Do Piercings Affect Getting A Job?

Do Piercings Affect Job Opportunities?

In some ways, piercings can affect getting a job because some professions are big on the image they present. Conventional piercings, such as a nose or ear stud, shouldn’t have a major impact on your prospects. However, unconventional piercings are typically frowned upon in white-collar professions.

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How Long Does It Take For A Nose Piercing To Close?

How Long Does A Nose Piercing Hole Take To Close Up?

Although nose piercings are popular, some of us regret ours soon after the deed is done. The good news is that it doesn’t take long for the nose to heal. No matter your reasoning for wanting to know how long it takes for a nose piercing to close, the exact time can vary.

As with any other wound in your body, it will heal with time. How much time that will take will depend on how long you’ve had the piercing. It’ll also depend on your age, the strength of your immune system and your body’s ability to regenerate skin cells.

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Swollen Nose Piercing: Causes & Treatment

Nose Piercing Swelling

Some swelling and discomfort is normal and expected as part of the whole nose-piercing experience. You’ve created an open wound in your body; it’s okay for there to be some pain and puffiness. You should always be monitoring your piercing and the surrounding area for unusual redness and irritation.

The difference between normal and abnormal is based on duration. If redness, swelling and itching persist for more than a week, you might have an infection.

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Septum Piercing Aftercare & Healing

Septum Piercing Healing & Care Guide

Getting your septum pierced is all fun and games until you adopt the crucial responsibility of looking after it and making sure it stays free of infection. Septum piercings take around six to eight months to heal completely, but its tenderness may wear off after two or three weeks.

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Should I Get My Nose Pierced? – Factors To Consider

Should I Get A Nose Piercing?

Nose piercings have a long and illustrious history across time and more mainstream acceptability in popular culture. Choosing to get a nose piercing means that you’re choosing to follow the aftercare instructions carefully. Complications on your face due to a piercing are hard to conceal. 

If you know the right questions to ask yourself, the types of piercings available, and the potential complications, you’ll be well-equipped to decide if you should get your nose pierced.

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Lip Piercing Swelling: Causes & Treatment

Swollen Lip Piercings

A piercing on your lip isn’t easily missed when meeting with anyone. You’ll continuously feel it as you move your mouth to talk, eat, drink, and breathe. This constant movement will increase the longevity of swelling for your piercing. Taking care of this highly visible piercing should be at the forefront of your mind when deciding to get pierced.

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