How Much Does A Daith Piercing Cost? – Price Guide

Daith Piercing Prices: How Much Do They Cost?

Although many people are excited to get a daith piercing, they are sometimes unsure as to how much the piercing is actually going to cost, especially if it’s their first piercing.

While we can easily tell you that your piercing might cost “X” amount, it’s essential that you understand what you are buying, and what your money is going towards. From here, you can then decide if getting a $5 daith piercing from your inexperienced best friend is worth it over going to a much safer and experienced piercing professional.

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How Much Does An Industrial Piercing Cost?

Industrial Piercing Prices: How Much Do They Cost?

Industrial piercings are getting more popular every year. They are a bold, strong statement and can be a striking addition to your collection of piercings.

However, it is sometimes hard to judge how much one would cost, mainly because they are not as simple as other ear piercings, and the fact that they require two holes to be pierced instead of one can confuse people who are looking for an average price.

There are many ways to break down the cost of an industrial piercing. In this article, we will try to explain what goes into the costings of industrial piercings, and the difference between the cheap jobs offered by local, inexperienced friends, and the high-priced experienced professionals.

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14 of the Least and Most Painful Piercings

Which Piercings Hurt Most & Least? (Pain Scale)

Ever wondered how much your most sought after piercing will hurt when you have it done?

Piercings are now available in a huge variety of areas all around the body, meaning that some will naturally be more painful than others. This will depend on skin thickness, nerve endings and of course pain thresholds, among other factors.

This article will walk you through each of the most popular piercings, describing how much (or how little) each one will most-likely hurt when you feel brave enough to take the plunge.

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Tragus Piercing Pain: How Much Do They Hurt?

How Much Does A Tragus Piercing Hurt? (Pain Guide)

No matter what kind of piercing you plan to get, you probably want to know if it hurts. The tragus piercing is increasingly popular, especially since it’s an ear piercing.

Trendy ear piercing variations remain the most asked for procedures at pretty much any body-piercing studio. However, not all ear piercings are as low on the pain scale as lobe piercings.

Fortunately – I’ve got some information to help you understand everything you need to know about tragus piercing pain, and what to do to successfully overcome it.

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Infected Industrial Piercings: Symptoms & Treatment

Industrial Piercing Infections: Symptoms & Treatment

If you’ve recently gotten an industrial piercing and it feels sore or doesn’t look quite right to you, you may be wondering if it’s infected.

Industrial piercing infections are fairly common complications, but fortunately, they can be treated and healed fully, and you can also take steps to prevent infection from returning, or even from developing in the first place.

This article has all of the information required in order to help you take care of your new industrial piercing.

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Infected Nose Piercings: Symptoms & Treatment

Nose Piercing Infections: Symptoms & Treatment Guide

You recently had your nose pierced and you’re starting to become concerned; wondering if it should look like it does. Is this normal? Or is this train starting to go off the rails? Infected nose piercings are unfortunately a very real possibility.

No one wants to end up with an infection after having a piercing performed. However, infections in highly visible places, like your nose, can be even worse. It’s not like a belly button piercing that you can hide with a shirt until it’s all better. It’s one of the most prominent features on your face – and everyone can potentially notice it until you get it taken care of.

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Rejected Belly Button Piercings – Causes & Treatment

Rejected Belly Button Piercings

Most people encounter a lot of rejection in their lives – romantically, socially or when trying to land a job. You never think you’ll have to add your rejected belly button piercing to that list, but it can happen.

Belly button piercing rejections aren’t always that easy to spot though. How do you know when your dream of a cool belly button piercing is about to go up in smoke? Furthermore, does that mean you’re destined to have a bling-less belly for the rest of your life?

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Double Helix Piercings: Guide & Images

Forward Helix Piercing

Double Helix Piercings

Double helix piercings are instantly recognizable through their provocative design and attractive style.

These piercings have been among the cooler piercings for people of all types for years now, and for good reason. You can use a lot of different jewelry types with a forward helix piercing, and they look great with existing piercings, too.

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