they don't work all the time, they can definitely help when used correctly. Please not that numbing products may not take the pain away completely, but they do a great job at make the whole experience more enjoyable.

My Favorite Tattoo Numbing Product

My Favorite Tattoo Numbing Product

Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream, 4.38oz Max Strength Anesthetic Pain Relief Cream Gel with Deep Penetration Liposomal Tech for Local and Anorectal Discomfort
Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream, 4.38oz Max Strength Anesthetic Pain Relief Cream Gel with Deep Penetration Liposomal Tech for Local and Anorectal Discomfort

One of the most effective tattoo numbing products currently on the market is a cream called Numb 520. The feedback left by hundreds of customers for this product is nothing short of brilliant.

Just follow the instructions on the tubs, apply shortly before your tattooing session is due to begin and look forward to a less-painful experience.

The 1.35oz tub also ensures you will have more than enough cream for a large tattoo.

Give it a try, and I'm confident you will not be disappointed.

Read more about Numb 520 here, and have a quick look at some of the customer reviews to see exactly why it's one of the best and most popular numbing creams on the market.

Here's a selection of my other favorite tattoo numbing creams and sprays currently available.

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