Reasons Why You Should Get A Tattoo

  • Written By Dan Hunter on November 5, 2020
    Last Updated: December 21, 2020

While they’re much more socially acceptable now than they were decades ago, tattoos still carry a stigma. For that reason, many parents still discourage their children from getting a tattoo.

It’s possible having visible tattoos on your face, neck, or hands can impact your chances of employment. Nevertheless, there are still dozens of reasons to get a tattoo and be totally proud of it, regardless of what you decide to have done.

You Don’t Mind Standing Out

If you’re confident in your skin and don’t mind the extra attention, that’s a great reason to get a tattoo. Visible tattoos are definitely eye-catching, therefore, they are best for those who don’t mind a little scrutiny. 

People — mostly non-tattooed people — will inevitably ask questions about why you got it, how much it hurt, and what it means. Being asked those questions gives you the chance to tell your story, so even though it probably isn’t your tattoo’s original purpose, tattoos make a good ice-breaker. 

You’re Artistic

Some people are content to experiment with their fashion choices, hair, and makeup. Others use their body as a canvas, and this is especially true of artists. Whether you’re a musician, a writer, or a painter, tattoos are a fantastic way to showcase your love for all things artistic. 

Find a tattoo artist you trust, and you can work together to create a beautiful design that will last a lifetime. Gather inspiration to show your artist, such as photos of flowers or colors you like. If you paint or draw, you can bring in some of your own artwork, and your tattoo artist will ink it into your skin. 

You Want to Pay Tribute to a Loved One

Losing those we love is a tragic fact of life, yet memorializing them with a tattoo can be an essential part of the healing process. Deborah Davidson, a professor of sociology at York University and creator of The Tattoo Project, believes that tattoos help us cope with grief. 

“Memorial tattoos help continue bonds with the deceased,” says Davidson. As tattoos are permanent, they can reassure us that the bonds we shared with our departed friends, family, and pets are equally eternal. 

It’s always important to work with a tattoo artist you trust, though it’s especially important when you’re getting a memorial tattoo. You want to ensure your artist perfectly captures the image you want, particularly if you’re getting a portrait done. (Make sure you’re properly hydrated, and don’t forget to bring tissues. Getting a memorial tattoo is a beautiful, emotional experience.)

You Want to Bring Attention to a Cause You Care About

You may have seen someone with a semicolon tattoo, which represents the ongoing fight against depression and mental illness. Amy Bleuel founded Project Semicolon in 2013 after she lost her father to suicide. In writing, the semicolon is a deliberate choice that continues a sentence instead of ending it. 

A semicolon tattoo signifies the wearer’s decision to continue the sentence (their life) when they were tempted to end it. Other standard tattoo designs are cancer ribbons, puzzle pieces (a symbol of autism awareness), and military tattoos, which can all bring attention to causes and organizations close to your heart. 

You Want to Show Your Love 

We’re all passionate about something, and tattoos are a great way to show off what you love. Whether you want a tattoo of your cat’s face, a religious symbol you cherish, or a slice of cake that represents your baking skills, you can’t go wrong decorating your body with things you love. 

These tattoos can represent a career, your religion, or your favorite hobby. The options are limited only by your imagination. A word of caution, though: you may want to put some thought into a pop culture tattoo. While you may love The Avengers now, it might not be important to you 15 years down the line. 

Getting a tattoo of a public figure like an actor, politician, or musician can also be risky. Arguably, the risk is even more significant than merely losing interest in the movie or TV series featured in your tattoo. After all, big-name celebrities may one day fall out of favor in the public eye as a result of questionable (and potentially illegal) behavior, making your tattoo an attention-getter for all the wrong reasons. 

You’re a Romantic

One thing to keep in mind before you get tattooed with your true love: many tattoo artists believe getting your significant other’s name tattooed curses your relationship, and some of them actually refuse to do it. We can’t prove the name curse is real, still, if you don’t want to risk hexing an otherwise healthy relationship, you may want to opt for something symbolic instead of your partner’s name. 

Consider getting tattooed together rather than inking each other’s names on your bodies. You’ll share a memorable experience, and you’ll avoid the risk — however fanciful — of a bad luck tattoo. 

You Want to Express Yourself

While having a sentimental tattoo is lovely, not all tattoos have to mean something deep or profound. Sometimes you want a tattoo because you want to express what you’re feeling in the moment, celebrate an achievement, or merely because the design looks cool. Your body is yours to decorate as you see fit, and that’s all the reason you need to get a tattoo. 

You’re allowed to adorn your body in any way you like. Just because we frequently recommend putting a great deal of thought into your tattoo doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it. “I like this thing, and I want it tattooed on my body,” is a good reason to get tattooed. 

You Want Something Meaningful

On the flip side, getting tattooed because the design has personal meaning is a perfectly valid reason. Maybe there’s a quote from a song that’s helped you get through hard times. Perhaps you found an amazing design you want to wear on your skin for the rest of your life because it made you smile at a time when you thought you’d never smile again. 

Maybe you’re on vacation, and you want to have a permanent reminder of the trip of a lifetime. Tattoos tell the story of your life, and they’re a fantastic way to mark a meaningful chapter. 

You Want to Cover Up a Scar

Tattoos are a great way to cover up scar tissue. Some artists don’t enjoy working on scars, however many specialize in doing so. Speak to your artist in advance to find out where they stand, or look for an artist who advertises scar cover-ups. A talented tattooist will be able to render your scar almost invisible, or you can incorporate it into the tattoo’s design. 

One of the most amazing tattoos we’ve seen, featured a gorgeous, watercolor cherry blossom tree with a long, raised scar serving as its trunk. A gifted tattooist can help you figure out how best to work with your scar, thus we recommend booking a consultation before going in to have your tattoo. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the reason why you want to get tattooed, every single tattoo means something. It’s up to you to decide whether you want your tattoos to reflect important events, loved ones, or your spontaneous, fun-loving side. Choose your artist carefully, select a design you love, and go for it.

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