What To Wear When Getting a Thigh Tattoo

  • Written By Dan Hunter on February 03, 2022
    Last Updated: February 3, 2022

A thigh tattoo is a fantastic choice for a variety of reasons. But what should you wear to go get your tat, and what is a bad choice while it heals? We’ll give you the best advice.

Here we’ll look at:

  • Thigh Tattoos – Why Get One
  • Going for Your Thigh Tattoo
  • What To Wear While The Tattoo Is Healing.
  • Aftercare
  • The Takeaway

Pants are common attire in almost all workplaces. So, if tattoos aren’t allowed to be on show, a popular area to get one, is the thigh. They may easily be covered and no one will notice!

But is that the only reason for choosing a thigh tattoo? I think not!

For starters, they can look fantastic. 

Secondly, if you get an outer-upper thigh tattoo, there’s a lot of flesh and muscle, but there aren’t many nerves, so it’s a lot less painful than many other places.

Finally, because it’s such a vast canvas area, you can go all out with a massive, intricate tattoo design.

Going for Your Thigh Tattoo

The big day comes and you’re keen to get going for the long-awaited thigh tat—but what to wear? Males and females—any kind of trousers are out—even if the legs are very loose. There’s a chance it may still cling with the added dressing or ink may still be wet and stain your clothes. 

What Should Guys Wear? 

Guys need to give a little thought to their attire. Ideally, for your tattooing session, you should wear an old pair of loose-fitting sweat pants that you don’t mind getting marked or a pair of loose-fitting shorts, depending on the weather. You’ll have to take them off for the tatting, so remember to wear your best clean underwear.

What Should Girls Wear?

For girls, it’s a lot easier. A loose-fitting, knee-length frock can be easily raised and won’t get in the way of the work. It will also fully cover the dressing for the trip home.

How Long Do Thigh Tattoos Take?

Because thigh tattoos are often larger than other tattoos, they may take longer to finish. It takes a competent tattoo artist approximately three hours to outline a thigh tattoo, and considerably more if there is color involved.

Some thigh tattoos require two or three visits to a tattoo shop for your larger thigh tattoos to be entirely finished.

What To Wear While The Tattoo Is Healing.

A fresh tattoo will scab while it heals. Anything that brushes on the scab can cause it to fall off, causing damage to both your skin and the design while also prolonging the healing process. 

Healing Time

After getting a tattoo, the epidermis, or the outer layer of skin, will typically heal within two to three weeks. While it may look and feel healed, and wearing loose-fitting trousers over it should be fine after this time, wearing tight clothes, even after the initial healing period can trap moisture and lead to infections.

Also, don’t skimp on the aftercare; the layers of skin beneath a tattoo can take up to six months to fully heal.

What Should Girls Wear?

Again, the ladies have the most choice of what to wear while their tattoo is healing.

Soft, loose, comfortable clothing, such as a dress or skirt is the best. You don’t want to wear anything that will rub, irritate or cause infection.

The bonus of loose clothing is that it makes it easier to apply post-ink lotion or balm that helps the healing process.

What Should Guys Wear? 

For guys, it’s a bit harder, especially if they have to wear trousers to work. If you don’t have a sympathetic boss that will allow sweat pants for a short while, it might be a good idea to plan your tat for a vacation period. 

Get it at the start of the holiday and then you have a couple of weeks for it to heal before you go back to work.

You may have to invest in a loose pair of trousers or two that allow you to apply a dressing to your tat underneath them while it’s healing, without being too constrictive.


To ensure your tattoo heals correctly and without complications, you need to take care of it. Here are a few suggestions to help along the healing process.

A recently healed tattoo can be damaged by exposure to the sun. Because you won’t be able to put sunscreen on the tattoo, you’ll need to keep it covered with loose clothing until it’s fully healed.

Avoid putting any pressure on the tattoo. Abstain from wearing tight jeans or trousers for about six months.

Dress the tattoo at bedtime to protect it—this will also prevent the tattoo from bleeding onto your bedclothes.

Avoid exercise, including swimming—your tattoo needs a dry environment to heal—exercising will jeopardize the healing process. Sweat is loaded with impurities that can cause an infection. 

Bacteria can be introduced to your sleeping space by pets, particularly dogs. If your pets want to lie on your bed, you should replace the sheets regularly.

The Takeaway

A thigh tattoo is a beautiful thing. Wear something loose like a dress or sweat pants for the tattoo session, and for the full duration of the healing period, which can be up to six months.

Don’t skimp on the aftercare and avoid exercise while the tat heals. Once the healing is done, though, show that baby off!

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