The Hottest Tattoo Trends for 2021

  • Written By Dan Hunter on November 10, 2020
    Last Updated: February 2, 2023

As tattoos continue to surge in popularity and social acceptance, more talented artists are being drawn to the industry than ever before, which means now is a great time to get a tattoo.

Like any fashion trend, certain styles rise and fall in popularity. If you’re planning to get a tattoo this year, it’s a great idea to keep the following trends in mind.

Literary Passage, Quote, and Poem Tattoos

Words and names are a part of many timeless tattoo designs that will never go out of style, such as “Mom” or a significant other’s name enclosed in a heart. Nevertheless, it’s become a common trend to see people getting more than that. 

Some people are getting slogans or their favorite literary quotes tattooed on their bodies. Other popular choices are inspirational quotes, poems, and personal sayings. Having the words tattooed serves as a constant reminder of what’s important to you.

Micro and Minimalist Tattoos

Large tattoos have the advantage of being easy to see and make an obvious statement. However, there’s a recent trend of getting small tattoos to draw interest that requires people to come in closer and really examine what they’re looking at.

Small tattoos are also a good way for first-timers to dip their toes into the world and see what it’s like. That said, it’s essential to find an experienced tattoo artist, as the fine detail required for a small tattoo takes a lot of skill to complete. 

Some are also choosing minimalist designs that are sometimes larger than micro tattoos, but consist of very simple designs. For instance, they might be line drawings of a face, object or animal. It’s then up to the observer to fill in the details. 

Face and Neck Tattoos

Face and neck tattoos are often reserved for hardcore artists and tattoo connoisseurs. These days, they’re considered far less extreme than they used to be. Many people are getting small and simple designs in these places, including celebrities like Justin Bieber, who recently got the word “grace” over his right eyebrow.

As for neck designs, they’re generally thought to be a little less risque than facial tattoos. Although you probably don’t want to cover your neck if you’re planning a career as a lawyer or investment banker, face and neck tattoos are becoming more acceptable with each passing year.

If you’re interested in tattooing near your face or on your neck, it’s generally a good idea to start small. A great number of people are choosing designs that aren’t immediately noticeable, like on the back of the neck. Some are also being tattooed on their ears, which work for tiny designs or words.

Hand and Finger Tattoos

Other places that are growing in popularity are on hands and fingers. While some still consider finger tattoos to be a little controversial, it’s a trend that’s become more common.

Getting letters tattooed on your fingers has been a popular design choice ever since Robert Mitchum displayed “love” on the one hand and “hate” on the other in Night of the Hunter from 1955. Still, there are other options, such as small designs and finger bands.

If you’re thinking about getting tattooed on your fingers or hands, make sure you find an artist who’s skilled enough to pull it off. Tattooing fingers requires a lot of skill and attention to detail.

Black and White Tattoos

Black and white tattoos are another trend you can expect to grow in 2021. When done by a skilled artist, they’re striking and can resemble a painting or charcoal sketch. What’s more, they have a timeless and traditional look.

When working with a limited color palette, it’s crucial to find an artist skilled in the industry. Black and white tattooing requires an artist who knows how to apply shading and contrast work. Poorly completed black and white tattoos can come out looking too dark or too light.

As for the design aspect, portraits are a popular choice. Others like to get animals or mythical creatures done in a realistic style, or designs that contrast with a person’s skin. Black and white tattoos are pleasing to the eye and will continue to be popular for years to come.

Mixed Media Tattoos

Many people don’t like to tie themselves to a single style, especially when so many incredible designs are available. While it’s essential to blend styles so that they don’t clash on a person’s body, an experienced artist can advise you on the best way to go.

Popular designs include combining photorealistic images with abstract design elements or surrealism. You might also consider illustration work set against a geometric background. When done well, mixed media tattoos are a great way to give your tattoos a unique and pleasing look.

Choose a Design That Fits Your Lifestyle and Personality

Getting a tattoo is a lifetime commitment, therefore, it’s critical to put some thought into it. We hope these trends have given you some excellent ideas for your next tattoo!

Trendy or Not – It Still Needs Looking After

When you eventually go ahead with getting your dream tattoo, it’s imperative that you always follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare advice closely, and be sure to invest in a high-quality tattoo healing lotion to aid recovery.

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