Wolf Tattoo Designs & Their Meaning

Wolf tattoos pay homage to an animal we’ve mistreated throughout history. Wolves were hunted to near-extinction during the colonization era, and today, they face the threat of man-made climate change.

They’re deeply enigmatic symbols thanks to the charismatic nature of the animal. Our history and association with wolves are ancient at this point, and even though our actions endanger the species, they continue to adapt and survive, making related tats synonymous with resilience. 

For some, wolf tats are a powerful symbol that links us to our ancestors and highlights our eternal connection to the natural world. With some of the settings and tweaks we suggest, you could modify the tat to match your personality and express your ideas.

Meanings of a Wolf Tattoo

Wolves tattoos are a symbolic goldmine with diverse meanings.

Spirit Animals 

If you feel that a wolf is your spirit guide, then this tattoo would make for a deeply personal and meaningful tattoo. To emphasize the spirituality of the ink, combine it with celestial illustrations or other divine tattoo symbols like scepters, crowns, doves, and angel wings.

Typically, this depiction goes well on the chest, especially the left breast, where the ink’s importance is magnified by its proximity to the heart.

Packs and Unity 

Wolves always hunt in packs, as the adage goes, and so are deeply devoted to their families. Those who feel a strong sense of loyalty to their family should opt for a wolf tattoo that showcases the pack in action. The pack illustration also makes for excellent matching family tats.

The Lone Wolf

The fact that wolves always roam in packs makes the concept of a lone wolf all the more alluring. This illustration is popular among mavericks who play by their own rules. They’re also excellent depictions of a will and drive to survive against the odds.

If you’ve suffered heartbreak, loss, grief, or some other misfortune, this tattoo may act as a constant reminder to rise above your past and fight for a better future.


Wolves are highly instinctual beings that allow their deeply tuned senses to guide their actions. Individuals who live life by their gut and believe in following their inner direction can embody this personality with the illustration of a wolf sniffing the air. 

Popular Designs

Below is a list of popular wolf tattoo design ideas to serve as inspiration for your inking project:

Wolf Breeds

There are many famous wolf breeds, each symbolizing a unique character set:

Timber Wolves

A timber wolf, also known as a gray wolf, is a breed native to North America and Eurasia. If you belong to this region, it would be a great idea to represent your native wolf in tattoo form. It’s a popular symbol of resilience and is usually matched with moon illustrations to add a feel of mysticism to more prominent tats.

White Wolves

The white wolf, also known as the arctic wolf, is a tough breed. If you’re the type to think outside the box, or if you’ve faced and overcome significant obstacles in the journey of life, a white wolf would make for an excellent tattoo.

Since white is synonymous with virtue, lovers can use this symbol for matching tats to emphasize the purity of their love. This theme is usually captured in ink designs that place the animal sitting at the center of a heart symbol.

Black Wolves

These are the metaphorical black sheep of the wolf family. If you relate to being the outsider, this is the symbol for you. This tattoo is also a very popular symbol in gothic tats. 

This tat is easily modified to build or carry a gloomy theme. Typical strategies for this include combining the animal with dark objects like devil wings, devil horns, or placing it amid crooked trees. If you’re after the mystic look, but don’t want to combine the wolf tat with symbols, shade the animal’s eyes red.

Red Wolves

Red wolves are a symbol of novelty. The tattoo is very popular among academics, scholars, and engineers—fields where curiosity is often glorified. It may also be interpreted to symbolize a willingness to stand out and be different. Close friends may use it for matching tats to remind each other to be true to their identities.

Paw Prints

An interesting design choice for this tattoo would be to create a visual of a wolf inside a dog paw print or vice-versa. The contrast between the wild wolf and an innocent paw print suggests that the wearer is tough on the inside, so don’t be fooled by their innocent exterior. 

Howling Wolf

A howling wolf is an enduring symbol that embodies desire and passion. If you’re going for this design, depict a solitary visual of the animal on a cliff. Alternatively, you could go for the classics: a giant moon glowing behind a howling wolf.

Wolf Pack

If you want a design that emphasizes unity, go for an illustration that shows four wolves engaging in different behaviors while still sticking together in a pack. A variation of this depiction could use different colors for the wolves to emphasize strength in diversity.

Hyper-Realistic Wolves

With enough detail, you could achieve a hyper-realistic wolf tat. This design is usually set on the back or chest because the artist needs enough room to work in the details. 

For a gloomy theme, depict an angry animal with canines exposed and saliva dripping. If, however, you want to express the better nature of these animals, how about a hyper-realistic illustration of a loving she-wolf suckling her cubs?

Native American Wolf

Wolves are an integral part of Native American tradition and are deeply respected by them to this date. If you’re drawn to Native American tradition and want to showcase your respect in an abstract way, a great idea would be to go for a Native American-themed wolf tattoo.

For this design, accentuate your tat with symbols, icons, and colors commonly associated with Native Americans, such as headgears, wolves, arrowheads, and bear prints.

Common Colors and Styles 

Hyper-realistic designs opt for the color of the wolf’s coat. Abstract wolf tattoos can be multicolored using a combination of complementary shades to stress the look. 

Another important color selection that’s vital in a traditional wolf tattoo is the color of the eyes. Piercing blue or green eyes are commonly used for this, although red and even yellow would make excellent selections.

Blue and green eyes are excellent for docile illustrations, red eyes for wild, gothic, and other dark-themed tattoos.

Some of the most common styles employed for wolf tattoos include:


This is a Polynesian art form that looks similar to tribal designs, except for more intricate details. A Maori style wolf tattoo usually uses black ink and is often of an abstract theme.


A Celtic style wolf tattoo can be extremely masculine in its design—it tends to have a raw and savage look. It’s also an excellent piece for adding detail to a dark-themed tattoo background.

Native American

Much like the Celtics, the Native Americans were also drawn to wolves in their culture and mythology. This style of wolf tattoo can be colorful, especially if you decide to dress the wolf in a traditional headgear that often uses red as the primary color.


A cartoon-style tattoo is playful, sincere, and can be used to highlight the lighter side of your person. Cartoon tats usually exaggerate the wolf’s characteristics: elongating its bushy tail, enlarging the teeth, elongating the head, and emphasizing its eyes. 

Common Placements

Wolf tattoo placements vary based on the size and nature of the design. A traditional image is best placed on your biceps, forearms, calves, back, or chest. Pawprints, on the other hand, are typically placed on the hands, lower back, feet, or neck.

Best Wolf Tattoos