What To Wear When Getting a Sternum Tattoo

  • Written By Dan Hunter on February 04, 2022
    Last Updated: February 4, 2022

Tattoo placement is one of the key considerations when getting a tattoo and the sternum is a popular choice. Many celebrities are now donning a sternum tattoo. However, this could also be classed as the under-boob or the chest.

You will see more women than men with a sternum tattoo, but there are many men currently supporting chest tattoos that include the sternum.

One of the questions people ask is what clothing they need to wear when getting a tattoo. The sternum is an intimate location, especially for a woman, so you need to be careful to allow your tattoo artist to get to the area without revealing it all.

We’ll let you know the best clothing options to wear when getting a sternum tattoo and also as it heals.

The sternum isn’t the obvious choice for a tattoo, but it is growing in popularity, largely due to celebrity influence. This area of the body is generally hidden by clothing, so getting a tattoo here is a good choice if you’re not wanting to show it off at work every day.

A tattoo on the sternum looks sexy, and this works on both a man and a woman. However, as the sternum tattoo on a woman flows around the cleavage and under the boob, it adds to her curves and gives off a real sexy vibe.

One thing you need to consider before getting a sternum tattoo is the pain. All tattoos hurt, but as this tattoo will be close to the bone, where your skin is thin, it will hurt more than other areas of the body.

What to Wear at the Studio

Once you’ve decided what tattoo design to get and where you want it on your body, you need to then go get your tattoo. The next question is, what do you wear when you’re getting a sternum tattoo? 

If you’re a man, you just need to whip your top off, but for a woman, it needs a little more thought. A loose crop top is ideal as you can lift it to give the tattoo artist access without getting everything out on show. 

If you need to lift your top further to give the tattoo artist access around your cleavage, you can always use pasties to cover your nipples. Speak to your tattoo artist beforehand to understand if they have a private room that you can use. This will protect your modesty while you’re being inked.

What to Wear While Your Sternum Tattoo Heals

Your new sternum tattoo will take a few weeks to heal, and during this time you will need to make sure that you’re wearing loose clothing. 

Women will need to go braless as wearing a bra may rub the tattoo and irritate it. This will damage the tattoo and may cause an infection. Winter is the best season to get a sternum tattoo, as you will be able to wear a large sweatshirt that will hide the fact that you’re not wearing a bra.

Best Designs for a Sternum Tattoo

A sternum tattoo takes longer to complete than other tattoos as it’s in an awkward location that requires a lot of maneuverability around the chest area. It takes lots of patience and precision to get the perfect tattoo.

You need to consider this when choosing your tattoo design, as the longer it takes, the more pain you’ll be in. 

Sternum tattoos are generally a statement piece, with larger tattoos looking better in this area. However, most tattoos created for the sternum are designed to highlight the curves of your body. They are a flowing design that may start at the top of the cleavage, going round underneath the breasts.

The Tattoo Process

The tattoo process is uncomfortable, and with a sternum tattoo, it can be embarrassing as well as painful. For a woman, there will be parts of her body on show that only those close to you get to see. 

Prepare your skin beforehand by cleaning and moisturizing. Wear a loose crop top without a bra for the tattoo process. The top can then be moved to complete the tattoo. Make sure that you don’t wear one of your good tops as you may get ink on it. 

A sternum tattoo may take longer than other tattoos as the tattoo artist will need to maneuver around your chest to get the details perfect and precise. This will be painful, so you need to relax as much as you can during the process.


As with all tattoos, a sternum tattoo needs plenty of thought, and there are several things to consider. The tattoo will be painful due to thinness or the skin close to the bone, and it may take longer than other tattoos.

If you can go braless for a couple of weeks and don’t get embarrassed about your body being on display to your tattoo artist, a sternum tattoo may be the one for you.