Reasons Why Tattooed People Are Awesome

  • Written By Dan Hunter on November 21, 2020
    Last Updated: January 3, 2021

Individuals with tattoos are not looked upon as they once were. Long gone are the days where criminals and society derelicts are the ones sporting body ink. Some of the best people have opted to have skin art, and it shows in their personality.

There are multiple benefits to getting tattooed that you may not know. From being accepting, empathetic and easy-going, inked individuals are people you want to be around. In fact, you may want to bump up your awesomeness status with another one.

Some of the Best People Have Body Ink 

If you know people with tattoos, their personalities and demeanors may be similar. Not everyone who has ink will act the same, but as an average, you will find it easy to get along with the community of people with body art. 

Psychology Today lists a study conducted from the Anglia Ruskin University about the positive traits of those who dabble in skin art. Below are a couple of characteristics tattooed individuals share:

They Are Proud of Their Tattoos

Ask anyone with ink what their tattoo means or where they got it done and they will be glad to share with you. Tattoos can have deep meanings from a memorial to a loved one or cultural experiences. They can be quite decorative and are as individual as the person themselves.

They Are Self-Confident

Body ink has benefits for a person’s self-confidence. Tattooed people will be more self-assured of themselves and their choices in life. This positive attitude can be contagious, and it can be a joy to spend time with these people.

They Are Passionate People

People with tattoos are passionate about their body art and anything they find compelling in life. Using body ink to showcase their individuality and personality is a popular way to express who they are inside and out.

They Are Extroverts

Not everyone who has a tattoo will be the life of the party, but if you start talking to someone with tattoos, you are sure to find some great conversation.

They Consider Tattoos Art

Tattoos are not just ink under the skin, but rather a work of art on your body. Those who have tattoos feel deeply about their artwork and don’t regard it as just ink. Your body is a temple, so feel free to decorate as you please.

They Appreciate the Beauty in Everything

Having body art gives an individual the ability to see the beauty in everything, including tattoos on others. They enjoy the artwork of others and in the world around them.

They Are Creative

Some of the most creative people have tattoos. From a love of design, to music or other creative outlets, individuals who don body art belong to a unique niche of creatives.

They Are Adventurous

Taking the plunge to get permanent ink is an adventure in itself. Many people with tattoos seek adventure in their lives and love to experience everything the world offers.

They Are Patient

Getting tattooed takes a great deal of commitment, especially for large pieces. Inked people have patience while getting art done and often apply this trait to other areas of life.

Their Immune System is Better

There have been several studies regarding tattoos and the immune system, and the results are fascinating. One particular study from the American Journal of Human Biology states that having a tattoo will stimulate an immune response in the body.

Not only will you heal faster, making it easier to get more tattoos, but your body will also be able to fight off other situations that compromise your immunity. Tattoos for a healthy body? Yes, please!

They Feel Better and Are Less Stressed

Have you ever felt awesome after getting a tattoo finished? That is because of an increase in the endorphins and cortisol levels in your body. Endorphins help give you a temporary rush that you can feel as excitement. Cortisol has a wide variety of health benefits, including reducing stress.

They Aren’t Self-Conscious

If you have ever felt self-conscious about a scar or a permanent skin condition, tattoos can help disguise these imperfections and boost your self-confidence. Instead of someone remarking about your skin, they will swoon over the beautiful tattoo you have in its place.

A Final Note on Tattooed Individuals 

Tattoos do not make a person less intelligent or unfriendly. In fact, history reveals that many prominent individuals have experimented with ink for thousands of years. It is becoming more mainstream as a form of expression and personality. If you take the time to get to know someone with tattoos, you may be pleasantly surprised at how wonderful they are!

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